Is NRA Desperation Behind Trayvon Martin’s Killer Going Free?

In 2008 the National Rifle Association (NRA) were saying that Obama would come for your guns. In 2012 they’re saying ‘well he didn’t come for your guns yet but he’ll DEFINITELY be coming for them if he’s re-elected’.

In state after state the NRA is pushing one bizarre law or another. Guns in daycare centers? Essential! On school buses? It’s in the constitution!

The NRA is a $200 million dollar business – what else is it going to do? Go back to running shooting classes? Its existence depends on ‘Libruls’ always ‘trying to prise your gun from your cold dead hands’.

The reason Florida has the law which caused the police to let George Zimmerman go, and may yet see him get away with no charges, is because the NRA pushed for it. And they pushed for it because they need to keep busy.

Was it really needed? It was for the NRA, because what else could they be but be seen to be doing something, anything.

They’re pushing laws to allow concealed weapons in schools and colleges. Is that really needed?

In Virginia they’re trying to get a law repealed that stops the purchase of more than one gun a month. Two-third of Virginians, including lots of gun owners, see the law as common sense but it’s the NRA’s job to keep pushing for more laws or repealing ones that the gun industry which funds it might like to see repealed.

Since the 2005 ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in Florida, they’ve got the GOP run legislature to pass a ‘Bring Your Gun to Work’ law and a law forbidding doctors from asking their patients if they owned guns (a judge struck that one down). Their latest blocks Florida towns and cities from enacting any sensible local gun bans such as in a park.

The NRA has won, essentially, all its members could ever reasonably want but it cannot just claim victory. Neither Obama nor anyone else is coming for them but they can’t admit to their power; they have to carry on playing the victim because that’s what keeps the dollars rolling in.

This isn’t just my observation but that of those who watch them the closest. Brian Malte of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence agrees with Gail Collins of the New York Times’ view that these laws are a sign of NRA ‘desperation.’

The ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in Florida was a NRA project and its push into now 24 states was organized by a body they fund which coordinates the push for such legislation among GOP state legislators.

Its advocates, which included Jeb Bush, argued that it was needed and would reduce crime. It hasn’t. Instead, it’s arguably led not just to Martin’s death but that of numerous (maybe more than one hundred) other innocent bystanders, including one middle-class, middle-aged white father of two profiled by Anderson Cooper, which also resulted in police inaction on the killer.

The law has also been used by Florida gang members to get off from being charged with homicide.

Law professor Jonathan Turley explains that even with the national fury and demand for an arrest, it is still likely as not that Zimmerman will also get off any charges because of the NRA’s law. A prosecution of Zimmerman, he and many others say may still be possible, but would be very difficult.

Like with ‘pro-life’ advocates, who have also essentially won so they have to keep pushing at the boundaries with forced transvaginal ultrasounds and the ‘personhood’ movement and a million ways to get at Planned Parenthood, the NRA has to carry on pushing outlandish laws like ‘Stand Your Ground’ because otherwise what is it for?

Unfortunately, it hasn’t seemed to matter if — as happened with Florida’s law — the NRA’s increasingly disastrous proposals keep being opposed by police or come with other warnings from those who would know who fear the worst, like, as with Florida’s law, that they will result in racial profiling murders.

Will the outcry over this death temper the NRA’s power? It’s hard to be that optimistic.

Shooting Deaths per 100K of Population

US – 10.27
Finland – 6.86
Switzerland – 6.4
France – 6.35
Canada – 4.78
Austria – 4.56
Norway – 4.39
Portugal – 3.72
Belgium – 3.48
Israel – 3.0
Italy – 2.95
Australia – 2.94
New Zealand – 2.66
Germany – 1.57
Greece – 1.5
UK – 0.41

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Picture from Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin in NYís Union Sq by Photo Gallery


Myron Scott
Myron Scott5 years ago

Dana wrote: That law (Stand Your Ground) does not and will not apply in this case.

No, it might. Even I would say that Zimmerman had as much of a legal right to be outside his car and on the same sidewalk or lawn as Martin. That means the law could apply. If there were a duty to retreat before resorting to lethal force, then it couldn't apply; but Florida's version of Stand Your Ground contains no duty to retreat.

