Is Trump Mentally Fit to be President?

From the moment Donald Trump was officially declared the 2016 presidential election winner, many mused that he would be unable to serve a full term in office.

Some suspected that President Trump would be impeached over alleged election collusion with Russia. Others thought he would resign in frustration after he realized how much work actually goes into running a country. Still more assumed Trump would be forced out after using his office to line the financial coffers of his family and business associates.

Now a new theory is gaining steam: claims that Trump is mentally unfit to be president. But is this theory even viable, or is it merely a reminder of our nation’s long inability to understand and accept mental health issues?

The habit of calling President Trump “crazy” began long before he ever entered office. The term was routinely used as an attack on the candidate and his campaign, even without any legitimate rationale behind the name-calling.

“Is Donald Trump experiencing a mental illness? That’s one question making the rounds these days,” author Patrick J. Kennedy wrote in August of 2016. “The answer is: I don’t know. And neither do the commentators, tweeters and psychiatrists — both licensed and armchair — who’ve diagnosed him as ‘crazy,’ a ‘psychopath,’ not ‘sane,’ having ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ and a ‘screw loose.’ What I do know is that we ought to stop casually throwing around terms like “crazy” in this campaign and our daily lives. The president of the American Psychiatric Association has said that even for professionals, these sorts of diagnoses, made from afar, are ‘unethical’ and ‘irresponsible.’ And they only serve to demean and undercut people.”

After Trump’s victory and time in the White House, however, it appears that, far from dying down, the remarks are ramping up. The term “crazy” hit a fever pitch in May, when it was reported that former FBI Director James Comey told associates that the president’s actions were “outside the realm of normal.”

And now his every move is being carefully scrutinized for signs of mental disorder, such as this recent moment in which Trump left the airplane and walked straight past his limo.

Is his short-tempered Twitter fighting, absent-mindedness and raging combativeness with his staff and other political leaders simply President Trump being Trump, or is something bigger going on?

According to one House Democrat, the reality is that President Trump is mentally unfit to be in the White House — and he intends to do something about it.

“Pointing to the outcry over President Donald Trump’s latest controversial tweets, freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin is urging his colleagues to get behind a bill that could potentially oust the President if he was mentally or physically unfit,” reports CNN. “The Maryland Democrat wants to create an 11-member commission made up of mostly physicians and psychiatrists — more formally called the ‘Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity. The panel would carry out a medical examination and determine whether the President was physically or mentally able to do the job.”

It’s a very, very rare moment when I find myself agreeing with Fox News pundits, but removing the president from office for being mentally unfit is a ridiculous notion.

“It’s one thing to oppose Trump, it’s another to play politics through psychiatry,” writes Steve Kurtz. “The truth is, Trump as president is pretty much the same Trump we saw on the campaign trail.  He announced his candidacy with a speech many thought outrageous.  All during the campaign, he tweeted up a storm. Even after he got his party’s nomination, he didn’t pivot, as some expected, and stayed the unconventional course.”

There is a vast amount of stress, responsibility and discipline that goes into serving as the president of the United States — a fact that everyone except President Trump appeared to know beforehand. Now that he’s in office — and actually required to do the job — it is no wonder that Trump is flailing, angry and distracted. But that isn’t mental illness, and to claim otherwise is to continue the same “crazy” tropes that began even before his victory.

The 25th Amendment exists for a specific reason — the event that a president becomes incapacitated. It doesn’t apply to instances in which someone completely unqualified end ups in the office. The president is mentally fit to serve, and to claim otherwise is to make light of and continue to stigmatize mental health.

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Chrissie R
Chrissie R11 months ago

That picture hints of a 13yr old mentality. Sorry, no offense to any 13yr olds in the're probably more mature than this!

Susanne R
Susanne Rabout a year ago

I really like the image of "the Donald" that appears above, and the fact that the word "dump" rhymes with "Trump" would make for a great limerick. I just wonder why he's not tweeting while he's excreting. Isn't that when he does his best work? Maybe not. Maybe he's one of those people who "loses IQ points every time he goes to the bathroom."

Sara c
Sara Cabout a year ago

Live in Sweden. Feel sorry for you Americans 😔

Carole R
Carole Rabout a year ago

Yep ....he's crazy! :0)

Chrissie R
Chrissie Rabout a year ago

Thanks for posting your opinions....

Sue H
Sue Habout a year ago

No and No

Lisa M
Lisa Mabout a year ago


Renata B
Renata Babout a year ago

The other night I was even wondering with my husband: the US is a very large country, densely populated and technically advanced (i.e. great financial power). Maybe having one single person in charge (President) is too much, too risky - and Trump is demonstrating so. He is damaging the entire planet in an irreversible way. In Italy there was (for a long time) Berlusconi, who is very similar to Trump in so many ways (although not cruel to animals and the environment). A real crook, running after women and so on, very rich ... you know the type, ignorant rude, narcissistic ... you name it. The fact is that being Italy so small, the man managed to damage the country (yes, hugely) but he hasn't put the planet at risk. The POTUS has too much power and this is never good. Maybe more autonomy to each state and a sort of confederation without a single head would be safer. At least there would be more protection. Trump is a global disaster and all countries should think about it and learn and take measures to avoid the same risk to occur again.

Renata B
Renata Babout a year ago

Lesla D couldn't say it better: he is not even fit to be a human being. The mystery remains how is it possible that 1.5 years later he is still in charge. There are dozens of reasons to impeach him and his corrupted, greedy, nepotistic administration. Why is he still in charge? The problem is then even more serious that Trump himself.

Danuta W
Danuta Wabout a year ago

thank you for posting