Lesbian Couple Say They Face Honor Killing if Deported


A Muslim lesbian couple who claim that if they are deported from Canada back to their native Israel they will be killed has won a temporary reprieve in their legal fight.

The couple, Iman Musa and Majida Mugrabi, currently reside in Toronoto.

They reportedly arrived in Canada in 2007 and filed (so far unsuccessful) refugee claims that were appealed through to the Federal Court.

However, on March 8 the women won a review of their case when Judge Roger Hughes granted the couple another hearing by an Immigration and Refugee Board. This is based on new information that is purported to show that one of Mugrabi’s cousins previously confessed to the so-called “honor killing” of his sister 12 years ago.

The couple are reported to be relieved that their case is being reconsidered but still fear for their lives.

Reports CNews:

“As Muslim women, we don’t have any rights in our families,” the couple wrote. “The fact that we are lesbians does not help.”

The letter claimed Mugrabi’s grandfather is a Muslim sheikh, who “repeatedly threatened to kill her.” Musa’s brother, from Ramleh, has “threatened to kill her if she does not leave her lesbian relationship and marry a male,” the women alleged. “There are several police complaints regarding the threats of her brother.”

“Same sex relationships are not permitted or accepted in all Arabic countries,” they said. “There are many stories about honor killings and we are victims of this.”

The couple had previously offered information on the threats they faced from family members but, until this time, had not been able to prove those claims. It appears that they have now found at least enough evidence to merit a review of their application.

So far no date for the new hearing has been set.

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Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago


Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez5 years ago

How sad that their families won't accept them. Happens in the good old US of A as well, but we usually don't threaten to kill our kids if they 'come out'.

Georgia Armstrong
Georgia a5 years ago

The word that frightens me most is Sharia. How anyone could even consider making that a part of the laws of any civilized country is beyond me. Women would become nothing, less than nothing under Sharia laws. I cannot imagine being under the rule of any man, being told what to wear, not to drive, where I can go, what I can eat, who I can or cannot see, who I must marry, that I cannot use birth control, that I could be killed if I "dishonored" my role as a woman, etc. It just appalls me, being a woman of this country and accustomed to my freedoms. Taking a step back into the dark ages would be anathema to me.

Past Member
Past Member 5 years ago

I hope Canada gives them sanctuary! This is the whole purpose of sanctuary, to help innocent people under threat in their own countries!

Wanda H.
Wanda H5 years ago

Free these 2 women and let them remain in US as long as they abide by our rules. Everyone should be free to be with the one they love! They come from an extremely horrible country where men think they are gods and have the right to kill anyone different in any way. Let them stay!!

Janis Jones
janis k5 years ago

This kind of thing is why we should NOT have Sharia law here in the US. It promotes stoning and treating women like 2nd class citizens.

Nirvana J.
Nirvana J.5 years ago

That's aweful!

SLK S5 years ago

awful, sad

Lynn Squance
Lynn S5 years ago

I hope these two young women are granted refugee status. If you want to look at a recent case, look to the Shafia honour murder case in Canada where the father, mother and son murdered 3 teenaged girls, daughters and sisters, and their aunt, Shafia's first wife. All because the girls were more western than the father would like. It happens and it happens too often, but it usually happens 'over there' where we seldom see it. It happens more often with poorer families, but it also happens across all economic statas. This is not honour, but rather dishonour.

This young couple must be allowed to remain in Canada and make a new life for themselves. It won't be easy without the support of family but they can do it!

David Murray
Eva Daniher5 years ago

What can we do? Is there a Care2 petiton?