No Child Born With HIV By 2015?

Every day more than one thousand babies are born infected with HIV. Half won’t live to see their second birthdays. 

The tragedy is that virtually all of these infections are preventable. Inexpensive anti-retroviral drugs exist that can block mother to child transmission of the virus – but they aren’t getting to the women and babies who need them in the developing world. In sub-Saharan Africa — home to two-thirds of the 33 million AIDS cases worldwide — just 45% of HIV positive pregnant women receive anti-retroviral medication according to UNAIDS.

Why? For one thing, healthcare facilities throughout the region are pitifully understaffed. For another, scores of women simply aren’t getting tested for HIV. But concerted efforts work. A recent study in Botswana by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that antri-retroviral medications prevent babies from contracting HIV from their mothers 99% of the time. UNAIDS has also seen an increase in women accessing services in South Africa.

Michel Sidibe, head of UNAIDS believes it’s possible to virtually eliminate mother to baby transmission in the ten most affected countries by the year 2015.  But it can’t be done without the continued commitment to funding programs and research. French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s $1.4 billion pledge to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria at the start of the Millennium Development Goals Summit last week was a big step in the right direction. The momentum has to continue.

ONE, the anti-poverty advocacy organization co-founded by Bono, just released a new public service announcement narrated by Grammy Award- winning singer and activist Alicia Keys that calls for a world in which no child is born with HIV by the year 2015. 

Take a look and tell us what you think:

Take Action!  Sign the petition calling on world leaders to ensure The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis has the resources necessary to achieve its work.

ONE timed the release of its public service announcement to coincide with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Summit last week in New York.  Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV spans three of the eight goals: Goal #4, which seeks to reduce child mortality by two thirds in children under five; Goal #5, which targets reducing maternal mortality by three quarters; and  Goal #6, which aims to halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.


Photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class (AW) Shane McCoy


Theodora Fabzz
Past Member 3 years ago

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Mary Young
Mary Young6 years ago

how dare some woman with hiv even have sex resulting in a child. that woman should be prosecuted for murder......those skanks have no excuse for doing this to a child--such selfish people and studpid men. this commercial makes me want to vomit

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

Education is the key. If a person is HIV positive, please consider NOT having children and possibly passing along the virus.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Could we PLEASE make this a reality!!!

Nerosh Jaichand
Nerosh Jaichand7 years ago

Efforts have to start somewhere and only consistant effort will make the most impact.

Dhaval M.
Dhaval M7 years ago

this sounds like a very optimistic idea

Tracy Cruze
Tracy Cruze7 years ago

I wish I could say I could believe it would happen, but women in the USA will give birth to babies with HIV. It's not going to stop because of some miracle drug. Someone said condom use, sure, that's a start.

Educate. There, I really do agree, but we educate in the states, and we have 13 year olds getting pregnant.

I'm not just saying it for moral values, but I think if people kept their clothes on until they were married, I think there would be far less problem. Abstaining is 100%. But of course, that's a pipe dream, too because no one can control themselves these days, it's like everyone is in heat and can show no self control.

Karen B.
Karen B7 years ago

How 'bout we introduce BIRTH CONTROL to these folks? Good Grief, people! This is just dumb. The planet is over-populated as it is; we don't need to keep having babies that don't stand a chance in the first place!

Diana S.
Diana S7 years ago

Until there is a CURE for those already infected with HIV (so that maybe they can live long enough to raise their own children, and not expect their community to take over the costs and responsibilities when they die), the BEST way, and the least costly, to ensure that no children are born pre-infected is for HIV positive adults NOT to have any children!

Am I the only one here who thinks someone with a chronic and terminal illness should NOT be having children they cannot properly raise, and who may themselves be born with the same terminal illness?!?!?

Graham J.
Graham J7 years ago

I have NEVER seen so much disinformation in any one article in my life. And the comments made are next to scandalous. Do some research, all of you, you should be bloody ashamed of yourselves.
ARVs are what is killing the people, not HIV. ARVs is chemo in a pill, and a drug that is banned in your own country. There is NO gold standard test to see if anyone has this disease. Everyone has this virus, but are we all dying?
Any monies donated to HIV and AIDS charities should be spent on providing clean water and sanitation for everyone in Africa.
In the last 100 years, plumbers have saved more lives than ANY doctors in ALL countries of the world. FACT.
We aren't all dying because we have better immune systems than those in Africa, and the reason for that is because we have better water and sanitation. This is still not as good as it should be due mainly to fluoridation, but it is why we aren't all suffering with HIV symptoms.