Jon Stewart the….Professor? (VIDEO)

What would be the best surprise EVER for an NYU media student?  Look.

Daily Show/Comedy Central


Mary Grace D.
Mary Grace D7 years ago

Let's face it - Jon Stewart is incredibly GREAT at what he does. He's especially good when he has guests on that he obviously disagrees with. He's quick and bright and cagey ... nobody's fool. I like him so much that I have actually gone and gotten a ticket on the Arianna Huffington Sanity Bus, and I'm going to the rally. It's a FREE bus ride to and from Washington DC, all in one day.

Go get a ticket for yourself (IMO, you'd be nuts to turn down this offer) and come join us all. Just go to:

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Marie K.
Marie K7 years ago

Stewart is not only funny...he seems to be the only "journalist" left on TV. He seems to be the only one (other than Rachel Maddow - and her not always) willing to call BOTH SIDES on their lies and hypocrisy. And he doesn't just spread rumors or make unsubstantiated claims...he backs up everything with video and/or soundbites. If only the MSM would remember that their job is NOT to accept as gospel what either side pedals, but to challenge what is being said...but sadly that requires both hard work and integrity. Something sorely lacking outside one hour a night on Comedy Central.

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander7 years ago

I enjoy listening to him. Thanks for the video.

caroline g.
Caroline g7 years ago

The sad thing is that Americans have become adjusted to getting news in sound bites, and no real analogy or research is being done by the major media venues. We've become so dumbed down that the only way we want our news is to have a laugh with it. We are lucky that we have the Jon Stewarts and Steven Colbert and a few others that can uncover cover-ups and the politically slanted and misinformation we get in the media.
Really, Stewart has kept some of us sane.

Jose M. C.
JOSE M. C7 years ago

"I'm not a smart man..."

If that's true, then by comparison most of today's journalists shouldn't have the mental ability to keep breathing, let alone speaking the absurdities that help make the Daily Show that much more awesome.

Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

Jon Stewart keeps me sane and smiling. Al Franken gives me hope. Thanks to both!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

Thanks for all the Jon Stewarts of the world

Rand Martin
Rand Martin7 years ago

Americans should be ashamed the the most trusted name in news does Fake News and still we are wiser for it. Thanx Jon.

Marianne C.
Marianne C7 years ago

Jon Stewart provokes thought and consideration, and God knows both are in short supply in today's political climate.

He's funnier than CNN, as timely as MSNBC, and a heckuva lot more accurate than Fox. What's not to love?

Mike Masley
Michael M7 years ago

Sticks to the basic truths of debates and does not edit out the real stuff being said and done.