Karl Rove Wouldn’t Know the Truth if it Bit Him on the Butt

When I heard Karl Rove call Vice President Joe Biden a “liar” yesterday, I had to laugh.  Rove, “The Architect,” or “Turd Blossom,” as George W. Bush nicknamed him, is a man whose relationship with the truth is adversarial in nature.  He’s a man who is so full of crap that you can hear it slosh about when he goes into a turn.  That Karl Rove is assigned any credibility at all, that he’s still allowed a public platform from which to spew such nonsense, is mind boggling, to say the least.

Rove’s on-air slight of the Vice President stemmed from Biden’s statement that he had once confronted Bush about the latter’s lacking leadership skills.  In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Biden recalled a brief exchange with the former President:

I remember President Bush saying to me one time in the Oval Office, “Well, Joe,” he said, “I’m a leader.” And I said: “Mr. President, turn and around look behind you. No one is following.”

Rove responded Thursday from the “fair and balanced,” bastion of objectivity (sarcasm intended), Fox News:

It didn’t happen. Look, Joe Biden does this. I remember this a couple of years ago when he made a similar claim. Joe Biden said, for example, that he spent hours with the president. Joe Biden was never alone with the president for more than a few moments. There were staff in the room at all times. He never said these kinds of things.

I hate to say it, but he’s a serial exaggerator. If I was being unkind I would say he’s a liar. But it is a habit he ought to drop…

It is worth noting that Karl Rove avoided taking issue with what Biden told his interviewers just before the above quote:

…the last administration left us in a weaker posture than we’ve been any time since World War II: less regarded in the world, stretched more thinly than we ever have been in the past, two wars under way, virtually no respect in entire parts of the world…

I imagine that Rove left that tidbit untouched because truer words have yet to be spoken.

Rove’s accusation can only be taken seriously if you discount his previous behavior.  Consider his disclosure of Valerie Plame’s identity to Time‘s Matt Cooper.  After weeks of denying his involvement, Rove admitted his role in the leak.

As recently as this week, Rove circumvented the truth in his Wall Street Journal column, within which he declared that Obama had become a “divisive figure.”  Rove based his assessment on figures from a Pew poll, which would be fine, except Pew had already publicly stated that their figures weren’t supportive of that argument.

Rove even had the audacity to lie in the same interview in which he asserted that Biden was a “liar.”  He dusted off the old, discredited, nugget that gets brought up every time conservatives discuss Joe Biden.  The “Biden is a plagerist” meme:

Look, this is a guy whose 1988 presidential campaign was derailed because he was found to have been copying, plagiarizing a speech by Neil Kinnock, the leader of the British Labor Party, and recounting an episode in Kinnock’s life as if it were in his own life, involving I think a coal miner relative or something.

As David Neiwert wrote in his April 10 post at CrooksAndLiars.com, “This is a lie — or at least a grotesque enough distortion of what happened to count as one.”

These are only the most recent examples of Karl Rove’s apparant inability to tell the truth. I could go on, but a proper listing of his falsehoods would be too exhaustive for a mere blog post.  However, please be sure to tell me your opinion in the comments section below.  Better yet, give me your favorite example of Rove’s deviousness.  There are plenty to choose from.

Rove Perpwalk Composite - Flickr User:  silas216 - CreativeCommons.org


donald baumgartner

The headline says it ALL!! He should be in jail, as well as Bush, {GOOD PICTURE OF YOU ROVE!!}.

Beverly Caro
Bev Caro8 years ago

Karl Rove, along with the rest of the Bush team (including Bush) should be spending their time behind bars. There was more disregard of the Constitution during their administration than any other in my memory and I was born in 1951.

I still find it amazing that Rove has admitted to outing Valerie Plame, yet is still free writing a newspaper column. I was under the impression that it was treasonous to intentionally expose a CIA operative. You can bet that if a Democratic administration had tried the same tactics, we would have been speaking about impeachment...but once again, we, the people, have let the rich and mighty have their way. They won't be satisfied until the rest of us are in bondage. Yet we continue to follow the mistaken belief of "rich is right".

The truth is "rich is greed." The reason the Republicans are upset at being out of office is their inability to steal anymore capital from the American economy. It would be interesting to be able to find all the money in the off-shore accounts and see just who has it.

Blaise G.
Blaise G8 years ago

Do you want to put an end to all the corruption, lies, greed, and out and out thievery and political and corporate piracy? Remember...those stealing from us, those misleading us, ARE the Illuminati. The politicians are, and always will be the puppets of the Illuminati as long as we continue to allow them to own us. All you have to do is take back your "Strawman Account". Look it up on Google. Get all the information you need on how you are owned in servitude for the entirety of your life by the very simple act of your parents unknowingly selling your soul to the Illuminati by the simple means of signing away your life energy through your Birth Certificate and the subsequent issuance of a Social Security Tracking Number which appears simply enough as a wonderful supplemental retirement income (ha, ha, ha!) all the while, the Illuminati (International Bankers) are literally living off of your life energy while you struggle to get by. Google: Strawman Account....NOW! You will be shocked, angered and well, if you are willing to take action, elated. I know I am.

