Is It Really A ‘Scary Time’ For Men? Let’s Look at the Stats

Conservative men like Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham are busy pushing a narrative that itís a scary time for men since anyone can be accused of sexual assault and have their lives ruined. In the wake of Brett Kavanaughís confirmation to the Supreme Court, itís an outlook thatís actually catching on in some circles, with even some women expressing concern that their husbands and sons could become the victim of a baseless accusation.

No doubt, it would be terrible to be accused of something you didnít do, but some additional perspective is necessary to consider how much of an actual issue this is. One Supreme Court justice being accused of something that cannot be proven or disproven all these years later does not an epidemic make.

So letís look at the stats. Research puts the rate of false accusations for rape at somewhere between two and ten percent. For the sake of the argument, letís go with the upper range of that figure – that still leaves at least 90 percent of victims telling the truth, yet youíd be hard pressed to find that 90 percent of victims are believed or even taken seriously half the time.

Itís also important to take into account that about 95 percent of women (college women in this particular study) who have been raped donít report their rape to the police. In other words, for the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults, no one is being falsely accused because no one is being accused at all. When you look at the total number of rapes (both reported and unreported,) just 0.005 percent are false allegations.

That figure is hardly alarming. Candidly, your odds of being struck by lightning are higher than being falsely accused of sexual assault. Of course, maybe thatís what conservatives mean when they say itís not a safe time for men Ė bolts of lightning may strike!

While the narrative paints men as the victims of potential false allegations, in reality they should be more concerned with the same assaults that women are. As RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) explains, 3 percent of American men are the victims of rape or attempted rape, which again is a far higher percentage than men who are falsely accused of rape. In the respect that males are subject to sexual assault too, I would agree that men arenít as safe in that respect.

The main reason why people find the sudden concern for menís wellbeing so off-putting is that women have been the primary victims of sexual assault since the dawn of mankind. So many of the same people who havenít expressed an ounce of outrage over the prevailing rape culture are now piping up loudly to worry about accused men when they barely register on the scale of real victims in this sexual assault crisis.

Again, letís look at the stats. One out of three American women will experience sexual violence, and one in five will be raped, and almost none of them will see justice. With just seven out of every 1,000 rapists†getting†convicted of the crime, (so, really, what are the odds that itís one of the rare falsely accused people that meets that fate?) weíve got a long way to go to discourage predators from believing they can easily get away with it.

If youíre going to vocally worry about the people who could face false allegations of rape, at least do it in proportion to the amount of times people are actually subject to that horror. Otherwise, it looks like youíre using it as an excuse to silence women and question their credibilityÖ which, I might add, is probably precisely the objective that someone facing over a dozen such accusations like President Trump, is hoping to pull off with this narrative in the first place.

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Lorrie O
Lorrie O2 months ago

Time is not for men. Time is for, 4 letters 4, Kali.

Emily J
Emily J3 months ago

They are upset because they can't get away with raping and harassing female colleagues anymore, I have zero sympathy! Also boys and men who've been sexually harassed or abused can now speak out about it too and be taken seriously so it benefits them too. I am more afraid for the women and girls who have to deal with the real fear that some rapist will attack us during everyday activities such as going for a walk or trying to get home from work than the petty fears of the creeps who are now afraid their disgusting misdeeds will be exposed.

Amanda M
Amanda M4 months ago

Karen S, if I could send you a truckload of Green Stars, they'd be winging your way as I type! Once again, Twitler and his minions have it wrong! Women have been getting sexually assaulted and raped since patriarchal religions have deemed us to be little more than property, and now that we FINALLY are able to speak out we are fighting back! The only thing that so-called "men" like Twitler have to be "scared" of is our finally calling them out for being the misogynist pigs and serial assaulters that they are! And ANYBODY who fears more for their sons than their DAUGHTERS when it comes to sexual assault has a few screws loose! Women don't deserve to be assaulted, and we DEFINITELY don't deserve to be slut-shamed and have OUR lives ruined because some idiot with a penis couldn't keep it in his pants and keep his hands (and other body parts) to himself! And as a mother of two daughters, I want them to have power over their own bodies and lives and not have to worry about "men" treating them like things that exist solely for male pleasure!

Dot A
Dot A4 months ago

A comment was made by a mother on this thread that she actually feared for her sons. That's a loving mother's instinct. Yet, how many thousands of years have mothers feared for their daughter's safety and being treated well? If we didn't have a narcissist in the WH that encourages the 'grab 'em' mentality, perhaps everyone's anxieties could be alleviated a bit. Life does have its dangers, but selecting a bully doesn't qualm anyone's sense of safety. Now we've got a judge on the Supreme Court who likely was just being a 'boys do boy thing' stuff in high school, college and until the marriage role is set in place for the rightful place in society, - and laugh with the boys in the locker room, - while those pants go up in fire, as they are liars liars liars. - - - link to - - -

Tania N
Tania N4 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Tania N
Tania N4 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E4 months ago

david f
Yes, Karen S DID describe the "man" in the WH well !!
Sexual deviant
Surrounds himself with liars and cheats.
Has a cheater son
Just endorsed a SCOTUS liar.
BTW david, As for YOUR pets. I did a search of canned hunts and trophy hunting for axis deer just in your little area of Texas. Pages of sites . I wonder if that's YOUR forte too FOR money. FAKE seems to be for you too on an animal welfare site

Karen Swenson
Karen Swenson4 months ago

@David F-Oh, so are you saying, David F, Women are now to be shamed, blamed and shouldn't seek high office, because their husbands can't keep their pants on. Women are not to be believed for being raped, blamed for coming forward and now shamed and blamed because their husbands are stupid and sexual deviants. Good one, Susanne R!!

Susanne R
Susanne R4 months ago

Yes, Karen did describe the men well. However, you're mistaken, David. Hillary did not intend to invite Donald Trump OR Brett Kavanaugh to live in the White House with her.

David F
David F4 months ago

Karen Swenson, You described the man well, the one you just voted to live in the White House with Hillary.