Kangaroo And Lemur Play Tag (Video)

Just a week ago I posted a video of Buttermilk the Goat, and now here’s another animal leaping around with just the same exuberant energy!

Check out this video of a kangaroo (unique to Australia), and a lemur (unique to Madagascar), playing tag.

Perhaps you’re wondering why anybody would have these two animals in their backyard. The video comes from Exotic Experience in Orlando, Florida, and in particular a ranch called Partner Up, which specializes in breeding Gypsy Vanner Horses.  In addition to raising horses, “Leslie” tells us on the Exotic Experience website: “I am blessed to be able to own a few (exotic animals) as pets, and run a small petting zoo doing tours, parties and summer camps.” She assures us the animals are very well cared for and she does tours, field trips, and educational camps to teach kids about the importance of conservation.

Good to know!

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Photo Credit: screenshot from Youtube video


Shelly Peterson
Shelly Peterson5 years ago

love it!

Kim Footohi-rad
Kim Footohi-rad5 years ago

Love it!

Stella Nobrega-Garcia

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson5 years ago

We must remember some animals because of their upbringing or trauma in the past may not actually survive in the wild and some one has to look after them or the other is the ulternative.

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson5 years ago

How wonderful thanks for sharing the obvious joy all are having.

Maria M.
Maria M5 years ago

I don't think the kangaroo looked very happy. If it were playing, would the kangaroo repeatedly come back to the owner or try to get into the house? It was more running than it was playing..

Mark Donners
Mark Donner5 years ago

Australia is a hypocrite when it comes to caring about the environment. For instance you're not allowed to keep kangaroos there for some fake "concern" about wildlife but then they slaughter kangaroos and dingos for greed with the lame excuse they're "overpopulated" Australia is an serious environment destroyer and is one of the world's biggest producers and exporters of dirty coal. They've driven countless species extinct since their invasion of Australian lands (like all european invaded and colonized land areas)

Judy Molland
Judy Molland5 years ago

Thank you for all your comments. I originally saw this simply as a cute video, but obviously it raises many questions about how appropriate it is to keep these animals in a backyard, however well they are treated. Once again, Care2 members, thank your for sharing your thoughts.

Robin R.
Robin R5 years ago

At first glance I would agree with Peggy J as well - but then I read Pamela W.'s comment - thanks for clearing up the background for us. I still don't think she should have lemurs whether as a pet or for her business. They are endangered.

Annette Vos
Annette Vos5 years ago

I agree with Peggy J!!