Koch Bros Decide Its Time To Hit Back

Looks like the desert heat may have gotten to Charles and David Koch.  The billionaire brothers and Daddy Warbucks of conservative causes have hired a battalion of public relations officials experienced handling the likes of Sarah Palin to “handle” their image with the press and to try and shape their coverage.

At the same time their lawyers and related attack dogs have gone full force with critics and suspected foes.  One target includes a group of young environmental activists who just got hit with a lawsuit seeking $100,000 as a result of a prank and the leak of an internal document detailing their political activities.

The Koch’s have actually been doing this for some time now and in direct response for their role in helping to start and fund the big money groups behind the Tea Party movement.  But according to Kenneth Vogel over at Politico, the brothers were apparently shocked at the idea that funneling tens of millions of dollars to groups designed to debunk climate change, for example, would bring public scrutiny.

Much like the campaign against Target Corp. for its political donations, public shaming may be the only immediate recourse for concerned citizens in the wake of the Citizens United debacle.  The Koch brothers, each worth about $20 billion, made their fortune in privately held oil, gas and consumer products and have a direct and immediate financial incentive to block solutions to the problems their businesses exasperate.  The fact that they are now trying to massage their image and control reporting around their activities suggests the scrutiny is working.

So lets keep it up.

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Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson8 years ago

Since we all agree that the Koch brothers are a real and present danger to the United States and the world instead of talking about them and worrying about their influence on us and the planet let's do something about it. I just Googled them and got a list of some of the products they manufacture. If you feel strongly enough about their influence write them down and avoid these products. It seem there are already a lot of people boycotting their products.

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If I can dig up more of their products I'll post them, too.

neil a.
Neil A8 years ago

Well a bit more infighting than usual. As to the "nutcase OrganicGranny Gardener" saying Obama ran his campaign to get elected...of course he also had Chicagoland thugs and socialists on his side,WTF, please provide proper evidence of this before you make such outlandish statements.

Sharon Beth L.
Sharon Beth Long8 years ago

David Koch last year gave 300 million to the New York City Ballet and the New York State Theater insisting in return that it be named the David Koch theater for 50 years, which was done. He says that by naming the theater after himself it will set a precedent to encourage other wealthy philanthropists to give large donations in order to perpetuate their legacy!
I am a New York City Ballet fan and I have gone frequently to take advantage of $15 seats for incredible perfomances but the purpose of the donation was not to subsidize ticket prices (the New York City Ballet also gives out around 20000 free tickets a year to school kids) but only to remodel the theater, mainly to improve its acoustics and video capacity. Koch said that he went to the ballet a lot so it would be a good idea to subsidize it. In other words this "charitable" donation is really to perpetuate his own name and to enhance his own entertainment (and I wonder if it is also to prevent being personally hit with fines from his many legal violations; if he gives the money away he will get the tax deduction and not have to pay it out in fines and lawsuit judgements). I was at the gala performance where he was honored by Senator Charles Schumer no less , among others. When I looked up who David Koch was on the internet I was so disgusted.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle8 years ago

Poor babies -- are they nervous about the public seeing them AS THEY REALLY ARE??!! Actions speak, and they're are public record. We know them for who they are.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer8 years ago

Patricia S
NOT really....

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer8 years ago

OrganicGranny Gardener
Do you use costly organic matter to fertilize your garden or just the BS rolling off your tongue? Chcagoland thugs...LMAO and those damn socialists always seem to be on the side of the people... people who overwhemingly voted for Obama. You are just another paranoid old white lady afraid of being defiled by the scary black man... while getting raped by the kindly old white man. Every time the wind changed to the direction of the tea party idiots, McCain gave up all credibility as a maverick and champion of the people. He seems to be posturing for another run, maybe thinks he has a shot at it without the female albatross hung around his neck... poor old Silas McCain, if he turns himself inside out any more he will be wearing his bones on the outside.

John B.
John B8 years ago


Patricia S.
Pat S8 years ago

Sharon H,

OrganicGranny Gardener
Melinda Fletcher8 years ago

@ rhonda t
" when their research people told them they had to 'adjust' some aspects of their platform views if they wanted to 'capture' more membership)...pretty much anything/everything if it enables them to increase their influence, and thus their power. That what they do is destructive or immoral simple doesn't come into it for them..as long as they 'win;. "
Gee, this is the exact "EVIL PERSONIFIED" way obama ran his campaign to get elected...of course he also had Chicagoland thugs and socialists on his side.

And on another note, doesn't this place have any editors or proofreaders for their posts? An author who uses the wrong word has no credibility, and editors/proofreaders who let these errors slide past demonstrate their inability to achieve accuracy. (Hint: The word the author needed is not exasperate. sigh.)

Sharon H.
Sharon H8 years ago

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