Killing Bambi: What to Do When Deer Are Dangerous

Bambi is adorable, but that does not mean pets or people are safe around her mother or, in rutting season, her dad. British Columbia has had a string of deer attacks. Here are the most publicized:

  • June 2010 – a cat in Cranbrook, B.C., is curious about a fawn, but it is a nearby dog that gets tromped by the little one’s mother
  • July 2010 – a newspaper carrier in Cranbrook, B.C. is head butted and stomped; his wife is saved from a group of deer when a passing motorist rescues her
  • July 2010 – a woman and her dog in Saanich, B.C. are stomped by a protective doe
  • June 2011 – a deer with a fawn stomps a woman in her Kimberley, B.C. yard

The attacks are not surprising. First we move into their habitat. Then we trap or shoot them when they lose their fear of us and stomp us or our pets if we venture too near their offspring or between a buck and his doe.

Verified reports of deer attacks are less common than the fear of them, but there is no denying the animals are a wild card when they feel at home in residential areas. So Cranbrook, B.C. requested, and received, provincial approval to cull its deer. Their target for this year is 25 “problem” deer. Others will be relocated. They also propose to train border collies to scare off aggressive mothers or rutting males. Other communities are watching to see if Cranbrook solves its deer problem.

Just how effective their actions will be is unclear. As long as humans build their houses in deer habitat and lure them back with vegetable and flower gardens, the deer will keep coming. Most of the time, humans and deer will be a minor nuisance to each other. But in fawning and rutting seasons, the deer will be far more willing to face down human or animal threats.

Put yourself in the shoes, or paws, of those feeling threatened by deer. How would you deal with the situation?

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colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

where else would people build? although there is said we need to build up, not out.

ok. so.

1) grow your own damn veggies to eat
2) don't ruin wild lands to build homes

so, all of us can have a balcony garden in the city?

people make no sence sometimes.

who wants to buy a "fursuit"(fancy animal mascot costume) and sabatouce Habitat for Humanity building? or just protest

there are plenty of abandoned buildings to create shelters, so people can have a room to live in. like a homeless shelter mixed with a hotel. apartments.

just fix up old buildings. then bitch that the children don't get outside in nature more.

yeah yeah. you don't need a country house and a nice big yard. i want to throw up more than when they build a church near a wild life refuge, or when they make walmarts by me.

Breanna R.
Breanna R5 years ago

But humans are better than animals.

Dresia V.
Dresia Vaughn5 years ago

Ok, plain and simple, if man stop cutting down and building, in this f*cked up economy, on it's way to depression, then where in the hell are the deer suppose to go. Sad thing is, no matter how many of us animal lovers try our best, to voice our opinions, and send our money, for helping stray, sick, animals in need, our help is in vain all the while. How about this, stop having so many babies, who's future is bleak anyway, THEN, the animals would have a place to live and enjoy this earth just like you have the right to do.

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

well, not all people can want to give wild animals their crops first. maybe they should get a real job being a pencil pusher and not grow vegitables for people to buy and eat.

stooopid pharmerz.

Kathleen S.
Kathy S5 years ago

The people who hate animal lovers don't understand that humans have taken over the animal's territory. I explain this to people and some of them still don't get it. If you move into an animal's territory do expect them to stay if it is possible and they are small and can find some place to hide. Large animals have it hard. When I plant, the animals in the area have first pickings...this was their home first. When I get up in the morning the squirrels and birds get fed first. They wait for me so I better not be late.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran5 years ago


colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

jill b. u r sure teh deer r not runn'n 'cuz hyoomans r chasing them? durhhhh.

1) deer are flighty. and scare easy
2) they do not handle stress well
3) unless it was make believe, I was watching an animal cops episode. they helped a buck get untangled from a fence. he wound up dying OF STRESS.

so, if transport will make the deer die of stress, it is a good thing?

anestitesa can go wrong. but if that kills them it is good.

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

@Christopher M. what if you cannot have a green house? bitch, moan, petition and threaten so your town/community changes their mind? you alredy need a lot of permission where I am to have a fence. Only 5 or 4 people were I live have fences. I think there are 100 families living here, and i am guessing a good amount have dogs. but you can only have a small portion of your property fenced in. even chainl linked.

so i do not know how some of peoples would "have a green house" if you want your own small mini garden.

does pepper spray work?

and even if they do have natural food, why would a deer eat that when they have something better than grasses? would you want instant ramen noodles or a gormet salad

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

a mother's justice. kicking the crap out of that doggie. people should move out of that town and let urban animals rule it. I think they can. I swear I saw it in a cartoon once.

don't tell people wild animals can be dangerous. if they are children the'll fear kill everything. just tell them to try and play and cuddle with the animal friends. if some kid gets killed, well "yay, we're slowly getting down from 7 billion"

(dude, come on. that was funny. funnier than someone saying the'd eat human dispite being a vegan)

Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths5 years ago

I live in Austria and we live among the deers, they are everywhere, but we have no problems. Why is this? A little thing called understanding and acceptance. We accept the deers right to share our environment. We learn about their nature and respect it. Yes, occassionally a deer gets into a vegetable patch! Not the end of the world. But killings and attacks just don't happen. We know not to approach a mother and her baby in the same way that we know to give a respectable distance to the males in mating season. Your article would be laughed out of existence here in Austria. Whoever wrote this article is not only an idiot but a dangerous anti-animal menace. Shame to you!