Ireland Bans Puppy Mills (Video)

Ireland is called the Puppy Farm of Europe, but lawmakers hope that infamous reputation has come to an end as new legislation restricts commercial puppy mills throughout the country.

On New Year’s Day the Irish government got serious about protecting dogs with two new laws. They implemented the Dogs Breeding Establishments Act and the Welfare of Greyhounds Act.

The Dogs Breeding Establishments Act controls dog breeders and forces them to provide humane care under strict standards and regulations. Some of the regulations include: keeping dogs in clean housing that is not overcrowded, providing bedding, fresh food and water and exercising the dogs.

The law calls for local veterinarians to inspect all of the kennels and gives them the authority to shut down a facility where dogs are not being properly cared for.  Vets will also monitor that females have only one litter of puppies in a year.

All puppies must be micro-chipped so they can be traced back to a specific breeder in case of a problem and all breeders must be registered.

Harsh penalties will be imposed for anyone who doesn’t comply with the new laws.  Animal activists are pleased with the regulations and think it will stop unethical breeders in the country.

The Welfare of Greyhounds Act mandates higher welfare standards for the humane treatment of working greyhounds, breeding greyhounds and their offspring.

Both of these laws should make a happy difference in the lives of thousands of Ireland’s dogs.

Below is a non-graphic video filmed by Ban the Puppy Mills about the sad life on some puppy farms in Ireland, Wales and England.


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Photo: Animal Rescue Corps - puppy mill rescue mission


William C
William C3 months ago

Great, thanks.

W. C
W. C3 months ago

Thank you.

Irene M.
Irene M2 years ago

The Irish Government had an absolute duty of care and a responsibility to close puppy mills, which without doubt was horrific animal cruelty which the Government should never have allowed to happen in the first place. Shelters are overflowing with unwanted dogs because of these rogue breeders, resulting in thousands of innocent healthy dogs being euthanized every day because of the greed, ignorance and cruelty of so called humans. I call on all Governments to immediately consign to history all the breed to kill consecration camps called puppy mills, along with all the other horrific primitive evil animal cruelty that is allowed to happen in Ireland and in all other countries. Cruelty to animals is so wrong and must END!

Colleen W.
Colleen W3 years ago

As welcome as this is, has Ireland banned greyhound racing yet? It was huge when I lived there.

Valentina R.
Valentina R3 years ago

Ireland should also stop killing healthy, adoptable animals in its shelters... like many other countries.

Amy D.
Amy D3 years ago

Thank you Ireland!

Lydia M.
Lydia No Fwds M3 years ago

This is Excellent News.. A Huge Gold Star for Ireland..
I Live in Hope this Becomes a Blanket Worldwide..
Ireland, Britain, Europe, etc. etc.

Please God Make this Happen & Stop these Horrors from Happening to others..

Sandra I.
Sandra I3 years ago

Thank you! Agree - ban puppy mills worldwide -- so many homeless dogs, so many being beaten in the street -- give them all homes, and get people's heads out of their butts

Jeaneen Andretta
Past Member 4 years ago

Good for Ireland, come on the rest of the world, let's go 100% for closing down and ending puppy mills forever! Dogs give their hearts to us, the least we can do is protect them. Thank you, Ireland!

Lisa Sears
Lisa Sears4 years ago

This is SUCH great news! Wish more countries were this enlightened about the tortures of puppy mills. Thanks for sharing.