Iraq Death Penalty For Being LGBT — Take Action!

According to the London based IRAQI-LGBT group, Iraqi authorities have convicted over 100 prisoners because they are LGBT, and are planning to execute them in batches of twenty. Independent confirmation on this has not yet been forthcoming, but campaigners are warning this may just be the tip of a horrific iceberg, what with the death penalty on the rise ever since the 2004 regime change and figures of actual executions being played down. How can you help? Sign the petition below.

One of those being detained and under threat of possible execution is an as yet unnamed member of the IRAQI-LGBT group. According to Ali Hili, a member of IRAQI-LGBT, this problem is in fact not a fresh one, but has gained rapid momentum in the past few months.

“We have information and reports on members of our community whom have been arrested are and waiting for execution for the crimes of homosexuality… IRAQI-LGBT has been a banned from running our activities on Iraqi soil… raids by the Iraqi police and ministry of interior forces… [killed] 17 members working for IRAQI-LGBT since 2005.”

He also detailed a steady increase in death sentences since August of 2004 and revealed that, according to his organization’s statistics, 2006 saw 65 people put to death, 2007 saw (approximately) 199 people given the death penalty and in 2008 at least 285 people were given the sentence whilst a further 34 were known to have actually been executed to date.

Mr Hili stated that Iraqi authorities have also refused to disclose the identities of those detained on crimes of homosexuality or convicted thereof, raising serious doubts as to whether those trials even met with international standards of a fair trial.

In fact, it is more than likely the case that they did not as the Central Criminal Court of Iraq, who ostensibly enforces the “moral” law, have demonstrated they have no regard for Iraqi civil or even basic human liberties, especially for those of the LGBT community.

Mr Hili is calling out to the UK Government and all other Governments that will listen to help prevent this “tragic miscarriage of justice” from going ahead. He asks that they do everything they and their allies are capable of doing in order to firstly halt the executions in Iraq and secondly expose the massive injustices done to LGBT people throughout Iraqi lands, which include home raids, torture, imprisonment without trial and many more. IRAQI-LGBT point out that, as bad as the situation is now, when U.S. and British forces fully withdraw, it will only deteriorate. The time to act must be now.

How Can You Help Iraqi LGBT People Facing the Death Penalty?

IRAQI-LGBT desperately need you to raise your voices and, if you can afford to, to open your wallet. They need money to be able to help their people in Iraq aid LGBT citizens by getting them to safe houses, paying for food and medical supplies as well as finding them refuge in neighboring countries.

However, IRAQI-LGBT want you to be informed about what you might be giving to. The IRAQI-LGBT blog is here, where you can learn about the organizations history and its struggle to help the LGBT citizens of Iraq. If you are on Facebook, get regular updates on this issue by joining the IRAQI-LGBT group and to learn how you can add your voice to the chorus pleading to help LGBT Iraqis under the threat of the death penalty today.

Finally sign the Care2 petition to raise your voice against this terrible circumstance.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution license with thanks to Esther G.


Marena Chen
Marena Chen8 years ago

No Benjamin, Mags K is right. I speak from a position of knowledge spanning almost 60 years until I finlly "woke up" and faced reality.

Lisa MM
Lisa M8 years ago

Even if as a Christian you believe it is wrong, you should also know its wrong to judge.

Alice B.
Alice B8 years ago

"Fundys" sounds too much like the word "fun," Robert - and they are NOT: these "religulous" fanatics are the same people who had orgasms of perverse cruelty during the "Christian" Inquisitions in the Middle Ages during which millions of 'witches' [sic] were killed for being LGBT and/or having cats [which were also killed] and/or knowing herbal medicine and/or having LAND and PROPERTY. These "fundys" are the same as the monsters who got off on torturing and murdering LGBTs, Jews, Roma/Gypsies, progressives and so many others in Nazi Germany. They are the same BLEEPS who used our tax dollars to torture and "disappear" LGBTs and other progressives throughout Latin America, and who ordered the napalming of whole villages in Vietnam. Etc., etc., etc. THEY HATE LOVE! Guess what? MORE REASON TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS TO LOVE! BI AND PROUD!!!!!

