Is Obamacare in Danger Again?

Even the most dedicated supporters of the Affordable Care Act are willing to admit that Obamacare isn’t perfect. Where the two parties differ is usually on whether the legislation can be repaired and improved, or whether it should simply be scrapped all together.

And now, just a few months after the last Obamacare repeal attempt died off, it looks like the debate pop up all over again. The difference? This time some legislators claim it could actually pass.

This new threat is called the Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill. Proposed by South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy — both Republicans — the prospect is supposed to give more states control over their health care policies, rather than force them all into one federal mandate.

The problem is, it sounds an awful lot like many of the other GOP’s failed proposals.

As Vox reports:


[T]he most detailed version of the plan we’ve seen so far does much more than that. The proposal would eliminate the health care law’s subsidies for private insurance and end the Medicaid expansion. The health insurance marketplaces would no longer exist as they are envisioned to continue under other Republican proposals. The federal government would convert some (but not all) of that spending into a lump-sum payment to states. States could choose to spend this money on providing insurance, or they could use it to fund high-risk pools, or do other activities to pay the bills of patients with high medical needs. States wouldn’t get this money for free: They’d be required to kick in a small percentage themselves.

So why would this replacement version of the “Repeal and Replace” plan work when so many others have failed? Because this time Republicans believe they have the support of Arizona Senator John McCain.

McCain, who returned from treatment for brain cancer simply to vote against the last repeal effort, has given signs that he could be convinced to support this potential proposal.

“On Wednesday, McCain told the Hill that he backed a proposal from Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) that would end the ACA’s Medicaid expansion and insurance subsidies, and instead dole out money to states for whatever health insurance programs they favored,” the Washington Post reports. “McCain, Graham’s closest friend in the Senate, said that he would obviously support Graham’s bill. After killing the GOP’s last repeal attempt, saying that the Senate needed to return to regular order, McCain hinted that he could make an exception.

Or, at least, he did until the public began pressuring him not to.

“I am committed to working with Governor Doug Ducey to ensure the final outcome of health care reform benefits the people of Arizona,” the Senator announced via Twitter. ”While I support the concept of the Graham-Cassidy proposal, I want to see the final legislation and understand its impact on the state of Arizona before taking a position. As I have said all along, any effort to replace Obamacare must be done through the regular order of committee hearings, open debate and amendments from both sides of the aisle.”

Should McCain be convinced to join the rest of his party and throw his vote behind this bill, that would give the GOP 50 votes necessary to pass the legislation — and finally assert that they accomplished their vow to repeal and replace Obamacare. That’s despite the fact that, according to some reports, the plan would reduce Medicaid funding in approximately 42 out of 50 states in the country by 2026.

Sadly, that’s a feature, not a bug, for a Republican party that would rather see the poor sicken and die than see their taxes raised even a dollar.

Among them is the president, who, according to his spokeswoman would be more than willing to sign the bill into law should it pass. “The president’s ready, he’s ready with pen in hand to sign health-care reform if, say, Graham-Cassidy moves forward,” Kelly Anne Conway told  “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News, according to The Hill.

While Obamacare has flaws, ending the individual mandate and block granting out healthcare funds to each state is not the solution. Hopefully Senator John McCain understands that — since clearly no one else in his party is willing to put the lives of Americans ahead of their hatred of all things Obama.

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Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill6 months ago

Brian F. ObamaCare not a Republican plan. The Democrats did not want any help from the Republicans. They even ridiculed them for trying to help. Obama even went so far as to invite some of them to a speech he made, then made fun of them in that speech.

Brian F
Brian F8 months ago

Obama was a sellout liar like Hillary, who promised us single payer universal healthcare, then gave us a horrible Republican plan once elected. We need to get rid of this crappy Obamacare, and get single payer universal healthcare, as proposed by Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately, both corrupt parties are bought and paid for by our criminal healthcare industry so we will never have single payer universal healthcare. Most of the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are crooks like the Republicans and refusing to support single payer universal healthcare, so we will never have affordable healthcare.

Joan E
Joan E8 months ago

If Obamacare is endangered because so many Senators are standing with Bernie Sanders in support of Medicare for all, that will be the best thing that has happened for Americans in a long time.

Margaret G
Margaret G8 months ago

Sadly, the Republicans in the United States would like to end all social justice legislation, so we must remain vigilant to preserve Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, voter rights, unemployment insurance, child labor laws, women’s rights, worker compensation laws, consumer rights, environmental laws, LGBT rights, minimum wage, civil rights, civil liberties, food stamps, public housing, public education, suppott for the disabled, …

Carol J
Carol Johnson8 months ago

Thank for Obamacare

Margie FOURIE8 months ago

The health care system does not seem to be getting any better in a lot of countries

Debbi -
Debbi W8 months ago

Before the last vote, I must have made over fifty phone calls + FB comments and tweets. Guess I'll be at it again.

Glennis W
Glennis W8 months ago

Great comments Save Obamacare Thank you for caring and sharing

Glennis W
Glennis W8 months ago

So horrible and cruel don't kill a good scheme Thank you for caring and sharing