Kagan’s Confirmation Hearings and The Slur of the Activist Judge

After two solid days of questioning, some lawmakers may feel like they are not any closer to understanding Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s personal views on Dont Ask, Dont Tell, abortion, or whether or not gun rights are “natural” rights, but anyone watching the hearings certainly has a good understanding of both the GOP and Democratic talking points headed into the midterm elections.  While it appears that General Kagan will be confirmed, making history as only the third female Supreme Court Justice, for many on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the hearings were not about General Kagan but about the failures of policy, both contemporary and historical, that define the current Court.

John Roberts is a radical, activist judge

Listening to most of the questioning from the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee and it is clear that they are not pleased with the Chief Justice.  And why should they be?  Under his guidance the Court has handed over elections to corporate interests, shielded corporations from punitive damages suits, and strayed far from Roberts now infamous “umpire” analogy in judging.  This is a Court that has gone out of its way to tilt the scales in toward the benefit of the rich and powerful in a way not seen since the Lochner era.  In General Kagan’s questioning the Democrats really only had one thing to ask her: what are you going to do about it?

And Solicitor General’s answer was, essentially, to state, time and time again that she would apply the law with fidelity to statutory intent and a respect for precedent.  It was an answer that came with a wink and a nod to the liberals and even the moderates in the Senate at a crucial time in our legislative history.  Congress has passed, and is poised to pass, some of the most significant reform legislation since the New Deal and the Democrats wanted assurances that those efforts will not be undone by the corporate shills currently sitting on the bench. 

Thurgood Marshall was a radical, activist judge

One would think the ideas of integrated school and the undoing of Jim Crow segregation was not only a good thing, but a moment of our historical past that is beyond controversy.  Apparently that is just not the case for folks like Sens. Sessions, Kyl, and Coburn who spent a significant time questioning General Kagan about her admiration for her former boss.  There may be no other former Justice that looms as large as Justice Marshall in both statute, respect, and importance, but these members of the GOP still find him a threat.  Those who argue against the notion that the GOP has returned to it’s George Wallace-era racist roots must have found these past two days quite uncomfortable as the entire idea that the Court, at one moment in our history, had to whip Congress into shape over the abomination of institutionalized segregation was called into question by the ranking members of the Republican minority.  By the end of the hearings it was clear that this is a group of men to whom the 14th Amendment means nothing more than a means to secure challenges to state gun control laws.

Will Elena Kagan be a radical, activist judge?

What became the most clear during General Kagan’s testimony is that “radical activist judge” is in the eye of the beholder, and General Kagan’s testimony gave no clues that she will in fact be either a Justice Stevens or a Justice Roberts, let alone a Justice Marshall.  No.  General Kagan made it clear that she will be, if confirmed, a Justice Kagan.

Which means she will approach the cases before her with the poise, fierce intellect, and sharp humor she displayed during her questioning.  She showed she is not afraid to have an honest intellectual debate and, to that end, should be quite a force for Justices Roberts and Alito to deal with.  She already has a notoriously good relationship with Justice Scalia, another very smart and wry force on the bench.  Those on the left concerned that she is not “progressive” enough were undoubtedly not swayed by her testimony, and it is likely that those on the right that find her “too progressive” were not swayed as well.  For that, General Kagan did her job and showed to be the kind of cool-head needed on the Court right now.

photo courtesy of Harvard Law Record via Flickr


Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

Good. A new slant on a very interesting lady.

Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

Interesting, thanks.

Kris Allen
Kris Allen7 years ago

Claire M. I can see your cartoon very clearly. It is actually a pissing match between males of both political parties, and Kagan is the hapless referee. I'm sure she is really disgusted and desperate to get it over with.

Claire M.
Claire M7 years ago

I have to support her on patience and mental fortitude though all this. I find my self with this cartoon image of her somehow finding her self as the referee in a tennis match between the two parties.

Its really sad that people have to respond to this with ether your with us or against us type rhetoric.

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W7 years ago

It is impossible to take anybody seriously who claims that Roberts is a radical activist judge.

Marie Russell-Barker

General Kagan, most certainly deserve her chance at being a Supreme Justices, I enjoyed watching and listing to her answer each question with her ears and given thought out answers. I also watched Alito when he was up for nomination and disagreed with his sneering and avoidance of answers his refusal of stating that he was for the Law instead of the party, I was highly upset when he was confirmed to the bench

c. g.
C. G7 years ago

thank for info...

Barbara T.
Barbara Tetro7 years ago

I am not a Liberal, but I hope the next 3 judges that will eventually be seated on the Supreme Court are Liberal. I cannot take these right wing/pro-corporation judges. These right wingers, who obviously work for the corporations, are bringing this country down, way down. It's we the people, not we the corporations.

Rachael S.
Rachael S7 years ago

Elena Kagan sounds perfect for the job. Much better than a few that are already on the court!

Kaye Skinner
Rev. Dr. Kaye S7 years ago

Do the men get all of this questioning and doubting?