It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like ‘Resistmas’

Happy holidays, for those celebrating! And for those who aren’t, please join me at the cool kids table where we’re eating the leftover gingersnaps.

Usually for the weekly resistance here on Care2, I draw your attention to political issues to take action on, but I decided to keep it closer to home this week — and if you’re far from home, this one’s for you too.

You can†gear up for next year’s advocacy work with†information on how to†contact your officials at all levels of government here. Or you can call your senator’s voicemail from the bathroom while you’re hiding from your racist aunt. Up to you!

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1. Advocate

Advocacy on the political level often looks like calling representatives and officials, commenting on proposed regulations, and other big-picture items. But you can advocate in your own life, too — both for yourself and for others.

One great place to do that is at work, where pushing for small policy changes can make a big difference. Maybe that’s asking your employers to consider adding pet insurance benefits to their benefits package, requesting that domestic partners be included in partner benefits or taking down gendered restroom signs on single-stall bathrooms. Even if these policies don’t affect you personally, they can make your workplace more inclusive — which is a win for everyone!

2. Recharge

But don’t tune out. 2019 is going to be a wild year, and it’s okay — and sometimes†necessary — to find a little joy in your life. After all, you can’t help those around you if your oxygen mask isn’t on.

Pick something that makes you feel good and don’t feel guilty about it, whether it’s watching that show everyone around you is super snobby about or carving out an hour each week to go on a nice long walk with a podcast. Consider putting it in your schedule to keep yourself accountable, and make sure the people in your life know that you’re setting aside time during which you shouldn’t be disturbed.

3. Provide Cover

Privilege often gets used as a weapon to oppress people, but it can also be used as a shield. If you’re a privileged person, think about how you could provide cover to marginalized people in your life.

When a privileged person casually does or asks for something that benefits a marginalized person, everyone wins. Make sure the people in your life know you’re always willing to be the noisy one if it will help them get what they need without attracting unwanted attention. Definitely take the time to ask first — even if you’re pretty sure that a gesture will be appreciated.

4. Build

A campfire. A home. A relationship. Whatever it is, build something, and invite people to build it with you — and keep building it. So much of our current political landscape feels like it’s focused on tearing each other down, and apart — and that’s not a great feeling to have.

We need to build community to support each other, and this is also a good time to evaluate toxic relationships and consider cutting them out of your life. Whether you’re feeling isolated in a new city or you’re surrounded by multigenerational activists in the place you’ve called home for decades, there’s always more room to build — and people to build with … you just have to find them.

5. Reflect

2018 was a rough year with some highs, lows and learning experiences. Thinking back on situations where we made mistakes, or even hurt people, isn’t comfortable — but it can be vitally helpful if we want to learn and apply that experience to the future.

So think about some mistakes you made, or times when people called you on something, and be honest with yourself about how you can do better in the future. That reflection may, in some cases, indicate that you need to apologize for something, and it’s worth taking the time to do so.

Get Your Petition On

And if you want something concrete and specific to do right now, creating a Care2 petition is easy. If you have an issue you care deeply about, why not start your own? Here are†some guidelines to help,†and soon the Care2 community will be signing up to support you.

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@Susan Lindeaur---REALLY!!?? Trump actually does grab your ASS and more. "No one lies more than a Democrat?" OMG-- 103 lies in 10 months for Trump! Obama lied 18 times in 8 years. If you actually think Democrats have a lousy record for women's rights---what in Gods name do you think the Republicans have as far as women's rights go, except to do away with every thing we have fought for 150 years???

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