Join Greenpeace on March 28th for a Vigil for Japan

Everyone at Greenpeace has been saddened by the terrible tragedy in Japan. That’s why as the Japanese continue to struggle with the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters, we are organizing vigils across the country to show them our support during this difficult time.

There are already over 180 vigils planned for March 28! We would love for you to join us that day at one of them. You can find a vigil in your area here.

These vigils are simply a time for people to come together, show their support for Japan and imagine a future free of nuclear disasters. We’re already hearing from the field some of the amazing vigils planned throughout the country. And it’s no coincidence that these vigils are planned on March 28th. The date marks the anniversary of our own nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island. So signup for a vigil in your area and be sure to let the host know you are coming by RSVPing.

The power of Greenpeace is you. We do not accept money from corporations or government, we are powered by people. Together we will stand with the people of Japan and imagine a world free of nuclear disasters. Because while there’s nothing we can do to stop the next natural disaster, we CAN decide to make the future safer for the next generation.

Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Visit us online at

Photo courtesy of Greenpeace
By Dionna Humphrey at Greenpeace USA


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This is truly a noble gesture. I think about the misfortune fallen upon Japan but more and more I grow concerned for the entire world. I feel my helplessness increasingly heightened day by day, which prompts me to meditate/pray more often for the state of the world. This is the best I personally can do.

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