Is Glenn Beck Really “Gone”?

Glenn Beck will be ending his daily television show, according to Fox News.  Beck, who has become a lightning rod for criticism from those who accuse the station of being nothing more than just a megaphone for the Republican Party, has gathered a massive following during his years on the air with the network, also gained a great deal of notoriety for his attacks on the President, Democrats and anyone who disagreed with him.

Color of Change, an African American advocacy group who had been fighting to get Beck off of the air for well over a year, declared Beck’s leaving the Fox airwaves to be a victory

This is great news, and it wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of members. Since our campaign began in 2009, more than 285,000 of us demanded that Beck’s advertisers stop supporting his show, and they listened — roughly 300 companies abandoned his show. And we’ve made sure that major advertisers have stayed away from Beck — since the end of 2009, Beck’s only advertisers have been companies selling things like gold coins and exercise machines.

Beck’s lack of advertisers made him a financial liability for Fox, and it’s clear that this was a driving factor in his departure from Fox. This is an incredible and unprecedented victory.

But is this really a victory, or is Beck’s departure a sign of perhaps greater conservative strength in the media, and a potential new news source in the making?

Beck’s radio show will continue, and he will also be developing television and web shows in the interim, according to the Washington Post.

But leaving Fox, and taking Fox’s Senior Vice President of Development with him to install in his own company, also points to signs that Beck may have something bigger in mind — like maybe starting his own conservative network?

…Beck has been staffing up his independent media company, Mercury Radio Arts, and churning out pay content for the web — which has brought in $4 million. How big a step would it be for him take it to the next level, launching The Beck Channel on cable? 

Does the country have enough enthusiasm for two conservative news channels?  And does Beck have enough of a following for all Beck, all the time?


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SuSanne P.

I can't read another word about Beck.
To be as kind as possible I will say I believe he should be in an institution for the Mentally ill. It is frightening that so many follow him.
How did I get into all these Beck threads?

Julia Tawyea'
Julia Tawyea'6 years ago

Well that would make more than 2 Republic-scam stations.. Don't forget that CNN has a revolving door with Fix News.. Glen Beck will probably fill his commercial time (if he does develop a network) with all those "End Of The World" products, like Gold and The Emergency Backpacks that have a few days worth of dehydrated food... The guy is a sick-mother-#%^&^&... My problem is: Who's worse?? Him or Mr Drug-Man (Limbaugh)>>

G A Rieck
G A R6 years ago

I hope the door doesn't hit him on his way out. oh wait, I do....

Charles Y.
Charles Yheaulon6 years ago

who cares there will always be someone to spue hate maybe the next one will be less nutty and more people might listen.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Send Beck and his allies to either the loony house or a deserted cave where they can dwell and live like they want others to do.
I'm so sick and fed up with all the e-mails I've got from aquaintances stating that there's a foreignborn muslim in the white house and that illegal immigrants are defrauding America and living on welfare whilst wokring and not paying taxes and that muslims are taking over the country! So s**tty sick! Or better yet: Send Beck on a oneway ticket to Mars!

Tiffany P.
Tiffany P6 years ago

A very scary, dangerous person sponsored by very scary, dangerous and worst of all HIDDEN people.

Mitch F.
Mitch F6 years ago

He's a very sick and dangerous man who belongs in a hospital for the mentally ill. Isn't this how Hitler started out?

Mike N.
Mike N6 years ago

If Glen Beck does start his own network TV show, it should be available only on Cable/Satellite and should be completely separate from all other programming costing a whopping $500 per month to each individual who wants to acquire it. This will ensure the rich that he and the Repubs support will be the only ones who will have to put up with his erroneous and damaging verbage!!

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

I expect to see him running for political offices in the near future. Past recordings of his rantings will disappear into a black hole never to be referred to again ... accept by Rachel M.

Khat Bliss
Past Member 6 years ago!