Italian Lawmakers Reject LGBT Protections


Italy’s lawmakers voted this week to reject a law that would have protected LGBT citizens from discrimination.

Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, which is dominated by Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s conservatives, voted 293 to 250 against widening existing protections that already cover discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, ethnicity and nationality.

Hate crimes, and particularly those against LGBTs, have seen a sharp increase in recent years, and campaigners are angry that lawmakers have chosen to ignore this problem.

Following the vote Paolo Patane, head of gay rights association Arcigay, told AFP: “This parliament has betrayed justice and civility and has decided to support the violent.”

He added the EU should “help us face this extremely dangerous rise in homophobia, xenophobia and racism that the Italian parliament has decided to legitimise.”

The reason for lawmakers rejecting this legislation may be tactical. Reports suggest lawmakers feared that once they formally recognized the discrimination faced by LGBTs and moved to protect them, it would become harder to justify denying LGBTs other rights — the eventual outcome, obviously, being a debate on marriage and adoption, rights for same-sex couples that many lawmakers in the Catholic region oppose.

As indicated above, campaigners have now said they will turn to the European Union in order to force legislators to enact nondiscrimination legislation.

Article 21 of the European Union’s “European Charter of Fundamental Rights” bans discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, a move supported by several other viable provisions. You can find out more about those here.

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Leia P.
Leia P.6 years ago

very sad

Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

noted with sadness..................

Raymond  Cornes
Past Member 6 years ago

Beth M , I have already informed my E.M.P. to just how you said it, thank you.

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

Go after Italy, EU!

Gosta Cornelius Zwilling

That's no surprise! Italy is getting more and more fascist all the time.

Leslie H.
Leslie H6 years ago

A) Given the horrific record of Berlusconi, I'm surprised the vote was as close as it was. Italy has in the last decade become a refuge for straight Catholic males--and no one else.

B) Nikolas K--Wow. Um, wow. Children who are up for adoption want homes. They want someone to love and care for them. I am a foster (and soon to be adoptive) parent, and I work closely with foster children and parents from all sorts of backgrounds. Children don't care if the homes they go to have one parent or two, parents of the same race or ethnicity, or parents who are straight or gay--children need love and stability, and LGBT parents can provide these just as well as straight parents.

Gays ARE the same as straights. (Thought I'd try that out--if we can just lump people together under "gays," we can do it under "straights" too, right?)

Marianna B M.

Good for them. A Christian country must have boundaries.

Alice B.
Alice B6 years ago

p.s. Fascism is alive and 'well' in Italy - Berlusconi is a role model there as well. And so, boycotting Italian tourism and products is the natural next step for LGBTQ people and our straight allies. There are plenty of other wines, etc. to buy and places to visit that deserve our patronage - ITALY DOES NOT.

Alice B.
Alice B6 years ago

Italy has embarrassed itself. It is living in the Dark Ages where sexual preference freedom and marriage equality issues are concerned. You can thank that gold-plated international pedophile ring calling itself the "Vatican," for that.

Rosary G.
Rosary G6 years ago

Surprising, despite Berlusconi's awful influence, that Italy is so far behind the times on this issue. It really does take away some of the allure of the country.