Rescue of the Week: Knock At Door Saves Bloodhounds

I’m National Representative Coordinator and Lead Cruelty Investigator for Dogs Deserve Better, and I get a lot of e-mails and calls asking for help with cases of chained and neglected dogs. One day in early February, a friend in rescue e-mailed me with a couple of pictures of two sad looking bloodhounds who had been living chained in a yard directly across from the police station in her town. The police said that these dogs had bowls and shelter and that they looked fine but, my friend was not discouraged.


Start with a knock at the door

She knocked on the door and gave the owners one of our Dogs Deserve Better brochures and was then told to leave the property. Just a few short days later, she received a call from the caretaker of these dogs asking her if she could take them! Sometimes all you have to do is plant a seed and pray that people come to their senses.


For Roxy and Remy, life was just beginning. We immediately got Roxy to the vet because she looked very malnourished and, just as we suspected, she had a huge overload of hook worms and whip worms and she was at least 35 lbs underweight! And the police … they had said she looked fine!


Remy was a very sad case; he was so unaccustomed to human kindness that he literally flinched when he was touched. He was seen by a vet and treated for an inner ear infection so he is on his way to better, happier days. He is coming around now and has learned that there is love in the gentle touch of a human hand.  He loves playing with other dogs now and life is full of new experiences.


First health, then new homes

After the vetting was taken care of and then some networking, we found a great home for Roxy where she is adored and pampered. When Remy’s family finds him, they will be getting an absolute treasure because now this guy is all about the Love!


Click here for BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS:  Just look at the changes in these two once forgotten and lonely dogs and think what it would have been like if that one woman had not knocked on that door that day and then reached out for help. These two dogs would have been doomed to live a lifetime of sadness and loneliness.


One sure thing

One thing is for sure, when you see a chained dog and it just breaks your heart there’s a team you should join.  We are saving these dogs lives every day. If you’re interested in learning more, just drop us an e-mail at and let us tell you how you can join us in our efforts to make change for chained dogs.  It really does take a team!


What About You? If you’ve rescued an animal in need, we welcome you to  Share your story with us here.

This weekly column is prepared by Laura Simpson, Founder of The Great Animal Rescue Chase and Harmony Fund.

Photo credit: Marie Belanger
By Marie Belanger


Denise Extence
Denise E4 years ago

Thank you for putting caring into action X

Richard Hancock
Richard Hancock4 years ago

Brilliant well done.

tin leng lim
tin leng lim4 years ago

Thank you.

Robynne W.
Robynne W4 years ago

LOVE wins! :)

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Hope more people are helping the helpless

Marianne Forgo
Marianne Forgo4 years ago

Thank you for this great story.

Adilene W.
Roger W4 years ago

Most people chain their dogs and forget that they even exist. Pathetic people.

ann b.
Ann B4 years ago

Thank goodness they were rescued from a horrible life!

Irene S.
Irene S4 years ago

Wonderful story!

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold4 years ago