Is Arizona Set To Change Tack On Immigration?

The group behind the sucessful recall of the architect of Arizona’s ‘papers please’ law says the election sends a “loud and clear” message to anyone that wants to follow in his footsteps.

Chad Snow, chairman of Citizens for a Better Arizona (CBA), the group that led the successful recall effort against Republican Senator Russell Pearce, said:

“I hope that the message has been sent to them. We’re watching, if you try to mimic it, the same thing can happen to you.”

Republican Rep. John Kavanagh echoed Snow’s message, saying that any Arizona Republicans uncomfortable with the deluge of legislation on immigration in that state will now be more inclined to say no.

“I think they’ll certainly be more cautious in what they support,” he said. “No one is going to come in as a result of Senator Pearce losing and try to undo any of his legislation. But additional legislation may be halted or slowed.”

Kavanagh noted, though, that the state of Arizona’s economy and an anti-incumbent sentiment were factors in Pearce’s recall besides immigration.

Most of Arizona’s immigration-related legislation was enforced by one of Pearce’s main political allies, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who could be next in the list of politicians that CBA will go after.

Arpaio is currently under federal investigation for abuse of power and a civil probe connected to racial profiling.

A potential shift in attitudes to immigration in Arizona may be shown not just by Pearce’s recall in the most conservative district, but also by a new poll conducted by Arizona State University which shows a big majority of Arizonans favor a path to citizenship.

The approach of Pearce’s replacement, Jerry Lewis, to immigration remains to be seen. He has aligned himself with the principles set in the Utah Compact, a pronouncement on immigration that calls for enforcement and humanity in the implementation of immigration laws. The compact was supported by the Mormon church, for whom Lewis is former bishop.

“I think people were tired of the vitriolic politics,” said Lewis after his election victory. “I think they what they wanted is someone that is willing to work with all parties, and understand all parties too, and issues including immigration, the economy and education.”

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Newguest C.
W. C6 years ago


Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Arizona's use of the immigration issue is a ruse to coverup the litany of other issues, steeped in the many errors of the White folks that run and rule this state.

When I think about this immigration debacle, it takes me to the State of Alabummer and to the man who had 24 acres of ripe tomatoes, rotting on the vine, due to the shortage of pickers.

The answer to this immigration "problem" is quite easy, we have seen a working program, in the past. Perhaps, it is broken, just like so much of America.

Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Rob and Jay B, Well said, the first step to healing, is realization of our many faults, yet the 1% and our government sees fit to continue our name.

Daisy M.
Bul M7 years ago

Illegals get so much free stuff from our government. I saw an illegal family & preg wife with children at her side getting a full shopping cart full of food paid for with FOOD STAMPS & WIC STAMPS! They paid $16.98 cash for about 90 items including meat! Where'd they get the cash? Oh yeah, Uncle Sam! We bought 17 items, no meat, & we had to pay $55.79. No money from Uncle Sam. No wonder the US is broke! And they want to cut SS & force US citizens to PAY for health care while illegals get it free!

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S7 years ago

Linda C, you said:"When our ancestors came here we did it the right way"

Yeah, they came a& just took what they wanted - they stole the land from the native people. Most of the West was stolen from Mexico in the phony 'Mexican-American' war (the US was creating phony wars way back then too & invading other countries)& 'Mexico' had stolen it from its native peoples before.

The European invaders of the now US had no green cards or residence permits. They were illegal immigrants & violent & greedy ones to boot. They stole the land of the people who had been here thousands of years, killed many, enslaved some, drove them onto the most inhospitable land no one else wanted & slaughtered millions of buffalo for 'sport', leaving their bodies to rot. Since our ancestors 'came here the right way' we have deforested & polluted the land, destroyed habitat for many other species & covered the country with asphalt and tacky shopping malls while greedily using up more resources than we need.

Yeah, our ancestors were paragons of virtue, honesty & lawfulness. Get a grip. This kind of thinking shows just how poor our education system really is. Next you'll be saying all the decades of invasions & wars perpetrated by the US were all about 'human rights & democracy'. Your gullibility is scary.

Carol Dreeszen
Carol Dreeszen7 years ago

Anyone who does not want a fence built to keep out illegals are a couple cards short of a deck! The only reason Obama wants to let them in is he thinks it's going to help him get elected again by making illegals legal...then he will tell them to vote Democrat! With any luck at all he won't be on ANY ticket come 2012 and with any luck at all he will be in a prison someplace preferably Kenya where he belongs! We need at least one Joe Arpaio in every state!!! If you think illegals being here are so damn great then check out this link and see just what they are costing you!

patrica and edw jones

Carry on with the big print Gary - I don't think it is rude and it makes it easier for some of us to read - unlike Lizzie K who has an eagle eye no doubt. Have noted Liz is also a very critical uncompromising person - slithers in with a line here and there - but says nothing of major importance.

Beth S.
Beth S7 years ago

Yes, 3. I'd guess that was your mental age. Judging by your apparent inability to have an honest discussion and having to rely instead on bullying tactics with most everyone you comment to. You're a one-trick pony -- using the same old sludge.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K7 years ago

That's 3

You are now officially a poof...
of dust