Leonard Cohen and the 99 Percent. What Could Be Better?

If you liked “Hallelujah” you’ll LOVE this.

Let’s hope the New Year will bring some of what all in the Occupy Movement have so eloquently sought.


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Robert Moseley
Robert Moseley6 years ago

I thought people had to work for a living not getting millions for being "laid off" Be careful brothers and sisters dont be placated by the crumbs these parasites will try to give you!

Alice NorthernLady

First of all, I have loved Mr. Cohen for 45 years and his words have meant very much to me. Actually, once when I was lost in the snow and nearly froze to death, I kept humming "Sisters of Mercy" and I believe that having a focus of a favorite song kept me alive. Just curious though, since this song, Democracy, was written several years ago, was this video what what he had in mind and if he signed off on the use of his song with it. Just wondering????

I am not disagreeing with anyone here, but I guess that I am pretty clueless and am honestly seeking facts and opinions. There are so many celebrities and sports stars that we idolize, who have more money than the average joe and even more than many of the Wall Street Execs ...and I'm not saying they don't deserve it. They have a talent and we willingly plunk down our dollars to enjoy it. But I don't hear anyone demanding their money. I just honestly don't know what some of the people want to have happen. I hear complaints but no solutions beyond "tax the rich". I'm not saying that all of the wealthy have come by their money honestly, but what about those who have made wise choices, and worked hard? Is it fair to take an inordinate amount of their money to pass around to people who have not wanted to work. I'm not saying that the way things are now is working...not by a long shot, but what really would be fair....I'm just asking.

Maura Graham
Maura Graham6 years ago

Leonard was my hero in the late 60´s and early 70´s. He´s even better today as he always has his finger on the pulse. The combination of lyrics, music and graphics is brilliant.

R Anna M.
Renata B6 years ago

I love Leonard Cohen.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

thank you

Kathleen L.
Kathleen L6 years ago

Love you Leonard!

Psuedo Killian
Psuedo Killian6 years ago

Love this movement. t actually not only shows Americans care, but they will rally around each other.

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David D.
David D.6 years ago


Michele G.
Past Member 6 years ago


rene davis
irene davis6 years ago