Dana R.
Dana R.5 years ago

1. Can all the stone throwers please wait for the facts! Your rocks are as deadly to life and liberty as anyone's gun.
2. This isn't about NRA, gun laws, planned parenthood or any other opportunistic rant. You degrade the opportunity for intelligent discovery by distracting everyone looking at the wet spot on your pants.
3. This man admittedly pursued the victim and had no "ground to stand". That law does not and will not apply in this case. Continuing to entertain that discussion is contributing to the pooling of ignorance.
4.The local law enforcement is culpable for not responding proactively and investigating post-facto, the DA for not pressing prosecution and the local press for not activating for action in a timely manner.
As for the authors politic-if you are afraid of guns, learn about them. Ignorance breeds illogical fear. You could move to a country that bans ownership ie: Mexico, China, Cuba, Venezuela and other bastions of freedom. Stay away from Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Israel. Some of these countries require ownership. Horrible places I'm sure. Ban guns? That genie is so out of the bottle. Pray to St Jude.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

What crime was young Mr. Martin committing? Is walking down the street now a crime in America? When the man with the gun started following him did he suspect that the boy had committed a crime? If not he had no right to even look at him.

I don't know all the facts of this, but if it turns out that there was no wrong doing by the boy then the shooter needs to be arrested. The tape does show that the shooter just thought he looked suspicious.

Myron Scott
Myron Scott5 years ago

"I do wonder what would have happened if Trevor
(sic) had succeeded in killing Zimmerman instead?"

- Most likely, his butt would have been in the back
of a squad car quicker than you could say,
"Catch somebody by the toe."

But, would he have done that? With his fists
or with that deadly bag of Skittles he was packing?

Oh, I know, supposedly, they were rolling around
on the ground - although the police dispatcher told
Zimmerman not to follow - and, Zimmerman's lawyers
claim, Martin reached for Zimmerman's gun.
Sound familiar?

"Oh yes
oh yes
oh yes we both
oh yes we both
oh yes we both
reached for
the gun
the gun
the gun
the gun
oh yes we both
reached for the gun
for the gun."

- Chicago (Kander and Ebb)

Which might in turn remind one of the
attorney in that musical:

"Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 'em
Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate.
Give 'em the old hocus pocus
Bead and feather 'em.
How can they see with sequins in their eyes?
What if your hinges all are rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?
Razzle dazzle 'em
And they'll never catch wise!"

- Ibid.

Especially if they have an ideological or emotional need not to do so.

Annette H.
Annette H.5 years ago

I do wonder what would have happened if Trevor had succeeded in killing Zimmerman instead?

Annette H.
Annette H.5 years ago

Well, Robert L., let's hope the majority of Americans aren't fooled into believe that crap. We, sir, are being totally manipulated by the MSM to become just as 'horrified' the Australians were who then let the state to take --er-- I mean 'buy' their guns. This creation of 'horror' is entirely thru the PTB's owned media for the sole purpose of getting the guns out of our hands thru 'stricter regulations' and rewriting the 2nd Amendment! With that piece in place, they can finally get their enslavement agenda rolling. We dang pesky 'cold dead handers' are SO in the way of that!

And really... I don't think the effort to cause the 'gun ownership/NRA' movement to dwindle is working very well. I was in Cabela's (a sporting goods type store if you aren't familiar) just last week, and the hand gun counter was PACKED! It was at least a 10 minute wait to get help! The salesman there said their sales were up 800% from last year alone, and many he asked cited the upcoming election and it's fall out in our government as the reason! Obviously I'm not the only one concerned with what 'our' government is up to!

Robert Ludwig
Robert Ludwig5 years ago

The NRA is sowing the seeds of it's own destruction. It's hideous to contemplate, but every dead child is that many votes closer to a constitutional amendment to repeal or modify the second amendment. Only by changing the second amendment can any reasonable form of gun control be enacted. Instead of working with the interested parties to formulate a reasonable compromise, the NRA digs in deeper and becomes more intransigent.

There will always be those "cold dead handers" and doomsdayers who will amass and horde guns, but they will become a diminishing minority by their own isolationism.

The two sad sides to this are that it will take an unconscionable number of martyrs to reach the tipping point. And, in the undoubtedly reactionary mode in which change will occur, the purpose of the second amendment will be lost to all.

Christopher C.
Chris C5 years ago

Then again Rose, Zimmerman had a history of violent behavior.

Jayna Sheats
Jayna Sheats5 years ago

I am baffled by the assertion that this (horrible) law favors Zimmerman. It is a matter of dispute what happened as the two people fought in person (Martin's girlfriend's cell phone conversation favors him; the mystery witness cited below favors Zimmerman). What is not in dispute is that Zimmerman initiated the conflict; therefore, according to the NRa-sponsored law, Martin has the right to defend himself in whatever way is available. Case closed.

Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of assault and murder. Whether and how much Treyvon Martin fought back to protect himself is of no relevance to this conclusion.

Rose L.
Rose L5 years ago

@ Christopher C:

Trayvon was in excellent shape and strong enough to be a football player. And it's not how big or small a person is that will decide an advantage.