Iranian Scientist Accuses CIA of Kidnapping and Torture

Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri, who disappeared last year and resurfaced last week in the Pakistani embassy, claims the CIA kidnapped and tortured him mentally and physically.

He recently flew back to Tehran and told reporters, “The Americans wanted me to say that I defected to America of my own will to use me for revealing some false information about Iran’s nuclear work. But with God’s will, I resisted.” He denies being involved in Iran’s nuclear program and contends he was working as a researcher at a university.

He also claims, “I have some documents proving that I’ve not been free in the United States and have always been under the control of armed agents of US intelligence services.”

However during his disappearance, several videos surfaced featuring Amiri (or someone who claimed to be him) giving contradicting accounts of what was happening.

The U.S. denies the allegations and contends that Amiri was in the U.S. voluntarily. The Washington Post and New York times quoted unnamed officials who claim that Amiri had actually worked for the CIA for a year to reveal information about Iran’s nuclear program. In addition, he allegedly left with a new identity and millions of dollars in benefits still sitting in a U.S. account.


Jackie S.
Jackie Smith7 years ago

I have a story to tell,.. and it IS TRUE,..
I was living in the Lake Arrowhead mountains in Southern california,. when I was befriended by an older jentleman,. he himself a published author and nuclear phycisist,..he IS also an American,.. and now an old man,...

My dear friend took great delight in reading to me from his memoirs, his beautiful library,..
One paragraph,. told of how he was detained in a San Diego militaary jail for over 4 years of his life,. and that if he was released or escaped he was to be immediatley shot and killed.
Therfoer if the u.s government can do this to one of it,s own citizens ,.. Why would I not believe the iranian,..
And perhaps on a more sinister level,.. exactly what knowledge had my dear friend,.. as a nuclear physisist,.. that his own government would murder him,..

Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS7 years ago

Re the poll question: "Do you believe Amiri's allegations?"

Given the contradictory "evidence", neither I nor anyone else here is qualified to answer this question. We're human beings, not lie detectors. Why can't Care2 ask questions for which people can give legitmate, informed answers?

Erin R.
Erin R7 years ago


Robert Champagne
Robert Champagne7 years ago

As usual the majority of opinions follow their ignorance. The US government under President Obama indorses rendition. Without any other evidence this makes this a plausible kidnapping. We have a long history of gathering scientist just look how we indulged ourselves on Hitler’s scientist. I do not consider anyone regardless of position a sane human that supports torture regardless of the circumstances. Needless to say that people considering themselves Christians who support rendition are pseudo Christians at best.

Riyaz ul Rehman W.
Riyaz R7 years ago

America Acting like a Moron...

Nancy R.
Nancy R7 years ago

The question is, who is manipulating information, and why? Obviously this story feeds the Iranian anti-American propaganda machine just by raising doubts, and gives grist to the mill of American anti-Iranian sentiments as well. We all know what the CIA is capable of, and that the Iranian government wouldn't know "the truth" if it hit them in the face. So it's win-win for continuing tensions and accusations, and everyone can believe what they want. It's also a tantalizing story, so let's wait for the book to find out who done it.

Lionel Mann
Lionel Mann7 years ago

It is very possibly true. The C.I.A. has a long and very murky history of skullduggery.

Carolfrances L.

Would torturing U.S. nuclear scientists be "fine by" you?

The fact is that we don't know, but as in all case when the accused (in this case, the U.S.) is so powerful, and it won't bring itself to trial, we have to assume that it is possible.

Vladimir Tarlo
Vladimir Tarlo7 years ago

Iranian Satanic terrorist inhuman modified barbaric regime tortures and brutally kill innocent people, but not CIA.

Rap TV
Rap TV7 years ago

Ya Salam, El Najda Iranini, Think about how the world is all connected and do not forget we are 1 family. It is best to help family CORRECT?