Is Obama Way Ahead Or Neck and Neck With Romney?


Another day, another batch of completely contradictory poll results when it comes to the presidential general election.  A new poll out from McClatchy-Marist shows that President Barack Obama and GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney are nearly tied at 46 and 44 points respectively.  According to the poll, “A key reason [Romney and candidate Rick Santorum] are both close: Each edges the president among independent voters by 1 point. Another: The president, while enjoying an uptick of support on his handling of the economy and foreign affairs, nevertheless has the overall job approval of fewer than half of American voters at 48 percent, with 47 percent disapproving and 5 percent unsure. He fares a tad better when voters were asked whether they have favorable or unfavorable impressions of him: Fifty percent are favorable, 46 percent unfavorable and 3 percent unsure.”

Contrast those findings with a Suffolk University poll also released yesterday, which shows the President leading Mitt Romney by 10 points.  Although the job approval rating was nearly identical, the President’s favorables were 15 points higher than that of Romney.

Also published yesterday?  A Rasmussen Poll showing Obama and Romney three points from each other at 46 to 43.  Once more, job approval ratings on the President are very close to what the other two polls show.

So is Suffolk the outlier this week?  It could be.  After all, the idea that so many more people view the president favorably but apparently disapprove of the job he is doing in office doesn’t make a lot of sense.


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Bobbi C.
Bobbi C5 years ago

Obama FLIES into an airport somewhere in the Midwest, hops into one of two brand new $1.1 Million buses, paid for by you and me, for a ”bus” tour around the Midwest' and, after an hour or so, gets driven back to the airport for ANOTHER FLIGHT, lands at another airport, where another $1.1 Million brand new black Canadian bus is waiting for Obama - and then, repeats all that until Obama's Midwest "bus" tour is done!! [These buses are Canadian-built, by the way, because Obama is SO CONCERNED about American manufacturing, creating American jobs and supporting American productivity.]

And don't forget... those brand new shiny black Canadian buses AREN'T DRIVEN

to the location where they meet Obama. Oh, no…They are loaded up on one or more C-17s so

they can be flown to the destination ahead of Obama who is flying in Air Force One.

AND!.. Believe it or not…this process is REPEATED FOR EVERY CAMPAIGN STOP.

During this “bus” tour, Obama will lecture the 'little people' on how they need to live within their means while hinting of possible future government cut-backs and a need to raise revenues (aka: taxes)!

Remember, too, Obama’s “sage advice” to a family man to 'GO BUY A HYBRID VAN'

when the man said he couldn't afford to fill up his truck'!!!!!!

Obama's personal 'carbon footprint' must be as large as most cities by now.

Stanley Balgobin
Stanley R5 years ago

Vote Obama, get out and vote. Do support our hum,an rights and civil liberties. Vote out the repugliscum in congress and the house. Kick the fascist neo-con right wing scum out. Kick out all the GOP governors. Occupy and restore our democracy. Jail the Kochroaches, Karl Rove, Dick Chenney. Prosecute the wall street crooks , the bank CEO thieves. Kick out the conservative legislator Judges from the Supreme Court. Vote Obama.

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

I don't think polls show which way the wind is blowing, they're trying to manipulate people into believing the wind is blowing the way that is best to keep everybody riled up. You could get more done in youe own life if you just ignored the polls and stop argueing.

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

Glad to see Mary and Steve are still at it. Anyway, to get away from them or their misthoughts, Obama is America's ONLY hope for a decent future. Hand it over to the tea party republicans and you can kiss goodbye your freedoms, liberties, medicare, healthcare, worker's rights, civil rights, women's rights, and on and on. The Tea Party republicans want to take this country back to the 1800s, and you know what that means!

Vote Obama. Vote a landslide Democrat majority in the House and Senate.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Amazing how the tea party R's can look at the poll numbers and see something opposite of what they say. The majority of people don't like Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich. They don't dislike Paul as much they just think he has some peculiar ideas. None of them are kicking 'ASSES' or any other object.

Obama/Biden 2012

Mary Driver
Mary Driver5 years ago

Well, in my estimation and delegate count....Romney is 2nd, Gingrich 3rd, Santorum is 4th, OBUMMER is last and yes........RON PAUL is KICKING THEIR ASSES!

Susan Diane
Susan Diane5 years ago

The Repugs seem very regressive if their leadership race is any example. Come on Americans do yourselves a favour and keep Obama in to continue getting the USA out of the mess George W Bush left.

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

"Is Obama Way Ahead Or Neck and Neck With Romney?"....

Stressful, isn't it Robin?

The fact that more people than you might think, disapprove of the job Obama is doing, makes a LOT of sense to me.

The most worrying thing for you and all the Obamites, is how many Independents and Democrats also disapprove......

Me - I get the feeling that the overwhelming majority of Americans just want Obama OUT! even if they had to vote for Mickey Mouse!

Dianne D.
Dianne D5 years ago

Vote for Romney and lose your medical care, social security, unemployment insurance, our environmental standards, our wildlife, medicare, medicad - and the list goes on. As Romney said - he doesn't care what happens to the elderly or the poor. He also said that he doesn't understand why we have public lands. That means all of our national treasures will be given to big corporations to do what they want to our lands. The middle and lower classes, and the elderly are in serious trouble if Romney gets in. Romney intends to pick up where the Bushes left off and run this country into the ground all because of greed.

Sue Jones
Sue Jones5 years ago

I don't think anything is going to be clear until the votes are counted. Too much turmoil in the world and no telling what kinds of dirty Karl Rove swift boating tricks are still up the sleeves of these Super PACs. Expect it to be extra mean and low down this year.