Kansas Admits It Destroyed Documents In Case Against Planned Parenthood

A judge last week threw out charges that a Kansas City area Planned Parenthood clinic falsified records and failed to follow abortion law after prosecutors admitted that state officials destroyed key evidence. Not only is this a tremendous victory for Planned Parenthood and its supporters, it is additional evidence that the legal attacks against the organization have been nothing but political posturing.

Authorities will now investigate whether the destruction of those documents broke any laws.

The documents at issue were reports on individual abortions performed in 2003 that had been filed by Planned Parenthood’s Overland Park clinic with the state health department as required by law, including copies held by the attorney general’s office.

Because those documents were destroyed, district judge Stephen Tatum dismissed 23 felony counts of falsifying such reports, as well as 26 misdemeanor charges that the clinic had failed to maintain its own copies as required by law. The dismissed charges claimed that Planned Parenthood had failed to maintain its copies of the reports, then produced falsified versions when compelled to do so in 2006 during an ongoing investigation of abortion providers by the attorney general’s office.

The clinic still faces charges it performed illegal abortions, charges the group insist are as baseless as the falsifying records claim. But if this last year has shown us anything, it’s that those who oppose a woman’s right to chose don’t care if their opposition is grounded in fact or law and they certainly have no problem abusing the judicial system in pursuit of their political agenda.


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Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L6 years ago

I'm pro-choise, but I'm not saying that people should have an abortion. What make a pro-life person think they can tell ME I can't have one? You may believe whatever you want, just DON'T TELL ME I have to live according to your believes. And that's what pro-life do. Sorry, but this is unacceptable!

Monique B.
Monique B.6 years ago

You know, this was all started when a TEN YEAR OLD CHILD was raped by her uncle and fell pregnant. FYI: A 10 year old is physically unable to be pregnant without cost to her health and life. Not to mention she is a victim of Child Sexual abuse! Oh yeah let's just force her to give birth! Sorry, she's been through enough. Kudos to Planned Parenthood for helping that poor little CHILD. The living one. You know the one who should have our concern...because she's already here, and her trauma can cause reprocussions for everyone she knows down the road. An aborted baby cannot be damaged, cannot be a victim of child abuse at the hands of parents who didn't want him/her in the first place. That girl did NOT want the baby..at all. Don't blame her.

Lara Kinast
Lara Kinast6 years ago

Seriously, pro choicers... can you leave the personal attacks out? I am pro life and not religious or a member of the right or a republican (I am also anti-death penalty, pro drug legalization and pro-animal rights so think carefully before you start telling me what I believe). Enough with the name calling both ways. Why can't this issue be debated maturely, instead of both sides flinging personal attacks and muddying up the waters? Most pro-choicers I have met defend a woman's right to choose by claiming that a fetus is not a person because it does not yet have a personality, doesn't contribute to society, etc. sorry, but I don't buy that logic. Many people who are considered "people" in the legal sense don't contribute to society or have a personality (as far as I am concerned). Infants and small children are without a doubt no more "human" (by this definition) than most fetuses in the second trimester, so why can't we axe them? You'll have to do better with your argument. Leave religion out of it. Leave petty insults at the door. There are those who are pro-life and aren't religious, aren't creationists and do think young women with few resources should be helped financially. Enough with the assumptions.

Thomas Liddle
Thomas Liddle7 years ago

I'm not pro-choice, I'm pro-abortion. If you're thinking about it, you probably should. Birth control is safer, (not if you're a fetus), but abortion is effective too. Too many kids growing up in poverty. Too many kids who's parents really suck at parenting and will be screwed for life. Too many kids with no family and under care of the state where they suffer horrendous abuses at the hands of an uncaring system. Too many people who don't understand basic biology thinking a zygote posesses cognition, (these people are mostly abortion survivors themselves). Oh, it's the miracle of life. After 5 or 6, it's not such a miracle anymore, you probably could've seen that coming. What would really be a miracle is if I could remember who your daddy was.
Good thing the proponents of 'virtue' are such underhanded dogs. Thank god.

Joyce S.
Joyce S7 years ago

Not a huge surprise. It's kind of surprising they admitted it, however.

John Kramer
John Kramer7 years ago

I support a woman's right to choose.

Laurie Greenberg
Laurie Greenberg7 years ago

KANSAS- the state of KANSAS- destroyed documents ON PURPOSE that were to be used in a COURT CASE? AND- and this is what I am even more amazed about- THEY ADMITTED IT?

jerry coleman
jerry coleman7 years ago

How can you care about the killing of unborn yet we allow them to starve once they are born no shame and no sense.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

My friend is Catholic and she told me she's "against" abortion because "people" use abortion
as birth control. I said, "you don't know what other people do." She said she definitely knew
because her daughter had one. So just because her daughter is a whore she wants to prevent every other woman from having one. That is so "pro-life". These people are so wacked.