King: We Were Never Really Going to Shut Down The Government

Remember all of those threats of a government shutdown over the last year if the House GOP didn’t get their demands met during negotiations?† The lists of riders that had to be put on budget bills before midnight or Social Security checks might not make it out, or military families might not receive their pay?† The thousands of government employees wondering if they would be deemed essential or not, and how to cover bills during potential periods of unemployment?

Well, surprise!† According to Iowa Rep. Steve King, the Republicans never really had any plans to actually shut down the government.† They were just pretending.

Via Plum Line, King told a conservative talk show host that threatening a government shutdown is , “[T]he only place where you bring the leverage to this Congress, to take on Harry Reid and Barack Obama, is you have to be willing to face a shutdown and you have to have the debate among the American people….The shutdown isnít the point so much as, I donít want the shutdown either. But if you are afraid of the shutdown you canít have the confrontation and you lose every negotiation along the way.”

So, holding the country hostage in order to have all of their demands met, even with no intention of actually following through on their threats?† Welcome to the Tea Party take over of the GOP.



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Phil P.
Phil P6 years ago

Is this breaking news - NOT! This was a pure game of chicken, dangerous brinkmanship and total disregard for the people that elected them and every body knew it, everybody except the Obama and his advisors (and they're still not getting it). The Gov't has been shut down in 95 & 96 without the sky falling. I'm sorry, but Obama missed an opportunity to stand up, be counted and called their bluff which would have crushed their BS and ultimately moderated some of the subsequent obstructionism that has been going on since. Look at the payroll tax episode. Demos didn't cave, House Repubs tried some more brinkmanship. Only this time the wall street big boys and those that really run the party told them to pull their heads out of their asses and get in line.

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

No, they just wanted to scare the hell out of our seniors in nursing homes. Good move republicans, after destroying the country with your unpaid wars based on lies, and tax breaks for the rich, that created our 15 trillion dollar national debt, they decided to have some fun and scare the hell out of our millions of elderly, and poor people who depend on social security to survive.

jerry coleman
jerry coleman6 years ago

I guess he thinks that him joking about shutting down the gov. is a funny thing wrong!!!

Mark Stevenson
Mark S6 years ago

April Fool!! (but it's not April yet)

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

Diane O: The bailout part 2 that was fulfilled after Obama was sworn in as president, is a GEORGE W. BUSH policy that John McCain even lied about putting his presidential campaigning on hold-which he did not- to help good ole George to put together to bail out Wall ST. or else the country was going to fail crap. Have you forgotten the frenzy the Republicans created along with all the fear mongering about the collapse of the stock market and their rich friends in Sept and Oct-Nov in 2008 ?

Also the Solyndra mess was originally written up by the Energy department in 2006 and Bush signed it into law in 2007- so who did this, come on now you can Google the truth. It was another Bush debacle, not Obama. Wake up people, your hatred has clouded any intelligence you may have had at one time until you were brainwashed by Fox News and Republican lies, like the over 935 lies told by G.W. just to get us into an illegal war in Iraq for oil.

Cathy C: The Moral Majority is Neither. I have a button that says that also and I put it on my black leather Rocky Horror stage costume patch jacket. Moral Majority wasn't that a Pat Robertson thing ? Yeah Mr.Homophob himself of the 700 Club fame. A true closet queen if there ever was.

First time I heard Rep. Steve King, I thought the horror writer had gotten into politics and in a way I was correct, he is a horror and so are any bills he introduces. Looking at his picture is enough to scare me, there is something unsavory looking about that

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

Nancy B: as a person who has been affected and freaked out about the holding hostage America-a form of terrorism at it's height, I think I did the only option I had left to me. Since the right wingers have threatened the shutdown of government numerous times and Social Security and Medicare-my only 2 lifelines of survival, which I did work and paid into these programs, thinking at the time I would work until I died, didn't happen. Still here.

The repukelicans have stressed me so much, worsening my medical problems I need to have less stress, so since so much of my income went to charge card companies-you know the banks that have bought the congress critters and thanks to the tea party freaks and others who created this stress with the continuous threats of the discontinuation of my only income, I have taken a hold of the elephants tusks and hired a legal firm last September and filed bankruptcy. So now those banks that have bought these congress critters have them to thank for the loss of 20K(mostly medical) plus interest in their income.

If everyone in debt filed bankruptcy, maybe these hostage takers would quit threatening to shutdown government as we the people do not think they are funny and neither will their owners-the banks.

Deb M.
Deborah M6 years ago

And we should believe Representative Steve King? If that is the truth then I do believe we have a bunch of domestic terrorists serving in congress!

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Good Grief!

Sallya Huang
Sallya Huang6 years ago

The house is more and more expensive .

Nancy Black
Nancy Black6 years ago

So it's funny to scare American citizens about losing their jobs, their unemployment benefits, their social security, their medicare, and the hundred and one things the average American has been worried about since 2008. Glad to hear the Tea Party members appreciate a good joke. I guess they probably enjoy pulling the wings off of butterflies. I would enjoy if everyone who has been effected by their threats would vote against them so they could join the unemployed and worry about their benefits---no wait, once you have served in congress, YOU don't lose your benefits. THINK America, do we really need such unfeeling representation?