Lead Plaintiffs Speak Out on Nevada Marriage Equality Lawsuit


Beverly Sevcik, 73, and Mary Baranovich, 76, are lead plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit challenging Nevada’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. In an interview with Face to Face the couple explained that during their 41-year relationship they believe they have been treated as second-class citizens, and that it is time for this to stop.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for Nevada, notably cites California’s Proposition 8 lawsuit, a case that is now at the discretion of the full Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals but one which has so far successfully challenged California’s ban on marriage equality on grounds that it denies Plaintiffs their constitutional rights and was enacted through a campaign based on animus toward gay and lesbian couples.

The case is Sevcik (Se-vik) & Baranovich, et al. v. Sandoval, et al.

You can read Lambda Legal’s complaint here.


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Muriel C.
Muriel C5 years ago

They've got to sort out their priorities. I've got an idea: let's not go to Las Vegas to gamble until this injustice is no more. For those who can't do without gambling, there are plenty of Native American Casinos.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

Prostitution is OK.
Gambling is OK.
Striptease is OK.
Brothels are OK.
Drinking is OK.
But marrying the person you love is NOT OK because your partner is of the wrong gender?
Tell me what's wrong with this picture!
I know. I know. Hypocricy at its best! The national trait of USA.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

41 years together and can't get married. But any drunking straight couple can walk into a chapel (with a Christian minister I might add) in Vegas, get married and that's a good thing? Something is really wrong with this picture and if a person can see that shame on them.

Yancy P.
Yancy P.5 years ago

Let's not every stop fighting! :) Let's together fight for equality!

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

I sure hope they win. Never stop fighting!

Erica Cook
Erica C5 years ago

I agree it'll be a huge step, but it most certenly won't be the last step. We have so many other things to do for the forgotten people, transgenders, intersex, gender queer, and so many people we look down on even within the LGBT community.

Stefan Dwornik

I support the right for same sex couples to be able to enter a legally sanctioned union with all the same rights as marriage, however even though I am gay and I get why the insistence that it be called a marriage, I prefer the term lifebond. I know both sides won't like that, but I do think we deserve the same rights as well, only a distinction in what the union is called. God bless these women to show such courage after 41 yrs together, and at their age they are my heroes! Gays will really put the right up against the wall when, intimacy comes only after spending the time to know each others' mind, heart, spirit, interests and goals.If we really think we deserve this right , then let(right-wing hetero's) them be the ones who put sex, above taking the time to date, forget the bookstores, baths, and bars are not one night hook up places, as they have been since I came out.

Phil Smith
Phil Smith5 years ago

Pam W. I am not against their union.. Nor against anything else that someone does.. Life is made up of choices.. You make yours and I make mine ~ That’s life.. There are a lot of things that sadden me (including things I myself have done) .. But ,, I will pay the price for mine and everyone else will pay the price for theirs.. No one will be able to say they were tricked, fooled or didn’t know.. Can’t blame anyone else for the decisions I make ..

What I said was “God was against it..” Everyone should know the consequences of that too.. And if I live to be 1,000 years old ~ That still would not be worth my eternity..

LOVE.. Christ said to love everyone.. (and if that were not possible ,, He would not have said it) But ,, There are many kinds of love.. For our parents,, bro & sis,, other family,, children,, pets,, etc; …

And ; Yes ~ The choices are All Yours Alone…

Jane H.
Jane H5 years ago

This will happen eventually--it's just a matter of time!!
Hooray for all of the compaintants!

Jennifer S.
Jennifer S5 years ago

Marriage rights for all is the right thing to do. And this includes FULL Federal and State rights for all couples, whether straight or gay. It is an idea whose time has come! Repeal DOMA!!