Is the GOP Resuming Its Imaginary War To Stop Welfare Spending At Strip Clubs?

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa is ready for a crackdown on food stamp use, complaining that he believes benefits are being used to purchase alcohol and drugs rather than for their intended use. Citing a comparison of reports issued regarding food stamp use, the California Republican claims, “[W]hen people walk in with $100 in food stamps and they trade it for alcohol or they trade it for cash to go use illicitly, children are being denied food that we, the American people put this program together for. Its about families not about cash or alcohol for individuals.

Does this mean the party of civil liberties and less government is ready to push forward on their plan to ensure all government assistance is spent on the “right” things? Earlier in February, the House passed a bill that would prohibit funds from pulled from ATMs located near strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos, based on the premise that those who need help from the government are probably shady, drunken gamblers who are mooching off the system. The bill never made it to Senate, but with culture wars playing out repeatedly on Congress’s floor, perhaps Issa is signalling a second go?

Much as the GOP has been demanding drug testing of welfare recipients in numerous states, the idea that a law needs to be passed to forbid ATMs at certain locations from allowing those on government assistance programs from taking out cash is little more than stigmatizing and shaming those who are in need. Especially unfortunate is the idea that a liquor store ATM would be unusable, since, in many poor neighborhoods when grocery stores are inaccessible, residents end up purchasing food at local convenient stores that often sell liquor as well.

Issa may be saying he’s peddling ending government waste and saving taxpayers, but really, he’s preparing for another round of blaming the poor and painting them as morally lacking simply because they can’t make ends meet.




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LD B5 years ago

It is worth noting that it is the Red States which have the highest per capita usage of on-line resources relating to sex.

What does that tell you about the true motivations of the paleoconservatards?

Joseph B.
Joseph B5 years ago

What is wrong in stopping abuse and fraud in welfare payments? By God, If I am as a taxpayer paying the bill I have a right to demand nothing but the basics such as food, clothes and utilities! Perhaps then, those on welfare will work harder to get off the welfare roles rather than stay on them at my expense if they want to drink or attend strip clubs!
Dependancy can destroy ones ambition to be self sufficient and the Obama Admin wants as many as possible dependent on the Government for their very lives at never ending taxpayer expense just so they will be relected!
How about showing as much concern for those that foot the bill as for welfare recipients?
Since when is it "bullying" to demand accountability for the taxpayer who pays for all of this?
Instead we get the usual trashing of Republicans as hating the poor, women etc! Typical leftist garbage! Sorry! I do not feel ashamed to demand accountability! Democrats want NO accountability! That is why they all must be thrown out including the President next November!
I am sick of being taken advantage of!

Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR5 years ago

I think your favorite pol, Great Leader himself has continuously claimed he's in the "war" to stop corruption/illegal use of government resources. An attempt to claim such actions is a bad idea by the GOP ignores the political reality (never mind the economic necessity) of stopping waste, abuse, and fraud in our overspending government.

Even sadder is the fact that so many people here applaud the obvious hypocrisy of this article b/c they are so ignorant of what even their own guys are doing.

Kasia Y.
Kasia Y.5 years ago

Republican Fascists are using the media and democratic process to support their sociopathic agenda rather than promote the greater good of society. The police do not suspect welfare recipients frequenting strip clubs since most of them are struggling to find jobs which the Republicans kindly encouraged to go to Mexico, China and India.

Shut down the Republicans and put them all in prison.

Charles Wasserman

If you people made the attempt to go back to school and advance your education you wouldn't be left with no hope or help.
Those who take the initiative to work hard and be innovative and industrious can achieve the American Dream.
Remember folks.

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

This sounds totally bogus. As far as I know 'food stamps' are a debit card kind of thing now. not the old paper coupons. All it will pay for is food. You can't just walk in someplace and exchange the money on the card for cash. This sounds like another one of those made up stories about poor people 'gameing the system' put out there just to infuriate the people who like to get their kicks snorting around in indignent self-rightousnes.
And Gary A, thanks for your wonderful comment, you've pretty much sumed it up. I think few of us can really imagine how life would feel with with no hope, no help, and in pain too.

