Jan Brewer Continues Fight Against Same-Sex Benefits in Arizona

Arizona governor Jan Brewer has not finished fighting against same-sex partner benefits in the state of Arizona. On July 2, the Republican official filed a petition to the Supreme Court requesting that a September ruling which allowed same-sex partners of state employees to retain benefits be reversed.

That September ruling maintained that partner benefits for state employees could not be determined, or refused, based on sexual orientation. Brewer had previously reworked the state budget to exclude same-sex partners of state employees from retaining health benefits. A legal challenge came from a number of gay state employees who backlashed against the decision.

By fall 2011, the Ninth Circuit Court had ruled that both heterosexual and same-sex partners of Arizona state employees would receive the same benefits and coverage. The decision to bar the law from taking effect came after the plaintiffs demonstrated their partners would experience emotional and physical hardship if benefits were swept out from under them.

Brewer has anxiously been awaiting the last three months to challenge the injunction in the hope of reinstating the anti-gay law in Arizona once and for all. Supporters of the injunction have until August 6 to make their case to the Supreme Court, at which time the court will decide upon the suitability of the case, the Huffington Post reports.

Defendants feel confident that the court will continue to oppose the anti-gay law. The Washington Blade quotes Tara Borelli, an attorney with Lambda Legal:

We are confident that the lower courts’ decisions upholding domestic partner coverage for lesbian and gay employees will continue to carry the day… Arizona’s arguments have been turned down again and again by the federal courts, and we expect it will be no different here.

Brewer has been an opponent of gay rights throughout her time as governor in Arizona. Last spring, she signed a bill into law that gave preferential treatment to married couples who wanted to adopt, intrinsically suggesting gay couples were less suitable to raise children.

Anti-gay legislation has been cropping up across the country and in the Ninth Circuit over the last few years, including the Defense of Marriage Act. Proposition 8 from California will probably also be taken up in the Supreme Court this fall.

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Photo Credit: Pete Souza


Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

If it is something good you know that jerk Brewer and her ilk will be fighting against it. My god people like her are so filled with hate.

Dale Overall

Reminds me of singer Anita Bryant who used to campaign against gay rights along with doing orange juice commercials long ago. Where does such intolerance and discrimination come from? Living in a cave and not seeing the light of day?

Alex H.
Alex H5 years ago

It is truly simple. Not only is Jan Brewer a bigot and racist, but she has absolutely no respect for the Office of the President, let alone President Obama himself, as shown from the many photos of Ms. Brewer with her finger in President Obama's face.

Among her many failings, is a complete and total lack of class.

Jan - remember this: There is not right way to do the wrong thing. Look within; you're doing yourself a disservice.

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Wow, such a sad commentary on the people that Arizona has elected to speak for them.

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Pamylle: Lots of people of ALL ages, have commented on the extreme drying effects of climate such as Arizona's. Yes, I was taking a cheap shot; but I wasn't thinking of her age so much, as that in excluding Gay people from her life, she was missing so much!
She probably puts commercial crap on her face, stuff that makes the problem even worse, and may even slowly be poisoning her, as info has come out about chemicals in cosmetics recently. She probably would use the advertised stuff rather than "natural' and harmless methods -- given her mindset for Capitalist Corporations!
It was a kind of a tortured, convoluted, roundabout way of saying "what's inside is reflected in what's outside". I honestly didn't think about her age -- but that IS a rather unflattering photo that was no doubt chosen because of those wrinkles like a road map -- and they aren't smile lines, and they don't reflect "the wisdom of an Elder" as other people's well-earned wrinkles might.....

Pamylle G.
Pamylle G5 years ago

Let's not get into her looks. We don't need to take these cheap & easy shots because she's an older woman (in a youth-obsessed culture).

We need only focus on the profoundly unattractive quality of her being a first-class bigot, and hope the citizens of Arizona will vote her out of Office in the next election.

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Jan Brewer -- judging by your photo -- that blazing Arizona sun can sure be hell on a person's skin. And that dry wind off the desert, makes it worse. Even indoor Air Conditioning, can wreak drying havoc.
Come over here to Care2 and learn about some NATURAL Healing Remedies. I'm sure they would do your face good. And while you're at it, there is some other Healing that needs to take place in you..... also could be found on Care2, if you looked.
Or, alternatively, you could learn the secret of many models and movie stars -- some Drag Queens and Gay Men are renowned for their profound knowledge of women's cosmetics and skin care. Most movie stars have Gay makeup men in their entourages. Society would be a lot poorer without the contributions of LGBT persons!
You're due -- overdue -- for a skin moisturizer and a Personal Transformation, you poor kid.....

Dennis Deal
Past Member 5 years ago

Ahh Arizona, Proving once more that yes the inmates are running the asylum...

Lauren B.

Funny, if marriage is good for society and kids, a stabilizing factor in society (which some will dispute) then how can it be good for some and not for others? No one worries about whether heterosexual married couples are polyamorous, into sm, orgies, making unwanted babies. If their straight and married it seems to be none of society's business. But gay folks who want to protect their kids and partners and make a legal and economic commitment to do so, are in some way threatening the very fabric of society (at least in Texas, Arizona, and a few other places).

Paul C.
Paul C5 years ago

Most pics taken of the gov make her look like a drag queen who's having a bad hair day in the Arizona sun. She's one hot mess for sure.