Iowans Can Now Shoot Doves, The Symbol of Peace

A new law signed by the governor Thursday makes it legal for Iowans to hunt doves.

The bill sponsored by state senator Dick Dearden, a democrat from Des Moines, passed the Senate Tuesday, the House Wednesday, and was signed by the governor on Thursday. The bill was inexplicably fast-tracked by supporters, especially in the GOP-controlled house.

Opponents of the bill were understandably thunderstruck by the quick pace and pointed out that the usual public comment period was bypassed and that supporters used legislative loopholes to eliminate committee meetings normally required.

In three short days, the international symbol of peace became another animal to be blasted out of the sky by so-called sportsmen and lovers of the outdoors.

According to the Des Moines Register, one senator called doves “pigeons with a PR firm.”

Advocates of the bill say that since doves are legal to hunt in 40 states, including all of Iowa’s neighbors, that Iowans should also be able to shoot doves. Additionally, Dearden made note of the close relation between doves and barn pigeons, which are legal to hunt.

Opponents of the bill say doves are special, romantic birds with so little meat on them that it’s pointless to hunt them for food and they also worry about the effects that the lead shot used to hunt doves will have on wildlife and the environment.

I can’t agree with some of the logic of the opponents of the bill, even if I sympathize with their sentiment. I don’t oppose dove hunting because I think doves are better than other animals; I oppose dove hunting for the same reason that I oppose hunting all other animals, because hunting is nothing but recreational murder with clever lobbying groups.

The truth is that hunting is the most morally reprehensible “sport” that humans engage in, no matter whether the prey is a deer, a dove or a dog. Opponents of this and other hunting measures should make the case that every animal deserves the right not to be murdered whimsically for the amusement of brutes who fancy themselves nature-lovers.

It’s obvious how little concern politicians have for animals when the decision to legalize the superfluous killing of yet another species can be sped through the legislature in three days.

Any expansion of hunting is a victory for those who sell ammo and guns and those who delight in carrying out a cold-blooded war on wildlife and it’s a huge loss for anyone who cares about nature, cares about animals, or cares about peace.

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Photo: Itshears


Kimberly Hart
Kim Hart6 years ago

Dove meat is good? Shut up. You make me sick.

Marie B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Breanna--you are misinformed. Hunting does not control overpopulation--hunting CAUSES overpopulation. It's referred to as Compensatory Rebound Effect.

Hunting is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry that profits from the maiming, mutilating and murder of animals. When hunters kill off a large number of deer (usually the fittest, strongest, healthiest and biggest) the remaining herd will have a sudden increase in food resources which will induce a high reproductive rate. The remaining deer benefit from enhanced food supply and begin to produce more deer (twins) and begin to reproduce at a younger age (as early as 1 yr. old). Hunting only assures that there will be PLENTY of live 'targets' for blood thirsty hunters to kill year after year after year. It's all about profit and has NOTHING to do with 'helping' the deer.

As for "dove meat being good"---how many doves need to be slaughtered for one meal? How many people are so desperate for food that they need to slaughter doves?? This is a despicable atrocity that needs to be abolished (ALL 'sport' hunting needs to be abolished). MOST people who kill doves are NOT even killing them to eat, they are killing them for the sake of KILLING. It is a despicable crime against animals and it needs to be stopped for good.

Breanna R.
Breanna R.7 years ago

Hunting is not all bad, it shouldn't be made out to be. Like deer hunting for example, helps control overpopulation.
Doves are not endangered species or anything like that, so I don't see why it's a problem if someone wants to hunt them. I support hunting of well-populated or overpopulated animals so long as the animals are being eaten.

Dove meat is good, you should try it.

Jackie D.
Jackie D7 years ago

Unfortunately Dorothy E. it's not only men who hunt. Women too. Palin is one.

Jackie D.
Jackie D7 years ago

A few years ago I was searching for pics of doves on Google images. I can't remember what I Googled exactly, but amongst pics of Jesus surrounded by gentle lambs (sans mint sauce!) and doves I was horrified to see pictures of children with dead doves and rifles, or redneck fathers and their mates surrounded by 100s of dead doves. I had no idea that some people believe that killing these gentle creatures is sport. One site boasted about hunting doves in Mexico armed only with a knife or cross bow. What I'd like to do to these rednecks is unprintable.

Dorothy Eaton
Dorothy Eaton7 years ago


I am distraught at the cruelty of the human race (i.e.) the male part. How on earth can a man
get pleasure from killing an innocent dove? I'm certain no woman would do such a thing (?)!!
Then again, I cannot tell about all women......... some of us marry men and my man hasn't ever shot anything. Dorothy Eaton in Toronto, Canada. PS: I have three sons and a daughter, and
I can honestly say none of them has ever shot anything, especially not a beautiful dove.

Jami Winn
Jami Winn7 years ago

if you eat what you kill then i don't care but if you kill it just to rip out its internal organs, rip its pupils out to be replaced with glass eyes, and mount it on your wall THEN YEA I GOT A PROBLEM WITH IT

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing this article, had no idea this was going on

Peggy Peters
Peggy Peters7 years ago

Has Iowa taken a cue from Palin and her assault on wildlife?

Hilary A.
Hilary S7 years ago

remember the american passenger pigeon? no you wouldn't - they were hunted to extinction by gun-totin guys with nothing better to do. rather than proving any kind of manliness, i see hunting as a coward's game, using unfair means to hunt down and kill an uncomprehending species. and for sport?!