Kids Say: Stop Bullying! It’s Not Cool! (VIDEO)

Where bullying is concerned, we hear a lot from adults talking about how laws in the United States need to be reformed to tackle bullying properly, from campaign groups who say not enough is being done to support victims of bullying in schools, and from certain conservative groups saying that bullying reforms are being used as tools by so-called special interest groups like the gay community. The group of people we don’t get to hear from often, however, is kids themselves. A recently released PSA from the Human Rights Campaign aims to remedy that.

In the video you’ll hear kids talking about their experiences with bullying, and how they’re all convinced that bullying “is not cool.”

In related news, Rep. Jared Polis has indicated that the LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying bill the Student Non-Discrimination Act (SENDA) is on track to receive a key U.S. senate committee vote this month.

The legislation, introduced in the senate by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and in the House by Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), would add to existing federal statutes explicit protections against bullying on the grounds of perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

If schools receiving federal funding do not adequately combat incidents of anti-LGBT bullying, or if school administrators are found to have discriminated against LGBT students based on their sexuality or gender identity, then, under the bill, their federal funding may be cut.

Resources on Bullying Related Issues

Earlier in the year, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s opened up the White House for a conference on bullying and bullying prevention, a topic that they told invited students, teachers and parents they were passionate about.

This event also highlighted a new resource called

The website provides information on how to deal with bullying for teens, young adults, parents, educators and also provides a page on community actions too.  There are also dedicated pages dealing with cyberbullying and anti-LGBT bullying.

Read more about the White House anti-bullying conference here.


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Shirley Marsh
Shirley Marsh6 years ago

cont,,,, caring people are strong and 'cool'; bullies are weak and definitely not 'cool'! That's the message we should be broadcasting. What kid doesn't want to be seen as both strong and cool?

Shirley Marsh
Shirley Marsh6 years ago

It amazes me that in Australia at least, victims are counselled on how to deal with bullying, yet the actual bullies are not dealt with. With 'discipline' having been consigned to the 'too hard basket', everybody looks the other way; much easier to look good and benign and get the bullied counselling!

An attempt was made to bully me at school; I just burst out laughing, asked them to turn around so I could see the big yellow stripe down their backs, because everybody knows that bullies are cowards, and looking around at the small crowd that had gathered, asked 'right?' Everybody nodded and clapped and, guess what, the bullies couldn't disperse quickly enough. Nobody ever tried to bully me again.

I taught my children the 'do as you would be done by' principle; never do to others what you wouldn't like to be done to you. Not difficult, not rocket science, and it also teaches children to empathise. Perhaps if it were taught in schools (because not all parents are equal), we would go a long way to solving many of our problems.

Maybe another valuable lesson to be taught our youth is that practically everyone has had to overcome some difficulty in their lives, some worse than others; the thing is we either become the bad guys and continue the cycle of making life difficult for others, or we learn from our experience and become better, more compassionate, stronger people for the experience, and ultimately contribute to making this a better world.

Caring people are stro

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

Terri, but aren't terrorist like bullies? only more dangerous. if i make fun of someone on line who demands to be respected for their delusion of being married to the soul of a video game character, I should be beaten. making fun of them is not the same as going on a warpath , saying how many weapons I have and how groups of people are scum and need to die.

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

bullying in any form is unacceptable.

Christine S.
Christine S6 years ago

Parents of bullies need to get with the program as well. If your kid picks on those he/she considers weaker than he/she is, then right there your kid is an acknowledged COWARD! You notice bullies don't pick on their "equals", because it would be too difficult. If your kid is a bully, don't be proud of them- try to understand why they need to pick on someone to feel better about themselves- I think your kid has a problem, and you need to deal with it.

Terri Lynn S.

Hello "I Care for the World". I agree totally with you about how our society promotes classes/separation/overly competitive traits, and it hurts all involved. It also promotes violence unbeknown to some still following in blind faith of our wars. President Obama extolling the "virtue" of killing a man with bin Laden, our society extolling a "virtue" of "fighting for our nation" or worse "dying for our nation". Nobody dies for a nation....those girls and boys die senselessly for military profit from the sale of weapons/war instruments of killing and a historic greed for "power" over other government rule...a crusade to push ideals of "freedom and democracy". Meanwhile at least 10 nations have hgher freedom index ratings than the USA, due to our spending on war rather than real freedom (human rights, education, environmental issues, healthcare etc) The things we fight for on this great site! It is all related...the violence in schools politically inspired more than we know. think of the message our society send to kids It's "brave" to carry gun and kill? Some naive folks still believe the slogans and spins by Pentagon "we are protecting ourselves against terrorist". there have been so few "terrorist" atttacks, those not fabricated by media, and only to nations engaged in shipping weapons/war to begin with. the direct link between bloated military spending and the violence in our society has got to be addressed more. Men are NOT prone to violence any more than women (in

clara H.
Clara Hamill6 years ago

I was bullied and don't like it but they should do something about the bulling on this site. I get people on here that insult me and put me down because they don't agree with me that's just as wrong.

I Care For The World

NO two people are the same .. some have a high tolerance and some are super sensitive.. So you carn't define bullying as the person receiving the bullying will be the only one who'll define it ... And when we have numerous Kids shooting to kill at our schools etc... taking their anger out on the bully's with guns thats a sure sign their tolerance level has been pushed to the limit.!

Our society promotes classicism /separation /poverty / extreme competitive mindset and behavior /bullying / ignorance/ hatered/ intolerance/ fear/ isolation/ etc.and etc.

We all should address this nip it in the bud as the saying go's tackle it at every level possible exhausts every helping avenue possible.! Make the Government Act to eradicate this Behavior as it's just a different WAR but it in our Streets, Schools Etc ect...

Tanya E.
Tanya E6 years ago

It bothers me that some blame the victim and make it sound like kid 1 says: "I like scifi!" kid 2 says "you're a nerd." kid 1 says: "why are you bullying me?" (simplified).
It's more like: K1: "I like scifi." K2: "You're a nerd." K1: "I just want to eat my pbj." K2: "You're so poor you can't buy lunch." K1:"I'm so glad I got an 'A'" K2:"You're a teacher's pet." K1: "I just want to be left alone." K2: "You go die." (scenario simplifed and kept clean)
I was bullied in school. It's not a one time event. It's not on just one subject. It's when a person gains power by putting down another, and on multiple formats often and often getting more kids to join in or at least laugh at you. It's not because the victim watches the wrong shows or says the wrong thing once. And often not just for a week... or a month... or a year... And often, even when the victim says stop, stands up for himself/herself, or even "fixes the problem" the bullying continues... just on a new subject. Those who don't believe bullying is a problem or those who think the victim brought it on themselves... maybe they should look and see if they actually were bullies at one point.
Everyone needs to learn that just because the person in front of you has different tastes or opinions or feelings, doesn't mean you have to fix them, berate them, or attack them. Just leave them alone... don't interact with them...
It's not cool! It needs fixed! It's not a "tool that the whatever groups are using to push their caus

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

maybe part of a problem for a "victem" is one is taught and trained with the expectation of "everyone will be your friend and like you"