Jobs Bill Still Stuck in Congress

Remember that bill that President Barack Obama proposed a few weeks ago?  You know, the one that was supposed to help stimulate the economy, rehire teachers, provide incentives for employing veterans and all of that?

Yup. Still stuck.

Both parties have put forward their own separate jobs bills, and in the least shocking moment yet at the capitol, both were either defeated or denied passage mostly by members of the opposite party.  The Democratic Rebuild America Jobs Act, an infrastructure plan that was expected to put construction workers back on the job, was unable to break the 60 votes needed to end a filibuster.  It garnering only 51 votes, with the Republicans joined by Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson and Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman in stalling the bill.

The GOP then put forth their own plan, which would also fund some minor highway repair work, while also dipping into the discretionary fund, as well as end numerous environmental and worker safety regulations on businesses.  That plan failed 47 to 53.

As political write Steve Benen summarized, “One party seems to take the jobs crisis seriously, and any media report that says otherwise — be on the lookout for pieces saying the Senate defeated ‘two jobs bills’ today, as they were roughly equivalent — is misleading the public.”


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KARLOLINA G6 years ago

If you are BLACK, GAY, POOR, or a FEMALE, why on earth would you vote for a REPUBLICAN? Well I am just a FEMALE. What could I possibly know?

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz6 years ago

Keep in mind congress has a paying job and since they are being paid a salary plus perks, they don't really care about anything else. If you are smart, a go getter, and can pretty much do any job available to chose from, you must think the homeless are the opposite of yourself.

Diane O.
Diane O6 years ago

typo: "had the upswing of the internet at his BACK."

Diane O.
Diane O6 years ago

Passing the American Jobs Act would be yet another massive debt for the taxpayers. We saw what Stimulus One did to our credit rating because it produced little or no results. Those jobs Obama added? They cost the taxpayers $350,000 per job and Solyndra was sandwiched in there and they've gone bankrupt.

Under Bush, we lost 235,000 jobs due to Hurricane Katrina. His new job growth was low as you stated but he kept unemployment at 4.9%. George W. Bush also had 22 months of a recession. Under those conditions, I would submit that he did a good job. Bill Clinton added many jobs because he had the upswing of the internet at his bank. That job bubble burst as well as the housing bubble.

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Bush lost 4.7 million jobs from 2007 to the day that President Obama took office. Obama turned that around and there has now been 20 months of job growth. slow growth but growth never the less. There would be more jobs created if the Republican tea party would pass the American Jobs Act. But they won't, they care more about defeating Obama than they care about the American worker. They said "Hell No" to almost everything the President has tried to do. They used a record number of filibusters.

I do not shop at Walmart. I shop at Costco, they are Union, pay a decent wage with benefits, and they are profitable. I buy American made when I can find the products. Ed Schultz sometimes lists companies that make products in America. Google 'made in' for some of those companies.

Mike Chrissie
Mike Chrissie6 years ago

jobs bill is just another porkulus bill, another waste of money.
where are all the shovel ready obama talked about, another obama lie

Want to creat jobs buy american made

keep shopping at Wal Mart and keep chinese workers working

Mandi A.
Amanda A6 years ago

Thanks for the depressing news

Victoria M.
Past Member 6 years ago


Phil Hanson
Phil Hanson6 years ago

@ Diane O.

"correction: 'out of touch with reality.'"

Okay, now I understand your problem.

Robert K.
Robert K6 years ago

BTY, 2 people we do know for a fact committed voter fraud are Ann Coulter who voted in the wrong precinct intentionally and Mitt Romney who voted in the wrong state, intentionally. In Wisconsin a woman who realized she had accidentally voted in the wrong precinct was imprisoned for it. Why not send Coulter and Romney where they so richly deserve to be?

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