Lego Owners Support Wind Power

Kirki A/S, the parent company of Lego, is planning to invest 3 billion crowns (about $534 million) on clean energy. The company is purchasing a 32% stake in a wind farm being developed by DONG Energy, which is scheduled to become fully operational in 2015.

Lego says this investment will enable it to meet all its energy needs through 2020. This an ambitious goal – Lego is the world’s 3rd largest toy manufacturer.  The power generated by the wind farm wouldn’t go directly to Lego’s factories, instead becoming part of the general German power supply. So this move benefits both Lego facilities operating in areas with generally available renewable energy, and also smaller businesses and households located nearby. Lego’s share in DONG Energy will enable it to label its products as using wind energy.

DONG Energy is a state-owned project. This kind of investment represents the first time the company has opened itself up to outside investment.

The wind farm will consist of 77 Siemens wind turbines, places about 35 miles off the northwest German coast in the North Sea. Just one such wind farm supplies enough power for more than 285,000 households. Construction won’t begin until 2013, and the farm is first expected to produce power in 2014.

It’s great to see such a big company stepping up to support renewable energy, especially when, in many ways, this won’t even benefit them directly. Perhaps more corporate investment in wind power and other green sources of energy will be what we really need to get the infrastructure in place to help wean ourselves off of coal and oil.


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Photo credit: Benjamin Esham


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Thanks for the information.

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Interesting, thank you.

Daiki S.
Daiki Shinomiya5 years ago

They made a model of a Vestas wind energy harnesser, which is only available to the employees of the company! :)

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Harsha Vardhana5 years ago

Inspiring action. Good for everyone

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I also thought of an idea to help the environment. Put solar panels on cars, so it can charge the batteries while the car is idle. You can still use AC power to charge, if needed,

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right on Leggo!!

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Sounds good to me but i think they should have a really colourful one that represents lego. just joking! Kids would like it but not sure about the adults.