Lady Gaga Sues Over Breast Milk Ice Cream

As if the debate over breast milk ice cream sold by Icecreamists, a British establishment, couldn’t get more heated, Lady Gaga is threatening to sue its makers for associating her with the product.  The ice cream, which Icecreamists voluntarily stopped serving until it can be tested for viruses like hepatitis, is named “Baby Gaga.”  It is also served by waitresses wearing flamboyant, Lady Gaga-esque outfits.

Lady Gaga’s lawyers have given the owners of Icecreamists until Wednesday to change the product’s name.  In a cease and desist letter, they accused Icecreamists of “taking unfair advantage of, and riding on the coattails of” Lady Gaga’s trademarks in a manner that is “deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing.”

In spite, or perhaps because of the controversy, the ice cream sold out within a few days, even though at around 14 British pounds (over $20), the treat isn’t cheap.  It was made with milk voluntarily expressed by mothers who responded to an online ad.

While the store has defended the safety checks, saying that it isn’t a ban, just an attempt to ensure that the products won’t pose a danger to consumers, it’s not clear whether they’ll change the name.  It does seem strange that Lady Gaga is trying to take the moral high ground on this issue.  The charge of being “deliberately provocative” seems particularly off-base, since Lady Gaga’s entire image is based on her ability to shock her audiences.  Matt O’Connor, the store’s owner, doesn’t seem fazed.  In fact, he’s casting the suit in terms of a “David and Goliath”-type struggle:

“”The world’s biggest superstar has taken umbrage with the world’s smallest ice-cream parlour,” he said in a statement.  “For Lady Gaga to accuse us of stealing her image is laughable when you consider how much she has borrowed from popular culture to create her look and music.  As for her assertion that our product is distasteful, perhaps she should reflect on her blood-spurting performance at the MTV Music Awards, or the fact she wears clothes fabricated from the flesh of dead animals. We have applied to register the trademark Baby Gaga and are confident we’ll secure this.”

Either way, it seems like the only way O’Connor will lose is if the product is deemed unsafe – if he doesn’t secure the trademark, he’ll still have garnered notoriety that isn’t attached to the name, and if he does, he’ll have the double success of having created a controversial product and won a lawsuit against Lady Gaga.  The whole conflict seems quite petty to me, especially because I don’t have a problem with the notion of breast milk ice cream, as long as it’s safe to eat and the milk was expressed voluntarily by consenting women.  The more important question is whether the ice cream was made ethically – not if O’Connor is stepping on Lady Gaga’s toes. 

And somehow, I don’t think Lady Gaga’s reputation is going to be damaged by a vague association with this product – except, perhaps, if it turns out to be more controversial than she is.

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Past Member 6 years ago

Oh yum, breast milk ice-cream, brought to you by the country that gave us mad cow disease. Just can't get enough of those animal products -- and why not relegate human women to milk-producing units for milk consumption by the masses? Cow milk is for BABY COWS. Human milk is for BABY humans. How hard is that to understand?

Patrick F.
Patrick F.7 years ago

lady gag sues for use of breastmilk icecream.. baby, gaga and breasts were around way b4 your ego lady (and I use the term veerry loosley ;)
As for breast milk, I say give it a try.. its delicious!
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Edward W.
Edward W.7 years ago

Hey, what is this doing in women's rights? Shouldn't it be in the pop star trivia section?

Edward W.
Edward W.7 years ago

She doesn't have a leg to stand on. Case dismissed. Next.

Jami Winn
Jami Winn7 years ago

oooohhhh snap i new i liked her for some reason

Justina G.
Justina Gil7 years ago

She is crazy enough. im suprised she didnt make the ice cream herself.

Evelyn G.
Evelyn G7 years ago

Says the crazy woman wearing a meat suit, that could of gone to a cause to feed hungry starving people.

Never liked Lady Gaga still don't -everything she does is to make her money. not to support real issues.

Besides babies say gaga, it's more like she stole her name from a infant which is ridiculous on her part. She should file lawsuits against all children under a year old just to be fair.

I don't think I would eat breast milk ice cream, but considering we are drinking breast milk from a cow full of hormones I find that even stranger.

Breast milk is probably better for you but I would opt for soy before I went back to the boob.More power to them at lest they keep it real lol :)

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters7 years ago

And as for Gaga, it is all about money, she wants to make money, whatever means, disgusted in her. She comes on TV, I will change channel instantly.

Jennifer M.
Jennifer M7 years ago

Seriously? Babies go gaga googoo all the time. It makes total sense for them to name the ice cream that. And anyway, it's not even her real name! She is so filthy rich, why does she care? I really liked her, but she just seems like a selfish biotch now.