Be Their Voice: World Week for Animals in Labs

April 16-24 is World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL), which is being promoted by In Defense of Animals and other organizations who want to draw attention to the cruel, wasteful and unnecessary experiments performed on millions of animals who suffer intensely as they are tortured, mutilated and killed behind closed doors every day in the name of progress. 

In 2009, the number of animals reported to the USDA was a staggering 979, 772. Even worse, is that animals who are subjected to tests over and over are only reported once in a year. The lost lives of birds, rats and mice are not even accounted for, since they are not covered under the Animal Welfare Act. 

The debate about animal experimentation goes on in the scientific community. While some will continue on with unquestioning ruthlessness, others argue that it’s not only ethically reprehensible, but scientifically unjustifiable. 

Blatant cruelty has been exposed at multiple facilities. Whistleblowers have come forward, others have highlighted the skewed public perception over the validity and necessity of using animal models due to selective reporting of positive outcomes and not failures.

Patients wonder if they might have lived if scientists “weren’t sidetracked by misleading animal tests.”

According to the FDA, 92% of drugs that show promise in animals fail in clinical trials. Some drugs that make it through have ended up causing more problems. Thalidomide caused thousands of birth defects and deaths. Vioxx caused heart damage in humans. The list goes on, Eraldin, Opren, Clioquinol, Isoprenaline, Rezulin.

Nevermind the ridiculous experiments performed on animals that are funded by taxpayers. You might be interested to know that via the NIH, you paid for an experiment that discovered that mice don’t need to be electrocuted to run on a wheel. That seriously received federal funding. 

There are numerous alternatives available that are reliable and cost-effective. It’s time both industry and government moved towards non-animal alternatives that bring healing without causing intense suffering.  


Send a letter to National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins asking him to step up and lead where others have failed by creating a policy that takes real steps to eliminate the use of animals in experiments that will bring that number to zero, in addition to providing training opportunities for non-animal experiments.

Send a similar letter to Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) President Alain Beaudet.

Money talks. Get loud with your cash. Check for the animal-friendly Leaping Bunny symbol on products from cosmetics to household cleaners, or make your own non-toxic cleaning supplies

Take a minute to speak up for lab animals by contacting Obama through the Office of Public Liaison on the need to move away from using animals in research. It’s time for the new administration to pull the financial plug on cruel and wasteful research.

If you’re looking to donate to a charity, give and let live. Visit the Humane Seal for a list of organizations that use progressive non-animal research methods for a number of causes from cancer and Alzheimers disease to trauma treatments and substance abuse. You can also search their site for a specific cause. 

Visit the World Week for Animals in Labs campaign to find anti-vivisection campaign information and see if there are any events in your area. 


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W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

William C
William Cabout a year ago


Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Alan Ratcliffe
Alan Ratcliffe6 years ago

Animal testing needs to stop.

Past Member 6 years ago

Petitions signed 2 times for me and my son. Experimentation on animals must stop!

Helene S.
Helene S6 years ago

Pétition signée

Susannah Gardner
Susannah Gardner6 years ago

Change happens slowly but things will change for the better ... I KNOW AND BELIEVE THIS !!!!! The more of us whom put this feel good energy out there the faster change will happen .. so lets slow the angry comments and start putting more knowledge out there to those whom are not yet where we are in our understanding that killing animals is wrong and not the way to go anymore .. Through knowledge comes understanding, through understanding comes compassion, and through compassion comes huge changes for all .. so we need to first research and show them WHY WHAT THEY ARE DOING DOESNT WORK ANYMORE then print it up for all to see in flyers maybe.. :-) ... while also showing that animals hurt and feel pain like we do ... Some of these people really do not understand this, while I agree some do and do not care .. help make those whom don't understand to understand and lives will be changed faster .. thus the world around us will change alot faster for the good of all .. KNOWLEDGE WORKS .. TELLING SOMEONE THEY ARE BAD AND DOING WRONG HAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER WORK. AS IT IS IN THE NEGATIVE WHICH WILL ONLY CAUSE A NEGATIVE REACTION AND COMEBACK. WE ALL UNDERSTAND THIS BUT MOST OF US DO NOT LIVE IT .... If we truly care for these animals then the best way to help them is through the patient teaching of others, starting with the children ... slow but sure wins the race... fast and furious makes for many mistakes .. Peta is doing a fantastic job in this area via schools l

Kati Patelaki
kathy P6 years ago

The American Antivivisection Society slogan:


Had to add this when i see some angered and frustrated souls mentioning that humans or prisoners should be tested. it would not make things right anyway...

Kati Patelaki
kathy P6 years ago

i have been their voice for a loooong time. but if the governments and the scientists themselves do not become awake? aware, will go on no matter the petitions and talking. use your dollar power to boycot the companies who test. fight the pharmaceuticals if you can. it is quite a challenge...

caterina c.

OF COURSE...!!!...I AM THEIR VOICE.....thanks very much for the article *cat