Kansas, We Need to Talk: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Kansas, I’ve lived in you all my life. I think I know you pretty well. I throw some shade, but I want the best for you. I really do. Which is why I’ve called you here today. You’re losing your grip on reality, and I’m worried.

This is an intervention.

It’s been a banner year for horrible and discriminatory laws in the Sunflower State. The Kansas Legislature (the House, specifically) is just an Algonquin round table of loathsome governance. But this madness has metastasized throughout the state government. Like I said, I’m a lifelong Kansan, so you’d think I’d be immune to your behavior. However, you’ve stepped over a line I usually reserve for evolution denial and New World Order conspiracy theories.

You’ve entered birther territory.

According to the Topeka Capitol-Journal:

Three of the state’s top elected Republicans on Thursday determined they lacked sufficient evidence of President Barack Obama’s birth records to decide whether to remove the Democratic nominee from the November ballot in Kansas.

The State Objections Board comprised of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer postponed until Monday action on a complaint filed by a Manhattan resident pending review of a copy of Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii.

“I don’t think it’s a frivolous objection,” Kobach said. “I do think the factual record could be supplemented.”

What is wrong with you? Are you really threatening to remove Obama’s name from the ballot because you think he’s not a natural born citizen of the United States? Did you miss the part when he released his long-form birth certificate? He’s selling it on a gawd damned mug!

But we have to investigate it! Because Kenya!

Joe Montgomery, who filed the challenge with the all-Republican panel, said Obama should be removed from the Kansas ballot. The president’s father was from Kenya and that raised questions about whether Obama was eligible to run for the nation’s highest office, he said.

“As for Mr. Obama’s citizenship, there are many doubts,” Montgomery said. “Doing the right thing can be hard and unpopular.”

Luckily, one party in this needless drama has come to their senses: Joe Montgomery. Because of the backlash he received, Montgomery withdrew his complaint to the state Objections Board. So all’s well that end’s well, I guess. But none of this mitigates the fact that neither Kobach, Schmidtddf or Colyer had the political courage to stand up to say that this is wrong. What, precisely, were you trying to prove? That you are on the same nonstop train to Bananas Town that Donald Trump in on? You have been selected to represent the best interests of Kansans. Instead you are wasting time and making us look foolish.

The sad thing is, this isn’t even the most irresponsible thing you’ve done this week. You’re also screwing your citizens over so you can throw a hissy fit about Obamacare.

Kansas has 350,000 uninsured people, 53,000 of them children. But that’s not keeping Gov. Sam Brownback from being a real jerk about health care exchanges, the provision in the Affordable Care Act that would make it easier for people to comparison shop for health insurance. (Otherwise known as “letting the free market decide.”) According to HutchNews.com:

The federal law requires each state to operate an exchange by 2014, and plans must be submitted by Nov. 16 to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Kansas has not started to set one up because of opposition to the entire law by Brownback and fellow Republicans who dominate the Legislature.

Last year, Brownback returned a $31.5 million federal grant to assist the state with the computer infrastructure for an exchange.

Brownback said if Romney is elected, states are likely to get a blanket waiver from the requirement to have exchanges. Under the law, the federal government could operate its own exchange if a state refused to set one up.

Whaaaaa? What are you doing? Are you lazy? Do you just not want to do any work? Why are you doing this? So, in protest of government overreach you guarantee that the federal government will operate the healthcare exchange? This makes sense to you?

Luckily, this Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani has not infected every Republican.

But Kansas House Insurance Committee Chairman Clark Shultz, a Lindsborg Republican, said state officials ought to at least discuss what options Kansas has should an exchange be required.

“It seems that we should at least have something in mind on how we go forward if we need to,” Shultz said.

I…I…I just don’t know what to do. It’s like you’ve abandoned all responsibility for the people who live in you, and you’ve abandoned all reason to boot. And that abandonment of reason, that’s the real tragedy. Because you can’t have a productive conversation with an irrational person. Which means cooperation is nearly impossible, because you don’t know what the other side wants. All of this means that governing a diverse population nearly impossible.

