Latest Health Care ‘Reform’ Proves GOP Won’t Learn From Mistakes

Here we go again.

Less than two months after the previous GOP health care repeal plan failed, the Republican Party is putting a third attempt at the table, this time with a new bill by Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy.

This time, pundits speculate that Republicans may actually have the votes necessary to pull of a repeal and replace plan, but it wouldn’t be because conservatives have finally gotten their acts together. On the contrary, it’s more of the same terrible legislation that we’ve already seen.

There were certainly lessons to be learned from the prior two health care attempts, yet the Republicans are demonstrating that they haven’t learned them. The worst offense is that they’re rushing through legislation they haven’t given proper consideration to with the underlying theory that any plan is better than Obamacare, even though the vast majority of Americans disagree.

Just like last time, the legislation was written in secret without input from many people, and certainly without any help from Democrats, thereby ensuring that the vote will be another nail-biter. They’re also insisting on pushing the bill through without the usual procedures and debate, which is already alienating Senator John McCain, who proved to be the critical no vote back in July.

Also like last time, the Congressional Budget Office won’t have proper time to score the legislation prior to the Senate voting on it. (The CBO said it will have some preliminary numbers available in a matter of days, but a complete analysis will take weeks with all of the factors to consider.) The logic here seems to be that it’s easier to ram a bill through that’s probably bad over a bill where the numbers show it’s definitely bad.

From what we can tell so far, federal funding to states would decrease by $215 billion over the span of a decade. Also, it seems likely that more than 32 million people would lose coverage by 2026 because in addition to repealing the ACA’s coverage it makes major cuts to Medicaid as well.

However, the Republicans are focusing on the selling point that this bill hands control back to each state to determine their coverage plans, and you know how conservatives love state rights. Ultimately easier for federal lawmakers to pass the buck on this issue when things inevitably go wrong, since it left the states in charge of their own plans. In other words, if you lost your insurance, talk to your state government officials.

At this point, health care legislation is about Republican’s saving face first and “fixing” the system a distant second. The party is embarrassed to have failed twice and want another chance to prove they can succeed – even if success is only measured by getting the minimum number of votes.

So far, rather than talking positively about the latest legislation, Republican senators have described it as the best option available to them. Some like Senator Chuck Grassley actually acknowledge it as severely flawed, but then insist on supporting it anyway.

“I could maybe give you ten reasons why this bill shouldn’t be considered, but Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign,” said Grassley. “That’s pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill.”

Allow me to paraphrase: We said we’d do it, so we might as well do it, even if it puts the country’s health system in a worse-off place and people will die because of it.

Plain and simple, health care in America is not safe so long as Republicans control our government.

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Marie W
Marie Wabout a year ago

Thanks for sharing

Aaron F
Past Member about a year ago

Talk to the millions who aren't receiving adequate health care...or none at all...under ObummerCare. And talk to Europeans about socialized medical care...

Peggy B
Peggy Babout a year ago


Brian F
Brian Fabout a year ago

Eric Because if we get the Government out of healthcare, then big pharma and our criminal healthcare industry can continue to rip us off, as they are doing now. Most people support Bernie Sander’s plan to have single payer universal healthcare, which works well in other countries. We can’t continue to be the only country, that has this horrible healthcare, that is a result of our criminal healthcare industry owning our politicians. This is why we need single payer universal healthcare, which most people support.

Eric Lees
Eric Leesabout a year ago

@Joan E "Shame on the Republicans for beating this dead horse."

Yes many think they should just let Obamacare die a slow death then the Democrats would get the blame. But Republicans seem like stealing the blame from Democrats.

Let's get serious, we need real healthcare reform that lower costs and ensures that those that can not take care of themselves are taken care of.

Eric Lees
Eric Leesabout a year ago

@Cruel J "It's looking like the plan to repeal Obamacare is dead, but what we DESERVE is Universal health care."

That is certainly Cruel. Some of would rather save the republic and the people in it. But I get your point if we are going to go down why not go down hard right?

Eric Lees
Eric Leesabout a year ago

True they have that in common with Democrats and the public as we keep electing the same corrupt politicians.

Why not get the federal government out of healthcare? They have no Constitutional authority and they have done a fine mess of mucking it up over the last few decades.

Why not let the states handle it if they choose. 50 experiments will always be better than one size fits none federal model.
If some state wants to try Berniecare and a free pony why not let them?
If another state wants to keep Obamacare let them.
If another wants to try some GOP plan let them.
If another wants to try a total free market why not let them?

Let the best plans rise to the top and the bad ones fail. We would know soon enough what works and what doesn't. Yes I know it should be obvious what works but not everyone understands economics and human nature.

Regus Slantei
Regus Slanteiabout a year ago

"Latest Health Care ‘Reform’ Proves GOP Won’t Learn From Mistakes"

In other news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning.

The rube David F., being a card carrying [R], can't learn from his mistakes because he is too stupid to realize that he is sucking from the same teat as his Bronze-Hued $hitgibbon when he mindlessly parrots Russian propaganda.

So again, in other news, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning.

Joan E
Joan Eabout a year ago

Bernie Sanders is a Social Democrat, not a Communist. Single-payer healthcare is what every other advanced country has. Americans like, trust and enjoy their Medicare when they are old enough to get it, and this makes it available to people when they are younger, which is a good thing. Trump "care" is about taking millions of people off their insurance and not giving a damn if they die as long as there are tax breaks for robber barons like Trump himself.

Debbi -W-
Debbi Wabout a year ago

The R's haven't learned anything from their failed bills? They are doing their best to sneak through a despicabley cruel plan "labeled" healthcare plan, but it's actually a plan to sooth Trump's ego, satisfy the Koch Bros, who threatened to withdraw their billions of dollars in donations unless it passes.

The republican bill as written proposes HUGE tax breaks ONLY for the 1%, the wealthiest, who DO NOT NEED ANY TAX BREAKS. The R's are know for moving their business headquarters out of our country so THEY DON'T PAY THEIR SHARE OF TAXES. The republicans must be so proud of their immoral members.

David F, if your crooked, dishonest party members paid their fair share of taxes our government would be in better shape, but you're a trump fan, and he's dodged paying taxes for years. Great example of a conman, scam artist, and liar.