Let Gays into ‘Christian Marriage’ Says St Paul’s New Dean


The new dean of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral has said that the Church of England should embrace civil gay marriage.

Rev Dr David Ison, bucking the recent trend of aggressive attacks over the plans from Church leaders in the UK, said the church should welcome gay people and allow them to participate in what he termed “the virtues of marriage” that are quite separate from the legal aspects. He went on to distinguish that the Church should be thinking of allowing same-sex couples to partake in ”Christian marriage,” rather than talking about homosexual and heterosexual marriages.

From The Guardian:

“We need to take seriously people’s desire for partnership and make sure that the virtues that you see in married relationships are available to people who are gay,” he said.


“You can regard two Christian gay people as wanting to have the virtues of Christian marriage,” he said.

“For Christian gay people to model that kind of faithfulness, in a culture which, historically, has often been about promiscuity, is a very good thing to do.”

He added that gay couples should also be allowed to adopt children: “I think that … anyone who can provide a loving, stable, caring home should be able to adopt.”

Asked whether the government was right to change the law on gay marriage, Ison said a commitment to being together was “the best pattern for how to flourish if you’re going to be in a relationship … whether you’re gay or straight.”

He added: “Marriage doesn’t belong to the Church.”

Ison, newly appointed by the Queen this week, finds with this statement that he stands in opposition to the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, who recently implied PM David Cameron was acting like a “dictator” for pushing ahead with plans to allow civil same-sex marriage.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali this week also spoke out against gay marriage saying that any government assurances that churches would not have to solemnize or otherwise recognize marriage equality could not be trusted.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien has also recently had to defend comments he made that legalizing civil same-sex marriage is the same as legalizing slavery.

This follows former Archbishop Lord Cary last month making a concerted, if fact-free, assault on the government’s plans to legalize same-sex marriage.


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Freda Lee J.
Lee J4 years ago

Any two consenting adults should be allowed to solemnise their relationship, and make a commitment to each other. What part of that is so hard for bigots to accept? Except, bigots be bigots, I guess. Haters gonna hate.

Martha Ferris
Martha Ferris5 years ago

Keep government and religion separate. The government has no right to dictate the beliefs of others and religions have no business dictating law.

sheila L.
sheila l5 years ago

This push for gays to marry in Christian Churches is beginning to happen here in America as well. England appears to be more liberal in this area but USA tends to follow. I do not believe Christian churches should be forced to marry any gay couple. It is not in the Bible that gay marriage is normal. It is not; marriage is based on the concept of procreation first and foremost. Love is societal but it is most important in any good marriage.

Neal Gay
Neal Gay6 years ago

I dont know why people of religions try to condemn people who are born gay because the icon of most churches is "the jesus" and he was gay. I dont get it.

Charles J.
Charles J.7 years ago

Ainsley - so right on your final point: God is love.

Niamh NAB
Niamh M7 years ago


Ainsley Chalmers
Ainsley Chalmers7 years ago

I suggest this minister read what God says about homosexuality before making out to be a broad minded tolerant christian. As christians we must love gays but not condone their practices. The christian church must have a level of quality control based on Holy Scripture. God has given us his word not to do as we will but as he wills. And his will is motivated by love.

Jane H.
Jane H7 years ago

one of these years many Christians will be asking forgiveness of the LGBT community foir their bigotry---maybe 50 years or so.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

Keep changing our prejudices and help us grow....amen.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

The cults are losing too much money so now they're "changing imaginary God's plan".