Is There a Serial Animal Killer On the Loose?

A bag of eleven dead puppies was found last week along the side of a road in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Finding dead pups abandoned isn’t all that unusual – sad to say – but this was different.  The puppies had all been skinned.

The week before, a dog was found skinned and cooked, abandoned by a roadside.  The creature’s feet were cut off and he had a rope around the right hind leg.  Authorities started investigating the possibility of a serial dog killer.

Humane Police Officer, Christine Wiggins told me in an email that the veterinarian to whom the bodies were sent for examination now believes the skinned pups to be foxes, not domesticated dogs.  DNA testing will take several weeks to confirm.  It is still uncertain if the larger animal found a week earlier is a dog or a fox.

Unlimited fox hunting is legal in Pennsylvania from October 20 through February 16.  She told me one of the animals was shot and the others are assumed to have been trapped.  Wiggins plans on turning the investigation over to Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The Lehigh County Pit Bull Awareness Club (LCPBAC) has offered a reward for information leading to conviction of the perpetrator(s), upwards of $2,000.  With the recent possibility of wildlife verses domesticated dog, the group’s Facebook page confirmed “…if the police, with help from the humane society and state game officials, feel this is a case of cruelty, we will continue to offer the proposed reward. Dog or fox, it doesn’t matter.”

David Lee from LCPBAC confirmed the reward money is from pledges; no money has been collected to date pending outcome of investigation.  Lee told me, “The state police are taking this seriously; they were at the scene three days looking for evidence.”  Two pairs of latex gloves were found at the scene and have been sent to forensics for testing, according to Associated Press.

Wiggins has promised to keep me informed of the investigation; further updates will be posted on Care2 as they become available.

If anyone in the Leigh County area has any information about these cases, contact Fogelsville Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police at 610-395-1438.


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Karen Friedman
karen Friedman4 years ago

Can't believe that fox hunting is legal in Pa. Going to boycott anything and everything from there. Why can't things like this be stopped is beyond me. I guess the state of PA likes the bad publicity and doesn't want to do anything about it. No wonder there is a serial dog killer on the loose, the state of PA is one that promotes cruelty to animals!

Tatiana Velitchkov

Absolutely disgusting and sick! Such humans are a shame and have to get the harshest punishment ever!!!

Mel A.
Mel A.4 years ago

These acts just stab at my heart. How can one sleep after torturing an animal/animals. My heart aches for them. Please find this person/persons so that justice can be served.

Leann Huber
Lea Wells Huber4 years ago

Catch this son of a bitch and torture him, slowly, until he dies! I never cease to be amazed at how SICK people can be!

Mike and Janis B.
Janis B4 years ago

Truly sickening!

Angela Muto
Angela Muto4 years ago

Pennsylvania has unlimited fox hunting? Why? This is a very disturbing story. I hope they catch whoever is doing this soon.

Takako I.
Takako I4 years ago

Whoever did this are seriously wrong with her/his/their mentality. They should not be out there living in the society like nothing wrong with them. Please find this sickening existence and capital punishment is appropriate. Karma will surely get them but it is not enough. They need lessons from our civilized society, too.

Tucker T.
Tucker T4 years ago

W.T.H.?!?!?! W.T.F.F.F.F.F?!??!!?



Karen H.
Karen H4 years ago

It could be someone killing them for "sport" or their pelts. Or it could be a kid practicing on animals before turning to humans. In any case, the culprit(s) must be caught NOW. It's cruelty to animals, & it may escalate.

Irene S.
Irene S4 years ago

Is there any update?