Is Batman Coming Out of the Closet?

Forget the phone booth — one iconic superhero will soon be dashing out of the closet. DC Comics announced recently that one of their most beloved comic book characters is getting a gay or lesbian makeover.

But who will it be? Batman? Wonder Woman? The Man of Steel himself?

DC representatives aren’t saying, but publishers told an audience at London’s Kapow Comic Convention that their approach to gay and lesbian characters “has evolved.” Co-publisher Dan DiDio had previously told The Advocate that DC would introduce a brand new LGBT hero rather than change the orientation of an existing lead character.

But, reports Bleeding, DiDio said the soon-to-be out crusader will now be “one of [DC comics'] most prominent gay characters.”

LGBT visibility has been gradually increasing in mainstream comic books. Earlier this year, Archie comics featured a storyline where gay veteran Kevin wed boyfriend Clay. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics just announced that Northstar and his partner Kyle are engaged. Northstar previously made headlines in 1992 when he became the first openly gay mainstream superhero.

No word yet on the release date for this DC hero’s coming out party. For now, sexual orientation will just be another hidden side of this fabulous crusader’s secret identity.

Make your prediction about DC Comics’ closeted LGBT character in the comments below.

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Photo credit: Rob Thurman (Creative Commons)


Robyn Brice
Robyn Brice5 years ago

They are not going to turn Batman or Superman gay. That is why we have Apollo and Midnighter from The Authority. They are avatars of Batman and Superman so why the huge panic?
As for gay superheroes and characters, I was knew that is always a matter of time before they would start to make an appearance. Society evolves so of course gays are going to come more into the mainstream.
As for all the homophobes out there, my daughter is gay and proud of it. Maybe you should realize that people who are gay, bi or transgender have the same rights as everyone else.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence5 years ago

HEY.. Create a new LGBT character and follow their triumphs!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L5 years ago

Lastbreath H.: I had a lot of problems getting anything sensible out of your ramblings, but I still read your posting. I'm specially curious about how you connect your gay bashing with your last statement "But if you are stupid enough to reject who you are then you are just plain stupid."
You know, LGBT do not reject who we are and I assume that is your real problem with us. Or, can it be you're so far into the closet that you've got stuck?
I can also see you've been a member for atleast 3 months and so far not received a single Green Star. Could that be due to your hate spewing?

Lastbreath H.
Lastbreath H.5 years ago

Damn all you queers are so weird. Why not make your superhero and name him mr. rainbow. And let him spread all the gayness around the earth and PRETEND that being GAY is ok. It's not. First of all it's morally wrong. Second who in their right mind would call this thing correct. And Thirdly promoting some dumbass propaganda about QUEER ASS SUPERHEROES in order to instill people and kids that being a queer is good is Morally wrong. Isn't good enough that we have different superheroes that come from different races? Like a Black Green lantern and other things you could think of? These "GAY" People are just blinded by the fact that they do not know who they really are. I speak from experience, a friend who was once gay actually was a man. Being gay and sleeping with the same sex is just some stupid act that people think is good. The people today are just people with foggy judgement and they are not proud of who they are. We are made differently as man and woman. And we should be proud of who we are. Look at it in this perspective, your parents bought you a basketball and made you a ring, but you wanted a professional ball from the start. But still you can play the games with the basketball and the ring that was made for you. Your life and who you are especially your gender is a gift, because you have a life. But if you are stupid enough to reject who you are then you are just plain stupid.

Josh M.
Past Member 5 years ago

somewhat misleading title BUT it is a step forward to mainstream LGBT heroes. actors, everyday ppl ect. It is real and it isn't anything shameful!

Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

would this be the green lantern? i heard that he is supposedly out of the closet now, but is there another superhero coming out as well?

Lika S.
Lika P5 years ago

Well, I may be late in my prediction, but come on, Wonder Woman has to be bi. She's too hot just to be straight. ;-)

Mc Kevin V.

cant wait to read it!

Arthur Killings
Arthur Killings5 years ago

Finally a comic book group is helping the LGBT people.

J.L. A.
JL A5 years ago

It is wonderful when the arts help the public know what is true.