Kasich May Face Recall Bill

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) has taken many bold steps in his first few months in office including attacking law enforcement, balking at diversity in his own administration and most notoriously, pushing through a very unpopular anti-union bill along the lines of Wisconsin’s “budget repair” measure.

What have these efforts brought the governor?  For starters Kasich now has rock bottom approval ratings and faces a bill designed to let Ohioans recall elected officials, inspired by the governor himself.

The measure will be introduced by Democratic state Reps. Mike Foley and Bob Hagan who say that Ohioans deserve a chance to recall a governor who is “hurting the people in this state.”

The recall process would go as follows: a petition must be signed by 15 percent of the votes cast for that office in the last election.  In Kasich’s case, that means recall supporters would need to gather more than 577,870 votes.

The bill is not likely to pass the GOP-controlled legislature, and its introduction is designed as much to start a conversation on respectful leadership and governing and what, if any, remedies citizens have when their elected officials go off the rails.  The measure also places Ohio alongside Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan where voters have decided they were fed up with the radicalization of their state houses and have launched, or plan to, recall efforts targeting their governors.

Democrats may have the momentum of popular opinion on their side in this battle, but that is about it.  Kasich and his supporters have shown about as much respect for the democratic process and rule of law as Gov. Scott Walker and his supporters, so there’s no reason to think such a measure will even get a hearing, let alone a vote.  In the short-term that means that Democrats are going to have to do a much better job mobilizing voters and protecting the integrity of the election process if there is to be any hope of undoing some of the damage already brought by Kasich and his crew.

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L E P.
L E P6 years ago

Bill Mahar said the TEABAGGERS gaining control in this past electon would turn out to be a good thing.... We would all see what a barrel of buffoons they really are. In the next big election, I am hoping the moron voters of this nation will see the errors of ther ways, and vote responsibly this time.

Julie F.
Julie F6 years ago

thanks for keeping us informed Care2

Vernon W.
Vernon W6 years ago

Good luck on the Democrats riding popular opinion to regain power! Pres Obama does not want to offend the rich elite so he can get their support for his re-election. He is certainly not afraid of throwing Liberals and Progessives under the bus to avoid any confrontations. Few other Democrats are willing to step up either.

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Paul B: You can't seem to get anything right! Wait a minute, that's because you ARE FAR RIGHT! The Democrats are WAY different. They have a heart. The Republican/conservative/teabaggers deal in selective cruelty and there aren't enough stones in the world to throw into their billion dollar glass houses. Liars, bigots, racists, women-haters one and all.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Too bad we can't recall CEOs.

Vaughn A.
Vaughn Anderson6 years ago

Kasich was a jerk when he was a US representative and he's a jerk as the Ohio Governor. Kasich, Walker and Scott are in a race to the bottom !

James D.
James D6 years ago

The people should have the right and processes to recall every elected official in the land, local, state or federal, if such official is not serving them to their satisfaction.

Vote Progressive!

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

A huge crop of rotten eggs found themselves in office this last election. Thank the big bucks guys for that, the likes of the KochRoach Bros., big oil, health insurance industry, etc. The sad thing is that the electorate did not see through the phoney facade and voted for the bastards. Similar crap happened in CA but not enough to do even more harm.

Roberta G.
Roberta G6 years ago

John Kasich is doing his part to destroy the middle class here in Ohio. What can you expect...his previous position was with Lehman Brothers. Enough said.

I will gladly sign the recall petition.

lisa b.
Lisa b6 years ago

Hey, don't forget us Floridians. Yeah, the ones who elected a known thief to be their GOVERNOR. We want a recall too!!! Get the thieving lizard Rick Scott OUTTATHERE!!! He's already wrecking the state and sticking his well-manicured talons into your pockets for the benefit of his own! We Want Him GONE!!!!