Is It Finally Time to Impeach Trump?

It’s been an awkward legal week for the Trump administration, and talk of impeachment once again flows hot and heavy.

Republican opposition to impeachment proceedings is understandable, but some Democrats appear hesitant as well. Why might certain members of the opposition party be reluctant to hold the president accountable?

Regardless of who might be discussing impeachment in public or behind the scenes, it’s extremely unlikely that anyone will make a move before November. After all, impeachment proceedings would be incredibly disruptive, and they could have unexpected consequences.

Many lawmakers want to settle the election before moving forward either way — and a new Congress will be sitting in January. That could be the start of a big status quo, shake-up – or more of the same.

Another important point to note is that when it comes to talking about impeachment, most of what the public hears is coming from Republican leadership – not the Democrats. As the midterms rapidly approach, Democrats are sticking with policy issues and broad callouts of Republican corruption and hypocrisy, without mentioning the I-word. Republicans, meanwhile, are using the threat of impeachment to mobilize their base, hoping to bring voters out en masse to defend the president.

Voters are also hearing from President Trump, who claims the economy will plummet if he’s impeached. Trump has spent his presidency happily taking credit for the economic growth fostered by the Obama administration, while also undertaking options likely to reverse those trends — including giving a tax handout to the rich and implementing strict tariffs.

If Trump is forced out of office and the economy experiences an upset, he’ll be the only one responsible — even though he’s left office before his chickens came home to roost.

It’s also critical to recognize that while Democrats could bring articles of impeachment, that doesn’t mean they’d go anywhere. We’ve seen Republican obstructionism at work in Congress on numerous occasions over the years — perhaps most notably when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell resolutely refused to even hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, the judge President Obama nominated to fill a Supreme Court seat almost a year before he left office.

And even if impeachment hearings proceeded, a successful removal from office would be unlikely. The United States has never kicked a president out of the White House before — and there’s still a possibility that Republicans could hold or even pick up Senate seats in November.

Keep in mind that impeachment doesn’t need a simple majority, either. It requires a two-thirds vote, which would mean that a large number of Republicans would have to defect from their party loyalties.

With the elections pending, Democrats may actually be playing a very smart strategy — even if it frustrates voters. By focusing on issues that their constituents care about — like health care and economic inequality — while also emphasizing that the GOP is corrupt, they can mobilize their base without taking the impeachment bait that might also send Republicans flocking to the polls. Democrats are trying to walk a fine line as they claim to hold the government accountable, without threatening the presidency itself.

Democrats hope to appeal to disaffected Trump voters and those who are on the fence about their commitment to the GOP by focusing on current issues, not impeachment. Raising the possibility of forcing the president out of office might alienate those voters at a time when Democrats are hoping for a blue wave.

Various legal investigations into the administration may feel slow, but the collection of that evidence needs to be thorough and methodical. While no one likes to hear that they should remain patient, the better outcome for the U.S. in the long term may be waiting on impeachment — and using the most powerful tool of all to get the president out of office: the polls.

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David F
David F6 months ago

Why do so many liberals haters continue to demonstrate their total ignorance of our system.
It takes two thirds of the Senate to remove a president, considering there are more Republicans right now the Democrats and the midterms will add a few more Republicans, there is no way this president will be removed.
The clown cart riders in the house that say they would vote to impeach are mostly just saying that for politics. They know he has done no high crimes and misdemeanors and they know he’s not going to be removed anyway.
A vote to remove a president that has done no wrong, would be a black mark on their legacy and a black mark on the history of the US.
Dream on.

Camilla V
Camilla Vaga6 months ago


Karen Swenson
Karen Swenson6 months ago

I LOVE Ocasio Cortez. Especially the fact she has the Republicans wetting themselves and twisting themselves into pretzels, hating on her and showing their foul misogynistic selves for who they really are.

@Martin Hill--If you want to find out what Insane looks like and is, just listen to your hero, Trump. He is the definition of INSANE. He not only should be impeached he should be in jail receiving psychiatric care! LOCK HIM UP!

Susanne R
Susanne R6 months ago

David F. - I hate to be the one to ruin your day at the circus, but...

HEADLINE: Poll shows almost half of Americans support impeachment against Trump
Aug. 31-- WASHINGTON-Nearly half of Americans want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings that could lead to President Donald Trump being removed from office, a poll released Friday shows.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 49 percent of those surveyed want the House to start an impeachment process with an overwhelming amount of that groups saying they would strongly support such a move by Congress. Forty-six percent of those polled do not want the House to start an impeachment process. An even larger number-63 percent-say they support the Justice Department's investigation into Russian election meddling and possible coordination between Russians and the Trump campaign. And more than half-53 percent-believe Trump has tried to interfere in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into actions that would make the president guilty of obstruction of justice.

Sixty-two percent support Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Trump appears poised to remove following November's midterm elections, over Trump. Only 23 percent of those surveyed sided with the president over his handpicked AG. Trump in recent days has returned to publicly criticizing Sessions, but 64 percent of respondents to the Post-ABC poll oppose the idea of Trump booting the former Alabama GOP senator from his post."

So who's pr

Brian F
Brian F6 months ago

Martin Hill At least Ocasio Cortez supports Medicare for all, free colleges, a $15.00 minimum wage, marijuana legalization, and other progressive policies that we desperately need in this country. If this crook Trump who you worship would support progressive policies that Ocassio Cortez and Bernie Sanders support, we could end many of the problems that we have in this country. Republicans have destroyed this country by cutting taxes for the wealthy,

Martin Hill
Martin Hill6 months ago

You Demonrats are insane. Trump has done nothing to be impeached for & if you impeach him you'll end up with Pence. So why not try & find some policy you can run on, instead of hating Trump.Guess I'll give up if you think Ocasia Cortez is your salvation you truly are lost.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E6 months ago

Chrissie R
C2 members don't need a lecture from someone who mostly posts "thank you for this opinion"
Can YOU say hypocrite like brian and david?
Kay B
trump is a disgusting, lying user and because I am Canadian, I despise him as a "man" and what he is doing to the environment and how he teats humans when he (trump) isn't fit to shine their shoes He is slowly destroying all decency in your country.
So, as Chrissie R would / always says "thank you for your opinion !!!

Kay B
Kay B6 months ago

There are some who will bully and bash everyone, even those trying to keep peace. That's why I think Trump must be doing something right - he has them so upset.

Karen Swenson
Karen Swenson6 months ago

I have no idea what Trumps brainless base sees in him. Every day he does something to ruin this Country and be an excruciatingly embarrassment to the United States. He does a "Screw You" dance when he passes the tax Cut for the Rich, ruins our planet, pollutes our rivers and streams, destroys what little affordable health care there is, cuddles up to our enemies, threatens war with dangerous dictators, Loves Russia, dis-es our allies, hates our veterans, cheats constantly on his alien, blow up doll, wife, lusts after his daughter, is a blatantly stupid ignoramus and lies and cheats and lies and cheats. I guess I answered my own question!

@Chrissie R--Is that right--your hero Trump wanted to jail journalists and said the media was the enemy of the people!

Chrissie R
Chrissie R6 months ago

Let's stay on topic and stop the bullying and bashing of other commentors!!! There is such a thing as the First Amendment and this is supposedly Care2.
"If you believe in freedom of speech you believe in freedom of speech for views you don't agree with. Goebbels believe in freedom of speech for views he liked. So did Stalin. If you're in favor of freedom of speech, that means you're in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise." -Noam Chomsky