Kittens Remind Us: Spay & Neuter, and Adopt Shelter Pets

We just received this story from a volunteer at Guardian Angels Cat Rescue & Adoption Shelter in Hot Springs, AR. Just today someone left a box of malnourished kittens at their back door – never knocked, never told anyone. This happens at shelters all the time, and is yet another reminder of why we need to support shelters and rescues in their efforts to spay and neuter, educate the community, and find loving homes for *all* animals

“I would like to share a story with you and your readers. It’s a story that plays out several times monthly and it never becomes easier to accept. 

Today, at 2:30, we received a call from the business next door to us asking if we knew that we had left a box out back with 4 kittens in it. I went out back, and yes, there was a box of kittens that weighed 11 – 12 oz each. Their eyes were matted closed and they appeared to be malnourished. One of the other shelter volunteers and I weighed them, used a wash cloth to get their eyes open, and started them on veterinary prescribed meds. We also fed them AD and kitten milk. After warming up a heating pad, we draped their cage to isolate them as best as possible in our crowed facility. The “owners” had left loose food on the kittens’ blanket, no water, no note, no concern that it was going to be in the low 40s, and no phone call to alert anyone that these very small kittens, whose only sin in life was to be born, were in the alley. They were so hungry that they tried eating the litter out of the litter box that was placed in their cage. 

We did not leave these kittens outback behind the shelter, but someone else did. Did they just discard these kittens or were they left there in the hopes that we would find them? Either scenario is unacceptable. If no one heard their cries and they were not discovered soon, most likely they would have perished during the night in the cardboard box. How sad is that? Thousands of cat and dog are put to death every year because owners do spay or neuter their pet. 
Please have your pet spayed or neutered! Our Shelter is full, veterinary costs continuously deplete our funds, and a shortage of volunteers makes our job difficult. Please help by spaying /neutering your pet or donating to this wonderful all volunteer organization. Visit our shelter and see firsthand the wonderful work done with the kittens and cats. It might even inspire you to join in and give a wonderful gift from your heart…volunteering. 

Nina MitchellGuardian Angels Cat Rescue & Adoption Shelter volunteerHot Springs, AR”

What better way to be reminded of the need to support animal shelters and rescue groups than by these gorgeous and innocent kittens. Please consider volunteering your time, donating money, or adopting a homeless animal from your local shelter or rescue.

And don’t forget to vote for your favorite shelter or rescue in the America’s Favorite Animal Shelter contest:


Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Bette-Ann Libin
Bette-Ann Libin4 years ago

As a Vet Assistant and 24/7 animal rescue volunteer/advocate the best message I have seen is the pyramid poster in a FL animal shelter literally showing how many kittens are born when one (1) pair breeds!!

Kristen R.
Kristen R7 years ago

So sad...thanks for getting the message out. Unfortunately, many people just don't get it, and millions of sweet, powerless animals will continue to be born to be killed.

Lisa Olson
Lisa Olson8 years ago

As a volunteer rescue foster Mom for 'bottle baby' kittens, I see first hand what happens when unwanted kittens are dumped. These people need to know that these kittens have a 70% chance of being euthanized immediately. Of the remaining kittens, 10% dont survive due to disease or 'failing kitten syndrome'. It would break their hearts to have a kitten die in their arms because someone heartlessly dumped their responsibility for the animal on someone else without thinking about the outcome. We have to get the word out to these pet owners that it is their moral obligation to spay/neuter their pets. Lets raise public awareness of this problem and fight for low/no cost pay and neuter programs that are truly accessable. It might be a good idea to require that Veterinarians donate their time and services to shelters and rescue groups in their community. I hope and pray that the day will come when I never have to rescue another unwanted kitten.

Mervi R.
Mervi R8 years ago

This so sad, the lack of compassion people have for animals... Always spay/neuter your pets!

Isabel Pereira
Isabel P8 years ago

Are the kitties ok?????

Lilith Graves
Lilith Graves8 years ago

Don't Litter! Spay and Neuter!

Cordelia S.
Past Member 8 years ago

There can't be enough reminders!!!
Living in South Africa and realising how much abonded dogs and cats roam through street, townships - everywhere, just breaks my heart. Hopefully we will soon be able to adopt two kittens ourselves and it is no question about the "full service" they will get from us.
I wished every "human" would be as responsible as you and we are!

Dmitry B.

That is so sad!

Elaine Dixon
Elaine Dixon8 years ago

It breaks my heart how many cats and kittens are put to death each day/week/year. I wish every one would just spade and neuter their animals, we have 5 indoor cats all are throw aways and in need of a home, we took them in and gave them all what they desperately needed and they have given us the world back in return. We also feed and take care of some out side cats, and I am also a member of ally cat allies, that we donate too. So please spay or neuter those beautiful animals and give them a chance to survive by adopting from the animal shelters.