What can I say to make you listen? You’re going down a very bad road. You’re affirming a thoroughly debunked birther conspiracy theory! This can’t go on. Please. I want to help you. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step.

I’m not holding my breath.


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Jack Everett
Jack Everett5 years ago

Wouldn't expect anything else from a state that immortalizes murderers like the James gang.

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

John B, loved your comment about Dorthy and Toto.
And the next time some republican whines because a liberal isn't being tolorant of their viewpoint, personally, I think I'd say. Your right. I will not be tollorant of perpetual ignorance, ideas based on false premises, blatent lies and anything else that it designed to hurt people who rely on safety net programs in a modern world where jobs are few, resources are finate and that's just in 'the richest country on earth'.
If you want people to learn independence to any degree, they must have the tools. The basics of what it takes to participate in this culture are tools. Not handouts, not welfare,not a hand up. BASIC TOOLS.

Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago

Illinois leads with the most crooked Govenors!

stewart s.
stew s5 years ago

The only really good thing to come out of Kansas was the progressive rock band "Kansas"!!
It appears like some of the people in the state governernment have got the wrong meaning from the band's biggest hit," Carry On Wayward Son". These "birthers" are carrying on like (totally) wayward Sons-OBs!!

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago

Lol, JT S., dead true - especially since Obama could have been born on the Moon to an American Mother and still have been born with American citizenship!

The Birthers have gone beyond extreme idiocy into a new category entirely!

I posted this movie:

All Americans Must Watch Documentary - Hacking Democracy


on various threads here before, but think I'd better do so again.

Blatant lying and election cheating are obvious indications of unfitness to govern.

Corruption is as institutionalized in governments as it is in corporate culture, which is where the claim that Big Business experience is required to run government originates, from those who wish to run government to represent industry interests at public expense.

Roger M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Interesting reading. Thanks.

JT Smith5 years ago

I'm still not so concerned about the Republicans winning the election. Between the ongoing Birther nonsense (It doesn't matter in the slightest where his father was born, it matters where Obama was born; and Obama has shown more copies of his bloody birth certificate than Romney has shown tax returns!) and the voter suppression (which has been confirmed in both Pennsylvania AND Florida as being merely a method to try to keep minorities, the elderly, and the otherwise poor from voting at all as they're most likely to vote against the Republican Party), I'm more concerned with the Republicans basically stealing the election along the lines of the BS in 2000 when George DUHbya Bush was appointed President. After 8 years of the Republicans being in charge and thoroughly cocking everything up, you'd better believe that I have ZERO interest in giving them another whack at completely destroying everything in their path and uncontrolled greed. (Alright, not all Republicans are bad. Which is why I specified the Republican Party rather than every Republican in this country.)

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks Mindy for your great "intervention" article. These people need to be taken out via the voting booth. I don't think even Dorothy and Toto would want to go back to Kansas at this time.

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

Your side is getting so desperate they were willing to break the law, and engage in treason and sedition in Kansas. PA's fraud of a voter ID law has been placed on hold. Right now the Gawp oh I mean GOP are facing an internal civil war and the party is either going to have to reform and become human again or face a ride on the porcelain bus like you folks are for supporting them.

Michael G.
Michael T5 years ago

Romney Keeps Trying to
You know, all year long now we have been seeing article after article with the words

"Romney trying to get back on track after

the video labeling 47% of Americans as low life food stamp takers who don’t pay taxes

the video (pick anyone of several)

refusal to show tax returns

his comments in Britain

his denials and retroactive retirement from Bain

his misfilings with the SEC and IRS

his personal attempt to abuse the family pet

his comments about repealing ACA and then stating he would replace each one of the provisions with the same provision hoping no one would notice

his birther comments

his campaign stated they would run their campaign without regard to fact checkers

Clint Eastwood stole the spotlight at the convention

after the gaffe he made (fill in the blank)

after his comments about (fill in the blank)

after Ann Romney talked about their time when money was tight (and now admits it wasn't true)

after his open mouth insert foot comments about the embassy attacks

the list keeps growing

It must really suck to be you guys Steve R and Mike C knowing your cardboard cutout candidate doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected.