Kansas Conservative Christians Against Everyone Else

When I was in school, I remember being taught that the United States was a melting pot (or a tossed salad) where everyone was equal before the law, could grow up to be president, blah blah blah. We are a utopia of plurality!

This is baloney. At least it is in Kansas. The only thing that matters here is that you’re a Christian who hates women, LGBT people and non-Christians. Bonus points if you’re willing to use your Christianity to oppress as many people as possible. The Kansas legislature has bonus points out the wah-zoo.

I’m not being facetious, nor am I exaggerating for effect. Enforcing conservative Christianity is more important than recognizing the human rights of Kansas residents.

I’m sure you want some evidence. Allow me to oblige.

Exhibit A. In 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that sodomy laws across the United States are unconstitutional. I know this. You know this. I’m fairly certain that those in the Kansas government know this, but they don’t give a crap.

When Pope Gov. Sam Brownback was elected, he created a special Office of the Repealer, which was designed to identify and recommend the elimination of out-of-date laws still on the books in the state. Kansas still has a criminal sodomy law, but it can’t be enforced because of the aforementioned Supreme Court decision. It’s the perfect example of a useless, out-of-date law, but not on Brownback’s watch! When his office released the list of laws recommended for repeal, the criminal sodomy statute was not on it. Brownback is a noted opponent of same-sex marriage on religious grounds. Make no mistake: eliminating useless bureaucracy will always lose out if it means you kinda look like your going soft on gays.

Exhibit B. It’s not just keeping unenforceable laws on the books. Christians need the legal ability to discriminate without consequence. Enter the Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act. Oh sure, it sounds good on the surface, but don’t be fooled. The law would not only keep cities from protecting its LGBT population from discrimination, but it would give people the legal right to act out their anti-LGBT bigotry.

Luckily, this bill was stopped before it could get to Brownback’s desk. However, it did get through the House and is just another example of powerful people using the guise of religious freedom to oppress.

Exhibit C. In case you thought Kansas legislators were just obsessed with non-procreative sex, never fear! They are equally as obsessed with sex that can result in a baby! There have been a lot of anti-choice measures making their way through the legislature these past several months. Not all have passed, but they’ve all been scary for anyone with a functioning uterus.

All have an inherent hatred and spitefulness of women and sex that only the Almighty God can inspire, but one is a little more obvious than the others. Now in Kansas, not only can doctors and not be punished for refusing to participate in abortions and sterilizations, but neither can health care providers. The law would allow anyone who “reasonably” believes that medication could result in the termination of a pregnancy, then doctors and pharmacists would not have to prescribe or administer that medication.

Oh good! I thought that outside moral judgments were supposed to stay out of my medical care. My mistake.

What is so frustrating about this whole ordeal is the callous disregard for the Constitutionally-protected freedoms of people who don’t happen to believe in a very particular brand of Christianity. It leaves no room for people to make their own decisions about their own lives. As a non-Christian woman in the state, I feel as though my elected representatives as well as people on the street will not think twice before stabbing me in the back. Let me tell you, it feels scary and unsafe. I don’t feel respected as a human being.

I guess it doesn’t matter how it makes us heathen fornicators feel. After all, with God on their side, all things are possible.

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Huber F.
Huber F4 years ago

They are right in blocking the views that relate to the content of the books sold. However enforcing laws to only create room for more laws later on as rights seems like a dirty old trick that goes out with an old pair of socks. This is a mad world that shouldn't be made worse. Thx.

william m.
Pat Mcdonald5 years ago


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

And to top it off, there's those Westborough fascist church of all haters in Topeka, Kansas. Hopefully they will die out soon since they basically are just one family, inbred and all.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

Michael A, if the churches can't keep out of politics they should be taxed. Pretty simple. What is so damned special about the churches? Many do more harm than good.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

Churches that won't keep their nose out of politics must be taxed.

Tim Raynor
Tim Ra5 years ago

Interesting article about exempting churches from tax; written in September of 2008 in the L.A. Times:


Michael Anda
Michael Anda5 years ago

"If believers are entitled to public financial support, so are nonbelievers.…"

What exactly is being proposed here? What is it that is and isn't getting taxed?

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

AND THIS IS THE EXACT PROBLEM: PEOPLE DIFFERENT FROM THEM. It is obvious that we are dealing here with uneducated people, people who haven't read the Constitution, who are brainwashed by Fox (can't use the term "News"). They (and Kansas isn't the only state) "think" that America is a "christian" nation, that whatever the bible says, is or should be secular law. They really belong in a religious state, such as Iran, where religion IS law. For the majority who believe in civil rights for all humans, we must keep vigilant and fighting during our lifetimes, because the United States is going through an infection these days, and if we don't stay vigilant, we will lose this wonderful experiment of America. I know. I'm tired of fighting, too. I'd like to live my life in peace, too. But I love the idea of the burgeoning experiment called America, and I'd like it to go on past my time on this earth, for our children.

Michael Anda
Michael Anda5 years ago

What does narrow-minded mean to you, Sue C.?

Sue Cugini
Sue Cugini5 years ago

Christians, by and large, are narrow-minded, nasty people who have no compunction about spewing their hatred across the land. They annoy me to no end. I wish they would just stay in their churches and keep their religious beliefs to themselves instead of trying ram their values down everyone's collective throats!