Komen Foundation Still Reeling From Planned Parenthood Fallout

The media attention may have lagged, but the bloodletting at the Susan G. Komen Foundation has not let up after the charity’s disastrous attempt at politicizing breast cancer prevention by cutting ties with women’s health care provider Planned Parenthood.

So far two top executives have announced their resignation after reports that the charity is struggling to raise money and mend fences. Katrina McGhee, Komen’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer announced she will be stepping down on May 4th and Dara Richardson-Heron, CEO of Komen’s New York City affiliate announced her resignation Tuesday.

According to the Huffington Post, “employee morale is in the toilet” since the Komen leadership, and in particular Karen Handel the then-senior vice president for public policy, decided to defund Planned Parenthood. Komen founder Nancy Brinker is said to be in “complete melt-down” and despite calls for her resignation, seems intent on staying put.

Local affiliates are feeling the impact of Handel and Brinker’s politicking as well. Texas, Louisiana and Arizona chapters are all reporting lower than usual revenues and Jaimie Leopold, the executive director fo Komen Southern Arizona, told the Arizona Daily Star that its race had only raised $200,000 of its $700,000 goal so far.

With reports that it was the Catholic Bishops that ultimately pushed Handel and Brinker’s decision it’s safe to assume this story is not over yet and it won’t be until Brinker steps down.

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Beth K.
.5 years ago

Steve R hasn't said anything new in years, time to start ignoring him. He's not worth the time.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

It is amazing that Nancy Brinker has her job. She and the other tea party members there are the cause of the melt down. Komen needs a clean sweep of the anti-women employees, or just fold up the tent.

The only way to be rid of the trolls on this site is to just ignore them.

Irene Brown
Irene Brown5 years ago

I find that, for the most part, Care2 members are thoughtful, intelligent, and interested in causes that benefit people, animals, and the planet. Therefore, it is disappointing to see comments from people like Steve R. All I can say is, Steve....you are an idiot.

janet T.
janet t5 years ago

Why is it that people like Steve R seem to believe that abortion is always a choice made because of selfish reasons. I suppose he would be happy to see a child of his born with horrible birth defects which would make its life a living hell?? That is the choice some people have to face. I just cannot believe his lack of experience or knowledge.

Deborah Litster
Deborah Litster5 years ago


Lori E.
Lori E5 years ago


Ed G.
Ed G5 years ago

It is probably a good thing that this happened. I now look to see if any charity has any connection to Komen before I write the check. Some charities now put on their web site that they have no connection to Komen (which I love).

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

surprise, surprise, you cut an organization that helps a bunch of women, while being an organization that works to find a cure for a disease that primarly affects women, and then wonder what the hell happened?

JACarlton Author
jill c5 years ago

I wouldn't trust as penny with Komen. My donations will go directly to Planned Parenthood, just as they always have gone directly to the charity I WANT to have them.

James D.
James D5 years ago