Susan M.
Susan M8 years ago

Dear Rex, You can sit home on the sofa with popcorn if it makes you feel good, but the problem is not FOX NEWS. The problem is a group of bureaucrats, congressmen, and financiers who are running wild like drunken thieves in the night, shredding our constitutional rights and robbing us blind!- Meanwhile most Americans argue with one another about the TV pundits, or... sit around on the sofa eating popcorn. NEWS FLASH...The tea party is only the beginning. Join us and stop the corruption. Your country needs you to stand with us. Let us show Washington D.C. what bipartisanship is by example!

Rex J.
Rex J8 years ago

One last thing, grow up people with your "Tea Party'. I can't believe anyone would act like a child going to something like this. What's worse is that Fox News, a major news org. (I use the term loosley, is the one starting this nonsense. It,(FOX) has become a channel for children, like the cartoon network. Did you know these people are actually protesting the Bush adm.'s taxes since the tax rates are the ones from the Bush years and all Obama did so far was lower middle income taxes without raising the taxes for the rich (so far). That tax increase is coming, soon I hope. When I compare these "Tea Heads" and Fox News people to children I'm really insulting the children because they act more grown up then the Tea Heads and Fox people. Well enjoy yourselves and as I watch you on tv with popcorn in hand I will have a good laugh, and don't we all need that right now.

Catarina Wyatt
Catherine W8 years ago

Susan M....thanks for your comments. Very well thought out and very much appreciated.

Here we are arguing about left and right ideology and it's beyond disgusting. We're killing each others spirits while the corrupt politicians are banking on it!! They want this country divide and they count on us to help them.

You're exactly right, they should all be jailed and we sit here and watch us fight while they go have parties...on us!

Thanks for offering up a refreshing counterpoint. I hope the all sides will see this culmination of deception for what it is.

We need to come together as Patriots together, but certainly not under this government. REFORM.

Jeanne Devey
Jeanne Devey8 years ago

Why is karl Rove even around any more? He should be in the lock up with Scooter Libby. It is the case of "the pot calling the kettle black". I loved watching SNL April 11, Sat. night. It was just funny. Karl Rove can't tell the truth period. I can't understand why he is even allowd to speak publicly at all. Joe Biden has always been a respected senator and proactive in the senate (security). Why is he still allowed to walk free while still refusing to ignore his supeonas to court? If this was any one of us we would be in the hootskow!
Jeanne Devey

Susan M.
Susan M8 years ago

Do you really think the financial mess is going to be fixed? By our government? I will tell you the solution. Our creditors, (mostly China) will demand payment when the dollar collapses once and for all because our stupid FED keeps printing it. The Chinese will demand payment with our real estate (large segments of America) and it will cost our children thier freedom. (China is a communist country). We can however, vote new officials into congress every single time there is an election and in effect, we will be mandating TERM LIMITS on them. Once the officials understand who they work for again, we can get this reckless theft stopped. What the H____ is a person like Pelosi or Frank doing spending 20 years sitting in the DA___ Congress??? How about Biden 30 years!!! You don't think they are corrupt?? The Wall Street executives go from DC cabinet positions to banking executives back and forth through the revolving doors like clock-work. Then they get on the TV and point fingers at each other. We would be laughing our butts off if it wasn;t so serious! Go to a tea party tommorrow near you and vote out the incumbents in 2010!!! This is not about LEFT/RIGHT/DEMOCRAT/REPULICAN! This is protecting this country- it is OUR country. GOT KIDS?

Tierney G.
Tierney G8 years ago

I agree most politicians are corrupt,but if we get rid of big gov. and taxes who is going to pay off the massive debt?? There always have to be laws to protect us from kaos. Who is going to fix the mess? Lots of ideas no resolutions.

Susan M.
Susan M8 years ago

Yes, I am constantly researching and discovering more elements of government both domestic and international every day. I am more and more assured that we have become helpless pawns in an international game of theft. We are losing our money, our savings, our rights, and our voices. While the citizens of this great country on the left and on the right argue back and forth over "what he said", the elite politicians (who are tied to Wall Street at the hip)are systematically shredding the constitution. Okay, so the Bushes did their part, but if we convict Bush, then we also must convict the Clintons, Congress, and the rest of the criminals. The drug problem now escalating in Mexico will be the new war-cry of the government to dis-arm the citizenry of the US. In case you don't understand this, the reason for the right to bear arms is to prevent our government from turning into a tyrannical regime. The firearms or to protect us from our own government. You may want to think again before giving up that one. If you think this is radical, then get online and start digging a litter deeper. You fellow Americans on the left, look at some of the facts you have blinded yourself to. The same to those of you on the right. The government has us in a tailspin and we are not watching them. How many of you have taken a look at the entire stiumulas bill and last budget and read ALL of the fine print? Better get to work before you blog another word. Let us be Patriots together.