Gary Ansorge
Gary Ansorge5 years ago

"Especially unfortunate is the idea that a liquor store ATM would be unusable, since, in many poor neighborhoods when grocery stores are inaccessible, residents end up purchasing food at local convenient stores that often sell liquor as well."

,,,and there you have it. The vast majority of the really poor use food stamps for, guess what,,,FOOD. Do a few game the system? Of course. A few people also become politicians but we tolerate those, mainly so we can keep an eye on them.

,,,but the gamers are a small percentage of the needy. What we really need is more information, more (shudder) EVIDENCE. So we can truly learn how best to administer these programs to maximum benefit and minimum cost. IF some liquor store owners are accepting food stamps for non food items, THEY're the ones who should be regulated. Leave the poor alone. Just spend some time and effort educating them in survival techniques in this 21st century,,,"paradise",,,

As for drugs of intoxication,,,when you have no hope in a world of predators (re: politicians), sometimes the only thing left to do is to escape it for a while,,,sometimes forever,,,

Charles Wasserman

The bums in congress are the same as the bums on the streets.
A bum is a bum.
Let them all starve.

Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight5 years ago

I must say, I agree that some people are TRULY TO THE VERY BEST OF THEIR ABILITY "MISUSING" THE SYSTEM &HE** YES, THEY SHOULD NOW & FOREVER BE REMOVED FROM RECEIVING THE MONIES THAT We tax-payers are paying to support them/ their broads of children/ & their irresponsible habits! I feel that if a person has NEVER worked a day in their lives {with the exception of the under-age parents who can NOT work}, refuse to become further educated so they can work or simply refuse to work should "NOT Be ABLE TO RECEIVE BENEFITS & SHOULD BE STERILZED, SO THEY CANNOT KEEP USING CHILDREN TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES}. As many other Working-Poor, Tax-paying, scraping-by-check-to-check, people feel & believe, I feel & believe that if these people can take the energy & dedication to apply for/wait for/& do anything it takes{lie/deceive/have more kids}, to continue to receive benifits, they can put the same DILIGENCE into getting a job "ANY LEGAL JOB!!!" to provide for themselves & their families!!!!! The fact that TOO MANY of the people receiving benefits do NOT use them to provide for the VERY CHILDREN that make them eligible to receive the benefits is Mind-Boggling!!!!! ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BELEIVE THAT THERE ARE PURE/UNADULTERATED/SNEAKY/CONIVING/SYSTEM-RAPING, BENEFITS RECEIVERS OUT THERE, PICK A DAY, ANY DAY, GET ON ANY BUS OR TRAIN YOU WANT TO IN METRO-ATLANTA & YOU can/WILL here these people females & males, bragging about how they are getting ov

Kathy W.
Kathy W5 years ago

@Charls W & @John K the republicans cut funding so much that the system does not have the money to investigate all the fraud the is going on. But just so you know it is not everyone doing it. I myself was homeless and saw what goes on. Yes alot of the people were selling food stamps for half the price on the street for drugs, alcohol and cigarets. But if you get rid of food stamps trust me the good people will parish and that bat will survive because they know how to scam. And the saddest part is that the good ones are often ignored in the system because they think we don't need help because we don't have an addiction problem. But you should know this our senators are issued credit cards by uncle Sam paid for with tax payer dollars that the republicans used when they went to Los
Vagas to buy; expensive meals, shows, attend strip clubs and bought prostitutes. All paid for with your and my money. Is it any wonder that some of them like Ron Paul want to legalize the sex trade? Think about it! You complain about the bums on the street wasting your tax dollars what about the bums in congress? Is it ok because they are rich and lie to everyone about how pure they are. I just saw someting on Americas most wanted about sex trafficking and they said when ever there are republican conventions or sports events were there are high concentrations of men women will be sold.