Jogger Saves “Throwaway” Kitten Meowing Inside Trash Bag

This week, The Great Animal Rescue Chase brings you the story of a young woman in New Zealand who heard a soft meow during her daily jog. You won’t believe the extent of her persistence in tracking the sound and the simple twist of fate that led her to a desperate kitten just as she was about to turn and go home.

By Lesley Tipene

My name is Lesley. I usually take a run 3 or 4 times a week going through our local street alleyways to get to our beach which is about a 20 minute jog from my home. On this one particular day I approached the usual alleyway as normal and could hear this faint crying of a kitten. I stopped called and called but could not work out where the cries were coming from — suddenly they stopped: dead silence.

I must have jumped from fence to fence to try to find where I had heard that crying. Apart from trespassing and the odd dog chasing, I gave up and decided not to continue with my run. I sat in the alleyway for nearly 2 hours, hoping it might make a cry again for me to find it, but it never did.

I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Those Cries

That afternoon I returned home thinking of the cries from the alleyway. My mind was in overdrive and I couldn’t wait for my husband to return from work so we could both look together. As he arrived, I quickly explained what I had heard and hurried him down to the alleyway where I had heard the crying. We sat there and called and called. Again, nothing.

We made one last walk up the path, then down and decided to head home. We both thought the kitten had died, since it wasn’t hearing our banging and constant calling. As we were leaving, I noticed I had left one of my gloves behind, just halfway up the path. I quickly ran in to grab it, and as I knelt down, there it was again: the crying. I yelled to my husband.

Through a Hole In The Bag – A Kitten Was Crying

We both jumped the fence, which led us to an abandoned flat where in the yard were bags of rubbish which I had noticed when I had jumped that fence the same day. As we approached, the cries were coming from one of the bags. My heart sank and tears flowed, as the kitten had managed to make a hole in the bag to breath and to cry for help. Its siblings weren’t so lucky.

I was disgusted by whoever had the cheek to be so cruel. We took all of the kittens home and buried the ones that did not make it in a nice sunny patch in our backyard and we named them Glory, Heaven and Peace, which I know there little hearts will find.

As for the other kitten, after a vet check, vaccinations and a few days at the clinic, we bought her home and named her Saviour. Maybe we were her saviors, but to us she is ours. She is now a fluffy grey ball of love and is now 3 years old. She is just so beautiful and is our True Love.

Want to See The Cat All Grown Up?

You may visit our website to see photos of Saviour all grown up.

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Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago

a happy ending

Annmarie P.
Annmarie P3 years ago

I can't understand how some people can be so evil. I am so happy that this little one has been rescued. Bless you for not stopping until you found her!

Maxine S.
Maxine Sheehan3 years ago

Society is really screwed up these days. Very few people care about animals. Out of all my friends on Facebook there is only one that always signs, she is the only one to show how much she cares. I'm proud she's my friend. Yes you, Irmgard :-)

It's about time the laws were changed to give animals equal rights. God didn't create them for us to abuse, torture, and murder.

Ana MESNER3 years ago

Amazing, beautiful person

Erin H.
Erin H3 years ago

Poor little kitty! But what a lovely woman to rescue this little one.

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper3 years ago


Terry Meek
Terry Meek3 years ago

I resent the fact that you produce an article that pulls at the heart strings and then have a question at the end that says, "want to see pictures of ___ all grown up? when you click on it, it goes to Harmony XX and asks for money. I've read at least 15-20 articles on the last few months and ALL end the same way with the message that "something happened to your video and it was disabled but can you donate..xxxx". That's crass. Tacky and uncalled for. Just come out and ask for money like everybody else does.

Karen H.
Karen H3 years ago

What an angel.
Some people have no heart. Our Mackie came to us from the Humane Society. Her previous owner, a little girl, asked Daddy to watch the cat till she & Mommy found a place to live that accepted cats. Daddy said okay, but as he was angry about his divorce from Mommy, he put the cat in a box, sealed it with tape, & threw it on the side of the road.
Fortunately someone saw it.
The cat was named "Star". She was a black tuxedo cat with a white blaze on her forehead. She came to us the day before she was to be euthanized & immediately renamed herself by saying, "Mack! Mack!"
Mackie lived with us for around 14 years before she went to kitty heaven.

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G3 years ago

thank you for happy ending story :)

Henry G.
Henry G4 years ago

What a beautiful young lady she is. Good to see some decent folks in this cruel world. God bless both of you for saving this beautiful little girl.