Join Celebrities and #TurnYourNoseUp at Factory Pig Farms

A new campaign just launched aimed at raising awareness about the cruelties and harmfulness of factory pig farms.

It’s centered around a 2-minute film. So far, the campaign has reached over 65 million people.

Many celebrities have signed on; Vivienne Westwood, Roger Moore, Hugh Grant, Jeremy Irons, Jamie Oliver, Lily Allen, Sting and Bianca Jagger are among the faces asking people to #TurnYourNoseUp at factory pig farms.

You can watch the #TurnYourNoseUp short film yourself, but keep in mind that it contains some graphic imagery:

The goal of the campaign is to “create a cultural shift whereby people see meat from industrial factories as deeply unpleasant and unacceptable –something we would ‘turn our noses up’ at.”

Farms Not Factories is the non-profit organisation powering the campaign. Through filmmaking and campaigning, these folks support the ‘food sovereignty’ movement by exposing the true costs of cheap meat from animal factories in order to inspire people to only buy meat from local, healthy, “high welfare” farms.

In case you’re wondering what “high welfare” means, the campaign website describes it as, “Pork sourced from farms where pigs are outdoors, or indoors with plenty of bedding, space and fresh air, and are able to express natural behaviours such as running, rooting, wallowing and playing.”

#TurnYourNoseUp may be a European campaign, but it addresses this global problem: Pigs raised for meat are treated inhumanely.

The campaign will most certainly not appease those who believe the only true way to solve the inhumanity of factory farms is to abstain from eating meat entirely and going vegan.

But I get it. The participating celebrities do their best to connect with the wider audience of meat eaters to convince them that, if they must eat meat, they should eat meat responsibly.

That’s where looking to the label fits in. The campaign rates various labels and shares what they mean on its website. “If there’s no animal welfare label on the pork, don’t buy it! It’s that easy.”

Raising awareness about the weakening of antibiotics was an interesting approach. Animal welfare aside–appealing to a humans’ concern over their own well-being–now that’s smart.

The campaign emailed this message to its supporters:

“Pigs live in conditions that are so intolerably cruel that they need routine doses of antibiotics just to keep them alive. The World Health Organization has said that antibiotic use in food animals allows resistant bacteria to spread to humans, thus hastening the end of antibiotics as a cure for human diseases. They warn that antibiotic resistance poses a ‘major global threat’ to public health.”

I support the #TurnYourNoseUp effort to raise awareness about the horrors of factory farms. The video may at times be too taxing for some to watch. But it spreads a message that deserves to be shouted from every mountaintop imaginable: Factory pig farms are inhumanely deplorable, and pork eaters have the opportunity to do something about it—through their food choices.

While the campaign does not push to end factory farms, it’s worth noting that Farms Not Factories believes that factory farming of any species is wrong. It’s long term vision: a world without animal factories.


Would you like to take part in the #TurnYourNoseUp campaign?

1) Post a selfie online of yourself literally turning your nose up at factory farms, as seen in the video above. It could be a photo or a short video clip. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #TurnYourNoseUp.
2) Share the campaign: Tweet this and/or Share on Facebook.

For inspiration:

Photo Credit: Facebook/Farms Not Factories


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