Iowa Caucus Likely To Be Held January 3rd, 2012


Iowa appears to be ready to pick their official caucus date, and their choice may leave New Hampshire struggling to pick a final date for themselves.

The first in the country election contest will most likely be held on Tuesday, January 3rd, keeping the state from the unwanted choice of holding a caucus in 2011.  Iowa was forced to move up its date in order to keep ahead of Nevada, which chose January 14th to hold their primary.  To keep their primary far enough ahead of Nevada to comply with their local laws, New Hampshire was looking at potentially picking the January 3rd date themselves if they wanted to stick to a Tuesday election event, a choice that would push Iowa into December in order to remain first.

This potential early Iowa date now leaves New Hampshire with the decision to either hold a primary in December, before Iowa, hold it on January 3rd in direct competition with the Midwestern state, hold it on January 10th in violation of their own law or pick a non-Tuesday date.  The state GOP says it is still considering all of those options.

The entire early election calendar was thrown into chaos as Florida decided to move their primary to January 31st in violation of RNC rules, wanting to be the 5th in line.  By leapfrogging South Carolina, who traditionally holds the first southern primary, South Carolina was forced to move, starting a chain reaction that was exacerbated when Nevada chose to hold its primary on the 14th.  Since then, accusations have flown that Nevada moved up its date at the insistence of former Governor Mitt Romney, who won the state in 2008, a claim that the local GOP denies.

Tentatively, at this time, the calendar looks like this:

Iowa – Tuesday, January 3rd

New Hampshire – unknown

Nevada – Saturday, January 14th

South Carolina – Saturday January 21st

Florida – Tuesday, January 31st


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Audrey Hannifin
Audrey H6 years ago

Diane O, you would think the Republicans would think the same thing only an embarrassing eight years for the Republicans after the Bush/Cheney regime. In fact, it was an embarrassment as well as a travesty for the whole world. IMHO!

donald baumgartner

Sylvia M ROCKS!!

Deborah Wasko
Past Member 6 years ago

ONE TIMEFRAME FOR ALL primaries in the UNITED States.

Some already in violation of RNC rules, how can we expect any legal resolve?

NO heads-up for the early bird ... ONE TIMEFRAME FOR ALL. Let's even the playing field and see where the chips fall. Can't be any worse than what we've got.

Research platforms and performance records of candidates ... and vote with purpose.

Julija S.
Julija S6 years ago


Zee Kallah
Past Member 6 years ago


Diane O.
Diane O6 years ago

This is interesting...Iowa and New Hampshire have few electoral votes so why should they be the states who determine who the party's candidates should be? Posturing IMO....for the wrong reasons.

The election in 2012 will be historic ...... after electing our first African American president....who proved to not be who the democrats thought he embarrassing four years for the democrats IMHO.

Sylvia M.
Sylvia M6 years ago

Republicans Gone Wild. Available on dvd at all of the finer FL truck stops.