Join the Army of Women and Blog for Your Breasts

We all know what the pink ribbons mean and we’ll see them in abundance during October, the 25th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This October also marks the two-year anniversary of the Love/Avon Army of Women.

One Million Strong (featuring Susan Sarandon) – Love/Avon Army of Women Public Service Announcement:

The Love/Avon Army of Women makes it easy to get information about and to participate in the research that will unlock the mysteries of breast cancer. Research will result in answers, but volunteers are the key.

With a recruitment goal of ONE MILLION WOMEN, we have a lot of blogging to do.

October 1 is the official Army of Women Blog For Your Breasts Day and bloggers everywhere are taking part in spreading the word about The Army of Women initiative. If you have a blog, please help the cause by writing about the Army of Women and informing your readers how easy it is to become involved in moving breast cancer research forward.

Don’t have a blog? Get those keyboards humming anyway.

Some important things to keep in mind about the Army of Women:

  • All women, anywhere in the world, who are over age 18 are welcome to join the Army, whether you have had breast cancer or not.
  • Men get breast cancer, too… and are also encouraged to join the Army.
  • There is no cost to you.
  • You are not required to notify your health care providers or insurers. Your insurer does not need to approve your participation, nor will they be given information about findings from the studies in which you participate.
  • All researchers who recruit from the Army of Women agree to follow the strict confidentiality guidelines enforced nationwide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The Army of Women needs Foot Soldiers — are you ready to join?

Take action!

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Rosemary with Marvin help
RosemaryRannes H7 years ago

I appreciate all that has been offered here. My mother had a mastectomy and died of breast cancer when I was 15 years old.
Women today have a strong network and support system which is the answer to part of my prayer, that no woman should go through this agonizing disease alone.
My daughters recently ran For the Cure marathon to raise money, and I have never been more proud of them !
Blessings with prayers rising for all women and men who need our ongoing support.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Worthy cause-- Blog away!

Lidia E Feliciano
Lidia E F7 years ago

I declined on joining.To me,it is a personal matter that I rather not share with others,other than my family.

moggy w.
moggy w7 years ago

just re-read some comments. To Ann La Goy,posted sept,29,721pm, who blames the carcinogens in Avon products: why are you using Avon products? There are plenty of safe products, inc. homemade, probably whole websites devoted to such info.

moggy w.
moggy w7 years ago

I joined the Army of Women, Luckily, I have never had cancer, but it is studies like these, and enough women to participate, which will help find cures. Have also been part of many year study group run by (unsure exact name)Lombardi Center. Happy to do it.As to the "diet prevents and cures all" crowd, fine, if they don't interfere with other research.

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago

Many cancer survivors have many more years ahead of them.

Ann LaGoy
Ann LaGoy7 years ago

If Avon took out the carcinogens from their products, it would be a much more positive outcome than all the research in the world.

Kerry Stuparitz
Kerry G7 years ago

HOLISTIC treatments should also be options

Cynthia M. T.
Cynthia T7 years ago

What happened to my post? It never got posted. Was it flagged as inappropriate? Did I offend Care2 in some way? I don't agree with the policies of the breast cancer associations, as they do not advocate any other treatment except medication, surgery, radiation and chemo, when it's clear that diet will prevent and reverse cancers. Research is available and has been published in medical literature and books, but the information is suppressed by medical practitioners. It's such a shame that many women don't know about this. Unfortunately for them, there's more money to be made with conventional treatment, so there's no incentive to tell women that if they ate a plant-based diet, cancer could be prevented. Studies have shown that cancer cells "turn on" when animal products are eaten, but "turned off" when a plant-based diet is eaten (The China Study). My daughter's mother-in-law had cancer and was subsequently treated the conventional way. She lost one breast, but has managed to come through the ordeal OK. Her husband also had cancer the year before and was treated the conventional way. They refused to believe anything other than what their doctor told them. Suppressing valuable information is criminal. The studies have been done and published and patients should be made aware of the results. Such a shame. Breast cancer websites don't offer any prevention that relates to food, but it is the food (Standard American Diet) that is killing us and giving us cancer!

Jo Balltes
josie batlles7 years ago

I had breast cancer seven years ago. I am in the clear now. I feel very lucky as my grandmother died aged 43 of the same, and then my aunty had it at age 46. My aunty is now a 22 year survivor. I would say though that mammograms are not always accurate for younger women with denser mammogram was 'perfect' but scan and on palpation there was a grade three tumor nearly 2cm x 2 cm and I had pre cancereous cells all over the rest of the breast. thank you for sharing x