Robert P.
Robert P8 years ago

PS and I was speaking about so called fundys, what ever religion. Whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish, why are they so interested in what goes on in our bedrooms?
We would not be about fightin for our rights as citizens of the world if we were not forced into dark corners.
A lot of gays live life in a 'self fulfilling prophecy' being told they are bad , dirty, evil come to believe it. I know from first hand experience growing up in fundy talibabtis church.
I am a good and caring person, in a long term commited relationship, longer than many straight marriages.
I have seen so many long term couples where one dies and the other is thrown out of his their home after years of making it a home, when the 'real' family shows up after having nothing to do with their son for decades, and just take over. Having wills and deeds and other legal documents overturned because as a gay couple you are still legally strangers unrelated to one another. The wills and deeds do not matter when the blood family shows up, I have seen it time and a gain. One couple I know were together for 28 years, one died and his mom and sister showed up and took everything including the survivors clothes and all the $ in the joint accounts, no difference that she had disowned him 20 years ago.
He had still left her 1/2 of the estate but the greedy bitch had a judge over turn the will which had been standing and probated for 15 years.

Robert P.
Robert P8 years ago

Having been exposed to the quality of mercy of American Kreestians, few have any. I have had personal verbal attacks, personal attempted murder, personally had a cross burnt on my yard.
We started this mess in Iraq or rather W did with the help of the media, his war profiteer cronies and even a lot of citizens were convinced of the lies. First that he was legally elected president , that he actually cared about the citizens he sent to die in the sand for his oil buddies to control the mideast.
We should be trying to help the LGBT folks get out of Iraq, but we are a nation of hypocrites. Well maybe not all of us, but enough that it counts as a majority, and that is sad. I have stood up to a lynch mob of kreestians as opposed to Christians who know the difference between being of faith and putting faith in religious leaders who are as foulable as they come, he its easy work if you can stomach it. The US has not practised what we preach for too long.

War Monger
War Monger8 years ago

Benjamin D keep burying your head in the sand but Mags Klemm is on the money about Islam. Stop using the racism card. It's weak. Calling something what it is is not racism or slander.
Glenna Jones-kachtik takes an issue about the actual impending execution of people in Iraq and flips it around to express moral outrage at the people in the US who oppose homosexuality. You insinuate people opposed to homosexuality in the US are okay with them being hurt or killed. You have problems. Opposing something on the grounds of personal faith does not mean advocation of harm to those you oppose. I am opposed to redefining the tradition of marriage as being between a man and a woman but have no problem with giving full legal rights to gay couples under a civil union. I guess your beliefs can be shoved down my throat and I must be tolerant of them, but my beliefs are "ignorant" or " hateful". I guess tolerance only goes one way.

Benjamin D.
Benjamin D.8 years ago

Mags Klemm engages in vicious and racist slander against Muslims. "discrimination and torture and DEATH is embedded" in Islam? That's outrageous.

Mags Klemm
Margaret K8 years ago

Tolerance is what we need and have in America, and must not lose. I think we shoud check very carefully giving preferential rights to Islam, as this discrimination and torture and DEATH is embedded in their faith. Be careful as they gain a foothold here and are treated preferential over other religions!! They want the whole world to be as they are.

Take a look at the problems England now has as they try and impose Sharia law in that country. Europe beat back Islamic influence several times before in history, but now it is gaining power without firing a shot or takin up the sword.

I am for respecting all people, but lets not define terms that have been around since the founding of civilization. Civil unions are fine. People should not do anything for shock value anyway in this regard. People should relate to their significant other because of love, not for shock value.

Tim Bowie
Tim Bowie8 years ago

Glenna's opinion may reflect "Justice", but lacks "Mercy". I really don't think the sins of America should stop us from helping others or stepping up to prevent barbaric practices. It is glaringly apparent we have hypocrisy in the US concerning LGBT (why do we have to use acronyms?), and we truly need to address these problems in theological and religious terms -- WWJD? -- , but this shouldn't keep us from trying to help others.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik8 years ago

While this is horrific this is Iraq. The laws are bad all the way around - but it is their law. The US could point out to them that it is a bad law - but I don't think our men and women in uniform should have to stay in Iraq to protect their LGBT people. That is what the UN is for - human rights watches.

Besides, we are hardly blameless. It would kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. We have people all across America who think homosexuality is a sin and would not mind it if there were less of them. We have people who would kill them and have. We are willing to pass laws that deny them the same rights that every straight person has.

As Cheri says - some of us are willing to put up with the Lesbian in the choir - but we would really rather not know she is. We will still frequent the salons and buy the clothing of those who are "gay" but we really don't want to know about it because it is "gross".

There are people all across America who are just fine with gays being beaten, stabbed, kicked and robbed - they pretend moral outrage; but underneath, in the hollows of their minds - they think it is OK and they probably got what they deserved. Just like rape victims - they were asking for it.

So, I think we need to look at the planks in our own eyes before we worry about the splinters in the eyes of the Iraqi government.