Iran to Release One of the Imprisoned US Hikers

Iran’s chief prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi has announced that one of the three Americans imprisoned over allegedly spying will be released.

Sarah Shourd, who along with Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were arrested last year after hiking across the Iraq-Iran border, will be released on $500,000 bail due to her increasing health problems including a breast lump and precancerous cervical cells. Several officials report the release is an act of clemency to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

President Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod commented, “Obviously we are hopeful and encouraged by this news but there have been starts and stops in this before and until that actually happens, we are on a wait-and-see basis.” Initially reporters had been invited to a hotel in Tehran on Saturday to witness Shourd’s release, but were told her release would be postponed.

While Jafari-Dolatabadi contends there are “enough reasons to accuse the three of espionage,” the three have remained in solitary confinement without trial. Under Iranian law, the offense can be punnishable by death.

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jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Hurray!!! Now release the other two!!!!

Leanne B.
Leanne B7 years ago

Freedom for all.

Toni M.
Toni M.7 years ago

Diana, I do not condone *anyone* killing for any reason at all. But please dear, before you go off pot at others, do get your own facts straight. Christians hands are far from clean. Does a little event called the Crusades ring a bell for you? How many were murdered, raped and pillaged in the name of God then? Two wrongs never make a right, but lets try to extend our arguments to historical fact.

Wendy L.
W L7 years ago

Pressure by the international community needs to be steady so that the young men will be freed, as well.

kenneth m.
kenneth m7 years ago

How about a little personal responsability?? They dont need to go Hiking right there.

Lionel Mann
Lionel Mann7 years ago

Diana S,
According to the Bible the ancient Israelites made a rather thorough job of disposing of the former inhabitants of "the Promised Land". In 1099 Christians, having recaptured Jerusalen, spent two days in slaughtering 40,000 Muslims and Jews. Since then it has been the "received wisdom" od every little Muslim child that Christians are murderous infidels. Throughout the ages and up to the Iraq and Afghanistan aggression they have been given plenty of evidence to support that belief.

Lionel Mann
Lionel Mann7 years ago

The three were incredibly foolish (or deliberately provocative) to venture into such a volatile area and are paying the penalty of their stupidity.

Elizabeth P.
.7 years ago

Perhaps Diana S. could lighten up a bit -- all of that vicious accusation directed at Gina H. does little to convince me of anything but Ms. S.'s own arrogance, condescension, and hatefulness.

Revashni N.
Revashni Naidu7 years ago

ALL Three prisoners should be released!!!!!!

Lidia E Feliciano
Lidia E F7 years ago

Diana I will have to disagree with you on some of those statements.Yes they are inhumane and ruthless people.But,they do claim they commit these acts in the name of allah or some other god they profess to believe in.It is what they are taught since childhood.In those part of the world,and heck even here in the good USA,people are so religious,they believe sex before marriage or abortions or gay people are a sin and stain upon this earth.It is a combination of hatred,ignorance and religious beliefs that make them act this way to another.So,before you spout off on what you THINK YOU KNOW,open that mind and do you're own research.Religion is a very strong force for those that were raised to believe certain ethics.