Justice For Dog Doused With Gasoline

Nearly 20 months after teenage twins in Baltimore were arrested for setting fire to a Pit bull puppy named Phoenix, one of the young men was arrested again on attempted murder charges.


There may finally be justice for Phoenix, the Pit bull puppy who gained national attention when she was doused with gasoline and lit on fire for sport in May 2009. 


Police arrested twin brothers Travers and Tremayne Johnson for the horrific crime, but 20 months later neither teen has been brought to trial.


At the time of the cruel act Baltimore police officer Syreeta Teel rushed to the dog’s aid and put the fire out with her sweater.


She said in an interview, “There were people around, but nobody was doing anything, so I got out of the car, took off my sweater and starting hitting her to put the fire out.”


“It was just sad, because I’ve never heard a dog make this sound.  This scream that she made, I’ve never heard before.”


The nearly one year-old dog was taken to the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS) and in spite of her pain she arrived wagging her tail at her caregivers.  The rescue workers nicknamed her Phoenix.


The shelter used their emergency funds to send Phoenix to an animal hospital for intensive treatment. 


The veterinarians said they had never seen a dog with burns on every part of her body – even the pads of her feet were scorched.  They also found puncture wounds that led them to believe she was used in dogfights.


The public fell in love with Phoenix and donations poured in for her care, but one week later the dog lost her battle when a secondary infection caused her kidneys to fail.


Up until last week the Johnson brothers seemed to be living a charmed life.  Charges were dropped against them for having a gun and marijuana in their home and their trial for the death of Phoenix is still weeks away.


But on January 9 everything changed when Travers Johnson was arrested for attempted murder, assault and handgun violations.  His arraignment is January 27, 2011. 


With these charges and an upcoming trial for animal cruelty and mutilation maybe justice will finally be served for Phoenix.


Last month The Animal Legal Defense Fund released their annual report that ranks the strength of animal cruelty laws in each state. Illinois ranked number one for strong laws to protect animals, Maryland (Baltimore) came in at 43.  The worst state in the country is Kentucky.  Click Here to read the entire story. 

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William C
William C4 months ago


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

jana dicarlo
Jana DiCarlo4 years ago

there is no excuse for this crime. None. No pardon.
This is heinous. They should have been punished immediately. As I write in nearly every post like this, someone who can do this to an animal will not stop there, they will also harm people. the evidence is right here in this story.Letting people off easy, just makes them think that what they did was not so bad - then they go on and commit further crimes - be it to animals or people.

Disgusting !!!!!

mari L.
Mari L4 years ago

A child over the age of 7 knows right from wrong. Anyone who commits such a heinous action should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the humane law. We must make the world aware of animal cruelty and speak loudly and firmly with one global voice to end it. Let's unite against it.
CPR for the animals,
Let's Be Their Angels

Lorna C.
Lorna C4 years ago

No words :@(

Joanna W.
Joanna W4 years ago

horrible !!!!!!!!!

Cie C.
Cie C.4 years ago

The fact that they committed this heinous act of cruelty and then one of them attempted to commit murder is in no way surprising. The majority of serial killers started out by torturing animals. These two sociopaths should be locked away forever. Those who commit acts like this cannot be redeemed.

Lyn Romaine
Lynelle Romaine4 years ago

This is one of the stories that I can relate to concerning another story that stated Children Should Not Get Jail Time or something to that affect. The story went on to state that it was child abuse to lock a child up for a long time I believe it was. My comment to that story was that there were some children who not only needed to be locked away for the rest of their lives but that for some of the heinous crimes that these evil spawns were capable of committing, as far as I was concerned they needed to be stoned and burned, ALONG with their parents to make sure no more evil seeds like these were born. THIS is a case in point!!!
No child of mine could do something like this and live with me!

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton4 years ago

Why are these people getting away with animal torture? Our state doesn't give a shit? They figure we are paying taxes for animal testing Out of OUR TAXES. They don't give a crap about anything as long we are paying the price.

Screw You NY!!

Tammy Baxter
Tammy B4 years ago